Aaron Hernandez Lover Responds To Gay Rumours

Published: Wednesday 29th Jan 2020 by David

Aaron Hernandez’s life was examined in detail in a shocking Netflix documentary named ‘Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez’. Stunned by most of its revelations? His life partner. Full story below… Portions of the series explored Aaron’s sexuality and saw one of his friends stun viewers by claiming that they had engaged in a sexual relationship as teens.

Shayanna Jenkins is the mother of his child and revealed that news of his experiences with other males came as a surprise to her but insists that she would have understood and respected him if he had hold told her.


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  1. Perfection is so…mhph ?? January 29, 2020

    Lover? She was the mother of his child, and fiancé. Have some tack.

    • J January 29, 2020


    • Tony January 29, 2020

      I’m confused. They weren’t lovers?

      • SMH January 29, 2020

        No. They were engaged. She was his fiance.

    • Dan January 29, 2020

      But Shayanna was his lover so what is the problem?

      • Gworl Bye January 29, 2020

        Lover implies a same s** relationship, or even a sexual relationship. That’s not a term straight people use regularly. She is his baby’s mother, that doesn’t mean they were still having s** together.

    • Dan January 29, 2020

      So if I googled the definition of lover it would say “same s** lover.” Why not just admit that your peen hungry b*** broke your ankle running in here for some tea and were disappointed.

  2. Tt January 29, 2020

    FIANCÉ… not lover… the lover is that lil prison ho.

  3. Oh plz January 29, 2020

    TGJ, you guys tried it. The title of this article is misleading AF. But anything for clicks I guess…

    • Tony January 29, 2020

      Shayanna wasn’t his lover?

      • Gworl Bye January 29, 2020

        No, she was his fiance. Two totally different things.

  4. High Price January 29, 2020

    Very misleadingly title smh.

  5. Fancy BISH January 29, 2020

    Aaron is so fine lol ? I really think some people are blind or partially blind when I read the comment sections about him…now, trust me, I totally understand…his MIND is a whole ‘nother unfortunate thing! But chile……that outside flavor is on FLEEK ? I’m just glad I got to enjoy his good looks for a year and a half before we all started hearing the crazy DRAMATICS smh…and I don’t like thugs and will RUN & SPRINT the other way from bad guys if need be, and I encourage y’all to do the same…but damn, that’s a tall drink of water ? Please leave a comment if you feel the same! I know y’all see that ish lmao ?

    • TC January 29, 2020

      I completely co-sign and feel the same way about Joe from you. Crazy AF, but besides that, they could get it lol.

      • Fancy BISH January 29, 2020

        lol ? ✅ ?

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