Gayle King On Kobe Bryant Backlash: “I Couldn’t Understand The Vulgarity & Vitriol”

Published: Tuesday 10th Mar 2020 by Sam

As widely reported, Gayle King came under the fiercest of fires when a line of questioning about Kobe Bryant shortly after his death saw her fall foul of public favor.

Many found her probe into past allegations during an interview with Lisa Leslie insensitive; and it brought with it a wave of anger – from the public and celebrities alike. Especially Snoop Dogg, who did not hold back with his irritation.

Matters escalated when King revealed she had been receiving death threats in the wake of the drama, which she insisted was caused by questionable editing.

With the situation somewhat in rearview, she sat down with friend Oprah Winfrey during the last stop of the 2020 Vision Tour and opened up about the testing episode.

See what she had to say below…

“What got to me was the vitriol and the vulgarity that was just unleashed at me in ways that I couldn’t even understand. I think we can disagree politically, we can disagree socially. But I think humanity should prevail… always.”

Watch her expanded take:


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  1. Tori March 10, 2020

    You couldn’t understand it because you are disconnected from your own community sis. It’s not that hard to comprehend and you’re not as dense as your portraying.

    • BLUEBIRD March 10, 2020

      Gayle King is a DOG. She and OPRAH are friends with CONVICTED R_apist Harvey Weinstein but only ATTACK MEN OF COLOR. She has sold her SOUL to MONEY. SHE FAKE

  2. Fancy BISH March 10, 2020

    Oh please, Gayle! Anger is a part of the grieving and healing process! And you certainly got your share of that anger girlfriend! We were all mourning the loss of a beautiful man…a beautiful black man! The whole world ? It was ALL too fresh on our minds..and here YOU go, bringing up frivolous allegations that were dismissed! “You stank bish!” was the first thing I said when I saw you ask THAT question…and the way you pressed the issue?! We all felt the way Snoop did! Humanity doesn’t really get any better than Kobe ? It really doesn’t! A loving, encouraging and providing father, active philanthropist, immensely talented..he passed away taking one of his beautiful daughters, who also passed away, to a basketball’s heartbreaking! How can you not understand the vitriol? Is your wig too tight?

    • MessyBoots March 10, 2020

      I get what you’re saying and I totally agree w/ you that what Gayle did was in poor judgment. She is a hypocrite who still hasn’t apologized or even acknowledged the folks she hurt. She is making this situation all about her and Snoop in order to deflect onher own faux pas.

      Here is a woman that has never faced any kind of backlash or harsh criticism and on top of that she will likely never understand how she is wrong.

      Why? #narcissism101

      • Fancy BISH March 10, 2020

        ✅ ✅ ✅ ?

  3. Gregg March 10, 2020

    Oh stop it Gayle, You knew the country was hurting at the loss of this man and you decided in that moment when the sting of his death was still fresh, that you would conduct such an interview. You are a smart woman, you knew it was too soon. Now you want to deflect and focus on the hate you got from so many but has never just said maybe you were wrong. You are right, maybe put your big girl pants on and stop deflecting.

  4. Dee March 10, 2020

    Where was your humanity for this man that just died. You saw an opportunity and it backfired in a way Oprah could not save you from.

  5. eric March 10, 2020

    How does she define “humanity”? What is it when you attack your grieving interview guest because you’re more concerned with your own biased agenda against a man who was just killed? She’s still playing dumb, and for that reason she has no chance of earning back people’s respect.

  6. WRTW? March 10, 2020

    Gayle you can’t be the aggressor and the victim at the same time. Choose a struggle.

  7. Just Sayin’ March 10, 2020

    What did you expect Aunty Gayle. Ever consider how his wife felt for you bringing up that 15 year old allegation when she has not even burided her husband and daughter yet. Aunty Gayle it aint going to kill you to admit that you were dead ass wrong for bring back up that allegation in a time the world was in shock over Kobe’s passing.

    • Lanafan1 March 10, 2020

      It wasn’t an allegation. He apologized and said he could see how the woman felt it wasn’t consensual

      • Lanafan2 March 10, 2020

        shut up b**** why u don’t get the f*** out now !!

  8. Sally March 10, 2020

    Where was her concern for humanity when she was hanging out with Harvey Weinstein Her and Oprah like to talk about everyone else while not saying damn thing, asking a question about, or doing a documentary on Harvey. These elitist woman need to be doing documentaries on their convicted friend instead of asking questions and doing documentaries on allegations that never turned into a charge for deceased Black men.

  9. Shayla Queen ? March 10, 2020

    “Humanity should prevail… always”

    Apply that same logic to YOURSELF self-pitying dumb B****!

    Where was your “HUMANITY” in that interview? What makes YOU so special? Ole horse-face dog-biscuit eating ole CLOWN!

    • Shayla Queen ? March 10, 2020

      Somebody lock me in a room with this hoee!

  10. Beyonce Knows March 10, 2020

    This behavior has occurred since s**** women were being abused by their masters and then blaming black men even though they didn’t have the means to protect them. Gayle, cbs is the master and they abused you by putting that part of the interview in the promo to garner views. Black men were angry (snoop dogg) and they don’t have the power to go after cbs so they took that anger out on you. Imma tell you like you look with that Whitney Houston wig on, it’s not right, but it’s okay… you’ll be alright, go destroy another black man life as you were.

    • Shayla Queen ? March 10, 2020

      You stupid ass ba$tärd

      • Beyonce knows March 10, 2020

        I’m 2nd place to you in that department

      • Shayla Queen ? March 10, 2020

        Dumb dog b*****. Go breed.

      • Beyonce Knows March 10, 2020

        Your mama

    • Lanafan2 March 10, 2020

      u shut it now !! u sound like very naughty child woman !! u must not do any more dis tings before u not get what is doing wrong all the day so shut now !! ok

      • Beyonce knows March 10, 2020

        Your slip is showing

      • Lanafan2 March 10, 2020


  11. Lanafan1 March 10, 2020

    He was a r*****

    • Shayla Queen ? March 10, 2020

      Said who? Your momma while she was working her trade in the backstreets of Chicago? Chile.

    • Lanafan2 March 10, 2020

      b**** u c*** f*** w**** !!

  12. Lanafan2 March 10, 2020

    hello normani !! looking younger and less like man in dis pic !!

  13. Highbrowthis March 10, 2020

    She calls upon humanity but when has the media or society ever shown humanity towards black men or black people as a whole?9

  14. Poetickp March 10, 2020

    And she has yet to show any remorse or offered an apology to how insensitive and disrespectful it too the Bryant family doing their time of mourning. She’s unwilling take any responsibility for the role she played in her catching so much heat. She can’t play the victim in a situation in which she triggered. I’m done her and Oprah both.

  15. what would whitney houston say March 10, 2020

    gayle who the f*** killed whitney houston and gordon

    • what would whitney houston say March 10, 2020

      why was whitney leg bleeding that night ?
      why was her lip busted?

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