‘Basketball Wives’ Fans Hail OG As The Star Of New Season / Call Co-Stars “Middle Aged Bullies”

Published: Thursday 3rd Oct 2019 by David

It’s official…OG Chijindu is the new star of VH1’s ‘Basketball Wives.’

Find out why Twitter was alight with praise for the superstar athlete last night below…

The Nigerian beauty has found herself at the heart of a bullying/colorism debate since joining the series thanks to remarks made about her by co-stars Shaunie O’Neal, Evelyn Lozada and Malaysia Pargo.

Unfortunately for them, efforts to ostracise her from the show’s group has seen her rise above the drama to become a fan favourite.

Fuelling the love she is receiving? Her decision to stand up to the aforementioned Lozada.

Read below…



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  1. danyboo October 3, 2019

    OG is dope asf… Idk why Shaunie is on the show she needs to work the camera or something.

    • ChocolateBeauty October 3, 2019


  2. ChocolateBeauty October 3, 2019

    All truth and facts!✔✔✔✔? ?? ?


  3. ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? October 3, 2019

    AMEN. I wont be watching this show now that OG and Tami are not on it. Shauni is low down and dirty which is why she supports Evil-lyn’s nasty ways.

  4. Q**** October 3, 2019

    She called Jackie a cockroach and then called OG a m*****, tell me it’s not racism or colorism and she needs to be taken off the show or the show needs to go off the air.

  5. Theelusive1 October 3, 2019

    OG Gave this show LIFE. Great personality. Strong. She ain’t no punk. She STOLE every scene. Punk’d Them all

  6. Tyty October 3, 2019

    OG was playing chess not checkers… Evelyn and nostrils thought they could bully and push the narrative to fit their colorist,bullying agenda? OG was waiting and ready. Nostrils ruined the show by being a cast member, Evelyn is miserable with nothing going for her. Dried up eggs and no future 18 year check??. Jackie left the reunion early. Safe too say the show is done!!!!

    • Only Facts October 3, 2019

      Not nostrils ? ?? I knew exactly who you were talking about as I read that

  7. K October 3, 2019

    I love OG

  8. Geovanni 973 October 3, 2019

    Can someone make #evil-lyn a trend please.

  9. L’ORANGE October 3, 2019

    OG is an example of how dark skinned women need to be. She is confident, strong, articulate and have great rebuttals. As a result, Shaunie made sure OG got fired. OG will not return next season. Ghetto trash Shaunie decided to add Dallas to the franchise. She added LA when Evelyn ruin Miami. So we need to banned together to get Basketball wives off tv

    • ChocolateBeauty October 3, 2019

      I couldn’t of said it better! I totally agree with you a 3000%!?

  10. SMH October 3, 2019

    You cant be the star of the show when you’re not even in the opening credits. She’s boring, loud and has nothing going on for herself. Now that Tami is gone I probably won’t watch. OG is trash.

    • The truth always comes to light October 3, 2019

      OG is the truth!!! Her presence is needed honey!!!

    • Adina… Adina… Say Adina October 3, 2019

      BS… none of the people IN the opening credits had anything going on… they tried to drag that entire charade with Evilyn and Jennifer out and it was a wack line… without the drama that consisted of CeCe and OG this entire season would have been a bust! It was BARELY getting a million viewers prior so #heybabe… just stop

      • Jason October 3, 2019

        I agree, except for the trash part. I think she’s messy AF! She was also keeping the mess going from jump!

  11. Bravo!! October 4, 2019

    Evelyn knows that she dealing with a linebacker! O.G will rush that B**** and tackler her ass and Shoryuken her! #touchdown #O.GShoryukenstyle

  12. OG the real October 4, 2019

    Og makes the show. Evelyn is just scared OG. About time someone checked that h** with her nasty self. Evelyn felt real dumb when she found out Chad was in Og DM in 2011 i fell out my seat. Yes honey Chad wanted OG so stop thinking your the s*** cause your not. Just a washed up h** that everyone done had. ?

  13. menudi October 4, 2019

    OG better be back next season and receive a raise in addition to an apology from Basket Ball Wives for not putting her on the state for the reunion!

    She is what this show needed for years. Bring back Royce and lets get it popping!

    Everybody tired of Evelyn and her lies! She met her match!

    • ChocolateBeauty October 4, 2019

      THIS AND….THANK YOU!!????? ?

  14. Ange L. October 26, 2019

    I’m glad the show is representing an African women from Nigeria on the show. I like OG as a person, but MY GOD, can someone please FIRE her/the makeup artist that does her face. Her makeup outcome is clearly upsetting and shows a major variance from the other women. The MUA sets OG up with the dramatic lashes, especially with the bottom lashes. Secondly, doesn’t use a warm enough lip liner when she wears a n*** lipstick, making her look dreadfully aweful and her lips ashy. OG facial features are prominent, so in certain areas she doesnt need strong nightlight and contour. Overall, her makeup needs to be revisited.

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