LisaRaye On Turning Down ‘Real Housewives’: “I Have A Legitimate Career”

Published: Wednesday 27th May 2020 by Sam

LisaRaye McCoy has starred in many an Urban classic, but one role she won’t be taking up is a cast spot on the ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta.’

Ever outspoken, the actress revealed in a new interview that she was offered a spot on the hit Bravo show – but declined.

Find out why below…

Speaking on the YBF Podcast, she explained:

“I politely gave them the ‘No thank you,’ I actually have a legitimate career.”

She continued:

“I’m really not a fan of reality TV right now. It’s so much buffoonery and so much negativity that I’m shocked at the sh-t that they show.

I’m just like – that’s how you would treat your friend? I can’t be in a scene like that because then it would turn real for me and then it would be no more scenes because I would tear that mutha up and I’d be sued. I’m too old for certain sh*t and I refuse to showcase that kind of stuff on TV being a grown, respectable woman.”

We’ve long loved LisaRaye’s brand of real, which is the exact reason we feel she would have made an awesome addition to the show.

That said, what’s your take on her reason for declining?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Cody+s May 27, 2020

    Yea right. They’d talk expose her for all the men she has been with and what movie role she is known for.

  2. Neon May 27, 2020

    The only film I’ve ever seen her in is “The Player’s Club” over 20 years ago. Aside from that and the fact she’s Da Brat’s sister, I couldn’t tell you anything about her or her legitimate career. But I get her other reasons for declining.

    • Pat May 27, 2020

      She led that show will n jada produced

      • Gee May 27, 2020

        That chat showwith her and the rest of the ladies is just as ratchet as reality TV. She has not anything since All of us, and single ladies. She can act like she is above the fray if she wants to but I highly doubt the supposed Reality show she has in the works with Vivica will last more than one season if they don’t bring a little bit of drama

    • The+Truth May 27, 2020

      She also played in The Wood, Beauty Shop, and All of Us and Single Ladies on television. She mostly do those black movies that go straight to DVD — which, though not major roles, but is still more respectable than being a ghetto housewife brand. So, she is right about her career.

  3. Mr. RCW May 27, 2020

    🤔 sounds like she thinks more highly of herself than she should

  4. D May 27, 2020


  5. Re May 27, 2020

    Good for her

  6. Tori May 27, 2020

    Alot y’all won’t get it, 🤦🏾‍♂️😂😂😂. I don’t blame her, somethings are not worth a check. Don’t put yourself in certain situations then try to place the victim. These housewifes (and girlfriends, and prostitutes, and friends to the show, and mistresses) are way past their 15 minutes and now their “fans” are begging show producers to recast them and none of them have capitalized of the shows popularity besides a few
    The house wife franchise needs to fadeout respectfully.

    • Nicky May 27, 2020

      Cursing in every other sentence and calling yourself a respectable woman?

      • Tori May 27, 2020

        The housewives are spitting, going to jail, lying about drugging and rapping each other, throwing glass at each other, faking marriages and being happy side chick’s so I think Lisa can get by on cursing every sentence. She knows not to lower her standards for messy azs Andy and Bravo for a couple thousands.

  7. Hated for my opinion May 27, 2020

    But she makes outlandish statements on an online talk show, which is in the realm of reality.

  8. Da’Veed May 27, 2020

    They should put vivica fox and star jones for rhoa. Nene and Kenya would turn the place into wrestle mania and form a tag team.

  9. Only Facts May 27, 2020

    She would have been so good on RHOA!!! Damnit man!

  10. High Price May 27, 2020

    and she’s right! Everything she’s saying is FACTS! I recently saw Kim Fields doing a LIVE and all I could think to myself was… wow… they really tried to degrade her name on that show and that’s only based off the clips I saw of her on it. But Wendy even told her to her face on her show. She didn’t belong on housewives and I agreed.

  11. Cluck May 27, 2020

    A lot of these old has been are delusional

  12. Cathy May 27, 2020

    I don’t blame her. These ladies at times behave like children. Lisa is to classy for this arena. I’m surprised Kandi is still on that show.

  13. Dorothy c ole May 29, 2020

    I wish people would stop giving her a platform sshe f ok rget about all the shadyshit she did he put her mouth nicole ask Gary peyton wife did she get a apology or the other married men nope did Dwayne ever say anything to her while she his name in her mouth or x whom she still runs around with stories her gone 20 yrs that country hates her grownass woman us black dont throw shade on each other especially if. u only collected a check ps lraye wouldnt last with kenya

  14. Bloop May 31, 2020


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