Netflix Nabs Eddie Murphy’s ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ Sequel After Inking Unique Paramount Pictures Deal

Published: Thursday 14th Nov 2019 by Sam

Eddie Murphy seems to have found quite the partner in Netflix, because the streaming giant has just struck a huge deal to bring more newness from the legendary funnyman to its platform.

For, fresh from premiering the critically acclaimed ‘Dolemite Is My Name’ and readying a stand-up special from the star, the media force has purchased the licensing rights to the upcoming ‘Beverly Hills Cop.’

Full story below…

Per Deadline, Netflix have inked a unique agreement with Paramount Pictures to bring the follow-up to the 1984 original to its service as an exclusive.

As reported, the title had been at development for over five years at its original studio.

And the benefits are 360.

Because the deal gives Netflix a huge movie with a huge star, while for Paramount it represents an innovative means of accruing revenue from an established franchise (rather than the traditional cinematic roll-out they would have helmed themselves).

The news comes as Murphy gears up for the sequel to ‘Coming To America,’ which debuts December 2020.

Before then, check out our interview with Murphy and the cast of Netflix’s ‘Dolemite Is My Name’…

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[Photo Credit: Netflix / Paramount]

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  1. Bravo!! November 14, 2019

    It would have made more sense to remake “Harlem Night” before doing Coming to America. We have so many black talented comedians this generation that Harlem nights would have made more sense to remake. Of course Richard Pryor died and left Eddie Murphy the business. The last Beverly Hills cop was terrible.

    • Bravo!! November 14, 2019

      Netflix should remake Harlem nights

      • Gworl Bye November 14, 2019

        No they should not. There isn’t one black comedian from this generation that’s even half as funny as the original cast. Not one.

      • OOPS November 14, 2019

        Richard’s dead
        Foxx is dead
        Della is dead
        Robin Harris is dead

      • Bravo!! November 14, 2019

        Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall, David Chappell, Tiffany haddish, Kat Williams, Mike Epps, Tracy Morgan, and Kevin Hart etc. I’m not saying a remake but a part 2 like coming to America. The ending to Harlem nights open up for an Continuation to a part 2. Of course all of the old folks died off and now a new era of hustler joins eddie Murphy and the surviving gang

    • Clarkson November 14, 2019

      Remake after remake. They should have casted Camila for this

      • Gworl Bye November 14, 2019

        Camila who?

    • Holliewuudd November 14, 2019

      No, leave Harlem Nights alone. They could never top that.

  2. Okay? November 14, 2019

    Good move!????

  3. November 15, 2019


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