Oprah Readies Coronavirus TV Special / Set To Explore Its Impact On Black Lives

Published: Tuesday 14th Apr 2020 by David

Oprah Winfrey is to explore COVID-19’s horrific impact on African-American lives in a TV special she is currently creating.

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‘Oprah Talks COVID-19 – The Deadly Impact on Black America’ will make its way to AppleTV today.

In it, the mogul will work with experts from the worlds of science, politics and media to explore and explain how and why the man-made apparatus of racism has made it easy for the disease to spread through communities of colour.


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COVID-19 is having a deadly impact on the African-American community. I’ll be talking with leaders, doctors, journalists, and REAL people suffering through this pandemic. Hope y’all can join me for this important discussion tomorrow April 14 at 11 PM EST on @owntv and streaming for free on @appletv.

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  1. Yo April 14, 2020

    Pretty much the same on everyone… No need for the special.

  2. Yo April 14, 2020

    A little while back, I read comments saying it’s not affecting black people, and how white people are dying and black people not etc bet those people are being rather quiet now.

    • Wwwd Wfcchat would Whitney Do April 14, 2020

      Maybe some got wrong info Latinos too. My animals keep coughing I’m about to throw them out. Didn’t know they can get it. Too.

    • Meme April 14, 2020

      Well the news also said animals and small kids aren’t being affected either….and that is now wrong. So what’s your point?

  3. Naïme April 14, 2020

    How it impacts « black » lives ?!

    I just can’t with this BS.

    • Shayla Queen ? April 14, 2020

      Exactly. So stupid.

  4. FMcL April 14, 2020


  5. Danny Bey April 14, 2020

    Pandering af.

    Oprah has never been for the black community. Do a documentary on your r***** bestie and keep that same energy you had with MJ’s false accusers. That’s the documentary we want heaux

  6. non ya biz April 14, 2020

    now she care about black folks, girl bye

  7. eric April 14, 2020

    No. Let’s explore the implications of her own racial bias against black men in particular.

  8. 2bad2bme April 14, 2020

    Girl stop speaking for black people. You don’t hang with black people in your spare time and when you do they have white culture written all over them.

    • chileplease April 14, 2020

      Her boyfriend and best friend are both black. What are you talking about?

      • Tyty April 14, 2020

        You seriously didn’t get the part when she said “when you do they have white culture written all over them”? ???

  9. Re April 14, 2020

    Monique may have been right about Oprah.

  10. Kevon April 14, 2020

    Really disappointed the hear this s***, like every race is being affected and here yall comes with , how its affecting black, this is the hole f****** world problem and now she bring up black people …wake the f*** up lady all lives matter

    • Dee April 14, 2020

      Facts may not be your friend, but if 14% of
      the Illinois population are black and 41 % of the people who die from the covid 19 are blacks that warrants further investigation.Similarly, if blacks represent 30% of the population in Louisiana and 70% of the people who die in said state from the Coronavirus are blacks, it certaintly warrants a deeper dive. These numbers are similar in a few other states.Now, I can’t
      stand Oprah so I won’t watch. In addition, these discussions never seem to provide any workable solutions just people speaking ad nauseaum about the problem at hand.

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