Cynthia Erivo’s ‘Harriet’ Opens To Solid Premiere Weekend

Published: Tuesday 5th Nov 2019 by Rashad

As we reported here,  the November 1 arrival of ‘Harriet’ to movie theaters across America was greeted with controversy even before its official trailer dropped in July.

With the titular role awarded to British actress Cynthia Erivo, some voiced great disapproval at a non-ADOS (American descendant of slavery) actress winning the job.  Elsewhere, others complained about yet another film “limiting representation of Black history in film” to slavery.

And, while those plagues of controversy (and others) may have preceded the premiere of the star-studded movie (which also features Janelle Monae and Leslie Odom), the flick not only managed to earn an A+ CinemaScore from audiences but also opened to very solid figures.

Details inside:


“Kasi Lemmons’ Harriet shone in its nationwide debut over the weekend, grossing a better-than-expected $12 million from 2,059 theaters.”

As Oscar buzz pours in for Erivo’s stunning performance, Lisa Bunnell – distribution president for the film’s production company, Focus Features – added:

“Audiences have been unanimous for their love of this film, which is clear from its A+ CinemaScore and 98 percent audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes,” she said. “With the story of one woman’s strength that literally changed the world we all live in today, it is the feel-great movie people are looking for — becoming an event for friends and families going to see together.”


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  1. Boytoy1814 November 5, 2019

    Definitely gonna check this flick out. Glad it’s getting good reviews from movie audiences❤? #StayWoke2020

    • SMH November 5, 2019

      If you were really so-called “woke” you would have nothing to do with this film.

  2. dee November 5, 2019

    I’m quite sure white people were the majority who saw the movie. We don’t support positive films.

    • SMH November 5, 2019

      There’s nothing positive about yet another s**** movie, except in the wishful thinking of white people nostalgic for the way things used to be, so yeah, i’ll bet they’re the only ones who went to see it.

  3. blackgold November 5, 2019

    Well, I take issue with focus features producing this film and are owned by Comcast who are actively threating the civil rights act of 1866 in the #SCOTUS next month !! Plus Cynthia has an active track record of being antiblack American without remorse. Not to mention using only of our biggest black real-life heroes for a shot at an oscar. They’re creating characters that never existed in documented historical records that are anti-black male while reinforcing the white savior narrative. SO NO THANKS

  4. SMH November 5, 2019

    Thanks to white folks and kanye fans, I’ll bet. But they can have it.

  5. King Khia November 5, 2019

    Shame on you Black folks for supporting this fiction.

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