Extended Trailer: Netflix’s ‘American Son’ [Starring Kerry Washington]

Published: Sunday 20th Oct 2019 by Rashad

Kerry Washington had critics and fans brimming with buzz over her role as “Kendra” in the US Broadway play, ‘American Son.’   Now, with backing from Netflix, the award-winning actress has created a film adaptation of the production.

Lauded for tackling the uncomfortable topic of racial bias in the U.S. justice system, ‘Son’ tells the story of an estranged couple (Black mother and White father) who reunite to get answers about the whereabouts of their missing teen son. Washington – who also serves as a producer – is joined by co-stars Steven Pasquale, Jeremy Jordan and Eugene Lee, all of whom reprise their respective roles from the play.

To whet appetites, Netflix has unveiled an extended trailer ahead of the movie’s November 1 debut.  See it inside.

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  1. RomY October 21, 2019

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  2. Detruth October 21, 2019

    I don’t get why all the new major network shows require black women to be with white men. Scandal, how to get away with murder, even Angela Bassett is married to a white man on 911. I know Netflix isn’t considered a major TV network per se but that’s not the point. Just adding that part before a dummy responds.

    • Anne October 21, 2019

      I don’t get it either, it’s almost as if they want to discourage or diminish black love. I can understand the need for diversity and to display mixed relationships, but the networks could at least let the representation be a reflection of society and include a significant amount of black married couples instead of just one or two. Unless it’s all or mainly black cast, very few shows allow the black lead to have a black spouse. I was pleased to see that the new show “All Rise” is an exception since the black female leading star who plays a judge has a black husband, SO FAR. Another trend is that they start off with a black spouse who either dies or divorces them. We’ll see how long her black husband lasts, Angela’s lasted only a few episodes. Very frustrating trend.

    • J October 21, 2019

      This project was her concept, you’d have to ask her about that.

      • Anne October 21, 2019

        So it was her “concept” solely, even down to the race of the cast?

      • Jeni L Gray October 21, 2019

        It was written by a white man. There is a really good interview on YouTube done by a black NY Times reporter. It includes Kerry, the person that plays her husband, the writer and the director. It gives you a lot of info about American Son

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