Karrueche Tran’s Feud With Ex-Manager Intensifies

Published: Thursday 19th Mar 2020 by David

Karrueche Tran‘s feud with her former manager rages on.

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The socialite turned actress has been at legal war with Jacob York because she feels that she owes him over a million dollars.

York argues that he used his own money to create the media machine he used to monetise her relationship with the singer Chris Brown and transform her into a respected and credible household name.

His legal team shared…

The heart of Plaintiff’s allegations center around monies earned from a single and recent contractual agreement procured by Defendant. However, the financial transactions between the parties are much more complicated than as alleged in Plaintiff’s Complaint.

In layman’s terms? The money he pumped into her brand exceeds the amount she believes he owes her.

The Blast reports…

The actress accused the defendants of breach of contract, fraud, breach of private duty and punitive damages. Tran signed with the management company in 2016.

In the suit, Tran explains she trusted York to collect money owed to her for work and to provide her with accounting of her business income. She agreed to let York collect the money and take his 20% out before sending her the rest.

She suspects that York intentionally took more than his fair share and failed to give her a clear picture on the business deals they collaborated on and how much each one was worth.

In November 2019, Tran says she discovered York had failed to pay her $267,000 owed for personal appearances. She had her legal counsel fire off a letter demanding the money along with accounting for other ventures.

During her investigation, she found York failed to report money she made through her makeup company. She reached out to her makeup partner, ColourPop, for accounting. Tran says they handed over records that showed her line made $1,795,026.33 in royalties for Tran, which her managers were to be paid $359,005.27, leaving her with $1,436,021.06.

She only received $276,000.

Now she wants the legal system to help her collect the money she is owed and  is suing for the $1.4 million plus punitive damages.

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  1. Beyonce Knows March 19, 2020

    She hasn’t been a hit since she been with that man.

  2. The f*** would whitney say March 19, 2020

    the party was so glad when Chris Brown broke up with her we threw a party. Shout out to my b….on clean house and claws I forgot her name

  3. YESHUA IS COMING March 19, 2020

    It’s a little funny how she is using all of this energy to defend her asian side but never her black side. Like ever. She doesn’t lobby for blacks at all

    • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. March 22, 2020

      @Yes… – Shut up!

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