Watch: Harvey Weinstein Confronted By Women At New York Bar

The foul stench of his alleged crimes will follow Harvey Weinstein wherever he goes.

Hit the play button below to see what happened the movie-maker, who is accused of violently raping several women, made the mistake of stepping into a New York City event for actors.


The brave women who confronted him were booed and ordered to leave the bar before the one of night’s performers, the comedian Kelly Bachman, used her performance to address he and his entourage.

She explained….

It kind of felt like old-school Harvey to me — having his own table in a Lower East Side bar, surrounded by actors

I’m comfortable enough to talk about my experience, but when I’m sitting in the room with a monster that people are supporting, it just sucked the air out of my chest.


Another artist who was in the room added…

So many women have suffered so greatly because of their experiences with this man, and there were no repercussions And, in fact, he was being supported — and the community meant to uplift emerging actors and emerging artists was not only complicit but directly responsible for their silencing.

One of his victims, Anabella Sciorra, detailed her assault.

Trigger warning.


He walked in like it was his apartment, like he owned the place, and started unbuttoning his shirt. So it was very clear where he thought this was going to go. And I was in a nightgown. I didn’t have much on. He shoved me onto the bed, and he got on top of me. I kicked and I yelled.When he was done, he ejaculated on my leg, and on my nightgown.


Hit this link to learn more about his case.

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  1. CHINA October 25, 2019

    White Privilege. Sickening. Just like White Priest can M_olest boys and not go to Jail. White Privilege.

    • Lmfao_Hoe October 25, 2019

      The fact he is able to freely walk the streets says it all. But let it been Kelly or Cosby or any black man under attacked by the media. At this point honestly why hasn’t all of Hollywood been under investigation cause evidently this is a case that has happened way before Harvey’s days

      • ME YOU US October 25, 2019

        Yes bt that’s blk mens fault for marrying and doing business with the very people who ruin there one feels bad for blk men..if they dont care we shouldn’t..

  2. robert October 25, 2019

    harveys pretty s*** in a rough way

    bet most of these women wanted his attention

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