Ratings: Kelly Clarkson & Tamron Hall Off To A Strong Start With New Talkshows

Published: Tuesday 10th Sep 2019 by Sam

The talkshow sphere is undeniably crowded. However, it seems like it’s making room for two new names on bloc.

For, both Kelly Clarkson and Tamron Hall are off to ratings wins with their freshman shows.

Full story below…

The debut episode of NBC’s ‘Kelly Clarkson’ delivered a 1.9 rating, the best for a syndicated talkshow since the 2012’s openings of Steve Harvey (2.5) and Katie Couric (1.5).

Over at ABC, former Today Show anchor Tamron Hall saw her self-titled series launch with a 1.4 – besting the performance of the slot in comparison to September 2018. [Source]

Both shows will no doubt be looking to establish their presence and audience in the weeks and months ahead.

Did you tune in to either? If not, will you?

Your thoughts?

[Photo Credit: NBC – Kelly Clarkson / ABC – Tamron Hall]

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  1. Jj September 10, 2019

    Kelly will really win in the end

  2. Are You Kidding Me? September 10, 2019

    “I’m rooting for everyone Black.”

  3. ERIC September 10, 2019

    From the clips I’ve seen, Kelly’s is more of a celebrity show, while Tamron’s is more about diverse topics with a variety of guests who are not all celebs. It really depends on people’s taste. They will both have their own audience, but we already know which one will have more support and more chances to evolve.

    • Clarkson September 10, 2019

      Here comes the race card. If ur show is good, it will succeed.
      Wendy is black and she’s succeeding on her show. Getting renewed every year

      Anderson cooper is white, from a rich home, etc but he was cancelled cause he was boring and bland

      Monique is black, her show was trash, too much yelling and she was cancelled

      Bettany Frankel is white but her show was generic as hell and it was cancelled

      Ellen is white, her show is good, funny and light hearted. She’s still getting renewed year after year.

      Make good shows and people will support.

      • Are You Kidding Me? September 10, 2019

        You knew better than to quote me with your “I don’t see color” mess.

    • Clarkson September 10, 2019

      Bìtch who is quoting u?
      Who are u?
      I dont quote illiterates or hood rats, go back to watching love and hiphop and bad girls club. Trash

      • Are You Kidding Me? September 10, 2019

        I don’t watch reality TV. I am working on my Master’s. Doesn’t make me better than you, but do not ever confuse me for an uneducated ratchet hoodrat like the people that talk to themselves under several accounts making you think there was a discussion, but it’s 1 person.

        The fact that you resort to insults, vulgarities and name-calling speaks volumes about your own intelligence. The more swear words you use, the more limited your vocabulary and inability to eloquently express yourself.

      • Clarkson September 10, 2019

        LOL. Everybody who visits this blog is either working on their masters or their PhD. Lol u guys play too much.

        Ur a hood rat who didnt finish high school. Sit down and be quite. u speaking Queen’s English doesnt make u intelligent, u are an epic fool and a disgrace to ur parents.

        U are trash, infact u are worse than trash.
        I said what I said, periodt

      • Oh plz September 10, 2019

        The phrase “be QUIET,” not “be QUITE” dummy. Somebody corrected your dumb ass in a different post and you still came back with this mess. You got some nerve calling people on this blog dumb. The inability to learn is the definition being DUMB, which is clearly what you are…and ignorant and racist and an asshole. Still waiting for the day TGJ permanently blocks yo ass and that other troll account you have, HavanaoNana.

  4. Are You Kidding Me? September 11, 2019

    Clarkson, I was an LSMAP scholar. I may have been a broke hoodrat, but never an uneducated or ratchet one.

    • Are You Kidding Me? September 11, 2019

      LSAMP* Whew Chillay. Your miseducation is rubbing off on me lol I’ll take this L.

  5. King Khia September 11, 2019

    Kelly will be around for a while because she has the personality for a talk show. Tamron is far better suited for hosting news shows, now talk shows. Her TRUE personality is not friendly.

  6. I hate blaccck n whyte all of you. Y’all just not s*** September 11, 2019

    Can’t you b****** just get along

  7. Susan J September 29, 2019

    They are two totally different talk shows and should do well for their type audiences.

  8. Joy carter October 7, 2019

    Kelly Clarkson & Tamron Hall are both loudmouth hosts (why are they yelling?????) with nothing to offer. Except, oh yes, let’s hear more about them personally while they’re interviewing others. PLEASE bring back someone of substance, like Steve Harvey. I hate these new shows and will not watch them. Thank you.

  9. Jane Smith October 14, 2019

    Clarkson will beat Tamron in ratings & is already beating Ellen. Good. I’m kind of sick of Ellen & her hatefulness & agenda. Tamron is more of a political reporter that also has a very leftwing agenda, like Ellen.

    What I’ve learned recently from the comments section on M** – Tamron Hall loves President Trump! I was shocked but it’s true, there’s an email between her & him & she’s asking for material goods!

    Ellen: Very SJW (social justice warrior), hates Trump, has Trump derangement syndrome & is good friends with George Bush 2, just like Michelle & Barack Obama are.

    Clarkson: a libertarian, would not object to having Trump on imho, does not have TDS.

    Oh and FWIW: my education level? Went to Jr College. Did not graduate. Was never really a “hoodrat” but possibly dipped my toes in it, knew people that were too close to the edge of that cliff that fell over. Me? I would always accompany my pals but would always put on the brakes before ever going over that ledge. Good for me. Also a voracious reader.

    Take care!

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