Jason Derulo: “My D**k Was CGI’d Out Of ‘CATS’ Movie”

Published: Tuesday 17th Dec 2019 by Sam

With hits such as ‘Talk Dirty’ and ‘Swalla’ under his belt, Jason Derulo is quite accustomed to singing about his member.

And recent times have seen the singer continue said discourse off-record too.

Indeed, after expressing concern at Instagram’s removal a body baring image, he’s now claiming his manhood required editing out of new movie ‘CATS.’

Details below…

Speaking to Andy Cohen about his role as Rum Tug Tugger, Derulo didn’t shy away when the outspoken host quizzed him about CGI practices in the film. He said:

“Yeah, they did CGI [the d*ck out]. I noticed that. 125% sure”

Derulo went on to boast about cast-mate Rebel Wilson gushing about being around his “anaconda” during their press run. Take a listen…

Whatever gets folk talking, ay.

‘CATS’ hits theaters December 20th; Derulo’s latest album ‘2 Sides’ is out now.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Danny Bey December 17, 2019

    He’s got to be one of the corniest artists of this generation

    • Gworl Bye December 17, 2019


  2. Jordyn Sparks December 17, 2019

    He gay af

  3. Normani. December 17, 2019

    his d is not big at all tho. if he wants ppl to know so bad he;d leak it on twitter atleast the behind the scenes pics for cats. keep it on the playground Jason.

    • Paulo December 17, 2019

      Right! Q**** bait flop

  4. only facts December 17, 2019

    I’ll be shocked if this movie does well. It looks like an absolute flop waiting to happen.

  5. K_man December 17, 2019

    That’s right girl!! When the music stop selling (or in Jason’s case never was selling) show off your goodies!!

  6. The Truth December 17, 2019

    WTF??? Is he about to enter the p*** industry or something? If not, then he REALLY sounds DUMB AF talking like this!

    Like, STFU already! No woman actually cares about that sh*t — doesn’t he realize he’s catering to the gays which this conversation, which says a lot about him.


  7. Jeans December 17, 2019

    He is so corny for this

  8. PinotNoir December 17, 2019

    Was his popularity CGI’d, too?

    • Cruz December 17, 2019

      lol 100

  9. XYZ December 17, 2019

    How embarrassing. So the only thing he will be known for is his d***, something he had no impact in and that he was simply born with.

  10. I love big black c** December 17, 2019

    Jason, please join the p*** industry. I would love to see your real package.

  11. Bravo!!!! December 17, 2019

    I’m sure Idris Elba was as well. They have to do all male characters who playing a male cat. The only thing he has to hold onto now is his penis to keep him relevant. He sounds foolish not to include or mention other male actors d**** being CGI.. he know his music career over.

  12. stan December 17, 2019

    who the f cares. go away.

  13. Fancy BISH December 17, 2019

    Y’all act like being a little corny and goofy with a big D is a bad thing? ?? Well, Andy and Rebel know wassup! He whip it out and the whole room goes black lol ??

  14. ADELE4LIFE December 17, 2019

    I like Jason’s music but those white girls have made him lose his mind.
    Nothing impressive (for black people) about that Instagram pic he keeps bringing up.

    Move on dude!

    We don’t wanna talk about your piece for the rest of the next year. Focus on your acting. You should have slapped that btm b**** Andy for even bringing this up.

  15. Fast_Persuader December 17, 2019

    Dear Jason Derulo,

    Cats do not have “D****”, so wtf did you expect??!.

    Sincerely yours,
    What The F^c# is wrong with you.

  16. Moti25 December 17, 2019

    He’s so lame. It wasn’t that big to begin with. ?

  17. #TheTruth December 17, 2019

    He reached a really low point as a singer to talk about that, especially after that Instagram scandal or whatever.

    I don’t know why he was casted.

    Not sure about Taylor as well but that’s good publicity for the movie.

    Never saw the musical, don’t know what it is about, but I may watch it if I’m going to the movies and already saw what I’m interested in.

  18. hazza January 8, 2020

    they should have left it in 😉

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