Shocking: ‘CATS’ To Receive CGI “Improvements” AFTER Release

Published: Saturday 21st Dec 2019 by Sam

With critics sinking their claws into ‘CATS’ and box office receipts sparse, the big screen musical is off to a shaky start.

And, the latest move to place it on more solid ground, has some wondering if it’s made matters worse.

Details below…

In a memo obtained by THR, theaters across the US were informed by the film’s studio that an updated version of the Tom Hooper directed flick would be made available imminently to replace the version early viewers had already seen.

The refreshed take is said to boast “some improved visual effects.”

A largely unheard move, it comes on the heels of Hooper revealing that he just about finished post-production on the film in time for its world premiere in New York on December 16th. 

When an embargo was lifted a day before its wide release on December 20th, reviewers tore into the flick – which stars the likes of Taylor Swift, Jason Derulo, and Jennifer Hudson. With CGI, acting, and plot being some of the primary missteps cited.

In any case, time will tell if it finds its audience amidst off-screen bodyslams.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Tori December 21, 2019

    They can do whatever they want, nobody seems to care. People are more so disturbed and afraid of how the movie looked.

  2. S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. December 21, 2019

    I saw the movie yesterday and I honesty don’t understand why people are upset. The BIGGEST issue for me was the SOUND. I really couldn’t understand what they were singing most of the time. Other than that, it was an OK movie.

    Jason D did a great job acting AND singing. I really think he could have a career as an actor should he want one.

  3. sipLizzzoJuice December 21, 2019

    Is Katy Perry in this movie? #katycat

    • Belcalis December 22, 2019

      You know they really snubbed Doja Cat! She should’ve been given a role in this. I would rather watch her rules music video being made into a movie than this cats movie.

  4. Only facts December 21, 2019

    Nothing is going to help this movie. I honestly think 2019 will go down as being the year that truly ended Taylor Swift’s career. It’ll be downhill from here on…

    • Fierce December 21, 2019

      The same thing was said during Reputation era but she keeps slaying.Why the hate though?

      • Only facts December 22, 2019

        I used to love Taylor but her victimizing herself is what’s killing her career. And let’s be honest, reputation was the beginning of the downfall for Taylor. The lover album sold significantly less than the last album, Me! was panned by fans and critics, no #1 single, all of the drama with scooter, crying as if she’s not a privileged white woman in America, etc. 2019 will go down as being the last year Taylor was considered a chart slayer. Watch. This is the end.

  5. No what’s yours December 22, 2019

    Taylor Swift was a good singer, but she really tried it in acting. Of all the roles she could have picked, she chose a cat! Well good luck licking your wounds off this review kitty! Bahahaha!!!!

  6. Fancy BISH December 22, 2019

    It’s better to be more of a cult film than a crowd pleaser with this kind of film! That’s all I’m gonna say for now, just watch lol ??

  7. #TheTruth December 22, 2019

    I don’t understand… didn’t they announce that already after they released the trailer months ago ?

  8. Rashad December 22, 2019

    Cars looks so bad it makes makes Glitter and Burlesque look like Oscar winning movies

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