Nene Leakes Responds To Kenya Moore’s ‘RHOA’ Return: “I Wouldn’t Give Her That Much Credit”

Published: Saturday 9th Nov 2019 by Sam

Season 12 of the ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ has aired just one episode and the drama is already spilling off-screen between foes Nene Leakes and Kenya Moore.

As reported, the latter hasn’t held her tongue when speaking about Leakes during an action-packed press run.

Indeed, she’s stressed that the RHOA original is “dead” to her, “needs to worry about her own marriage,” and alleged that she attempted to spit on her.

Oft outspoken, Leakes has been notable in her silence. Until now.

Head below to see what she had to say about Moore’s return to the show and scathing comments during an interview with Entertainment Tonight

One has to wonder whether Nene’s unbothered approach will last the length and breadth of what is sure to be a roller-coaster season.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Perfection is so…mhph ?? November 9, 2019


    • Clarkson November 9, 2019

      I like Nene’s wig. Im gonna buy me one and start wearing it. Blonde hair goes well with my blue black skin

  2. King of Kingz November 9, 2019

    Salty af cuz Kenya steaming the spotlight & Bravo suspended her ass for a couple of shows & put her in her place due to how she was fighting the producers last season lol

  3. Clarkson November 9, 2019

    If u watch this show pls dont talk to me ever in ur life again. Thank u.

    • Clarkson November 9, 2019

      TROLL ignore this person.
      U are pathetic

  4. Bravo!! November 9, 2019

    One thing about shade it can work for you or against you. You can tell NeNe pressed how hard she trying to be shady in her tone of voice And body language.

    • MessyBoots November 9, 2019

      Pressed tighter than a panini …

      It must hurt Nene knowing she had to buy a nose, cheeks, andnew teeth and still cant compare to beautiful Kenya.. not in looks, intellect, or shade.

  5. OOPS November 9, 2019

    So Nene attempted to spit on Kenya. Thats disgusting
    Thats energy of HATE

  6. Dc November 9, 2019

    Wit that Mary j Blige 99 wig ????

  7. Jacqueline Grant November 9, 2019

    Am so glad NeNe not entertainment this mess

  8. Gee November 9, 2019

    Honestly this is a marketing strategy for viewership. Not saying that Nene and Kenya were ever best friends but there has to be some friction in the ranks because positivity on these shows do not translate into ratings and the producers know that.

  9. Anon Hilda November 9, 2019

    Sound just right . Sometimes the less said the better. Kenya talks too much. Like a month later trying to show how her body was in as good a shape as before she alledgelly had her baby
    Talked too fast and too much. I predicted she was going to say she had a child and her body instantly popped back in shape. She talks alot because she is lying and is trying to convinced herself of the fake lies. There is no divorce because there was no marriage. Doesn’t it seem strange that they never lived together at all, she wasn’t on the show why not move to where that person you claimed you are married to, you have no employment in the ATL and you can work on your water hair products from anywhere remember you love your husband. Why not? Because he isn’t your husband

    • Reginald November 12, 2019

      Like Kenya said the lawyers know her marriage is real and I guess Brooklyn ain’t her and Marks baby either you and Nene need to mind your own business for someone that don’t like you to be all up in your business Nene needs to get her son on track and reunite with her family instead of wasting her energy worrying about what Kenya is doing or who she’s married to and if she did try to spit on Kenya she better be glad it didn’t make contact because if it was me and they got it on film I wouldn’t whoop your ass i would hurt your pockets and then I would give the $20,000 that she never gave to the Detroit public schools Nene is a hater and become unraveled every time kenya comes around

  10. Idele Dawson November 9, 2019

    Nene dont let Kenya make a storyline about you.,to keep her spot on the show. #MiseryLovesCompany ???

  11. Jj November 10, 2019


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