NeNe Leakes On Vivica Fox : “You’ve Fallen From Grace And Now You’re On The Internet”

Published: Tuesday 12th May 2020 by David

Nene Leakes, the star of the hit show ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’, feels that Vivica Fox took aim at her because her career and run as a Hollywood actress is in the gutter.

Full story below…

Fox came under fire when she insinuated that Leakes had a drug problem during a conversation with former ‘Real Housewife’ Claudia Jordan.

A disappointed Leakes took to ‘The Breakfast Club’ to reveal that she was hurt by the remark because some of her relatives have been negatively impacted by addiction and believes that Vivica insulted her because she is desperate to make headlines because she is- as far as Nene sees it- unable to bag substantial movie roles.


….fallen from grace and now you’re on the internet.

Hit this link to see Nene’s remarks.

Leakes, who is one of the highest-paid women in Reality Television, also revealed that she hasn’t spoken to her old friend Wendy Williams since they fell out publicly a few weeks ago.

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  1. Yandi May 12, 2020

    NeNe, trust me, you don’t want it. #MissFox

    • Dc May 12, 2020

      Exactly nene attempted to act but she didn’t last long she’ll never be where Vivica has been she don’t want the smoke with Viv

  2. Around the way filet May 12, 2020

    fk you nene. vivica is a legend and still gets work. it may not be a list hollywood work but her bills are paid & she’s still relevant regardless. once the housewives disappear then so will you nene with your white chicks looking ass girl.

  3. Only Facts May 12, 2020

    Ugh nene you wideback moose, GO AWAY.

  4. J May 12, 2020

    So nasty, so rude.

    • Bionic Glamor May 12, 2020

      But did she lie? I don’t see Viola Davis talking to Claudia Jordan on zoom.

  5. DC3 FOREVER May 12, 2020

    Love them both but…. where is the lie?

  6. Moore Kenya May 12, 2020

    But it’s not really a lie. Halle Berry is Vivica’s contemporary but you don’t see her doing that low brow stuff. Vivica even hosted a mob wives reunion once. Love her but she fell off.

    • Nippian May 12, 2020

      I would say more or less a Nia Long is Vivica’s contemporary. Vivica is just as talented as Halle but she never got to her level. Now had she stayed away from 50 and chose better projects she may have got there. Halle was making 15M a movie at the peak of her career. Halle’s only true contemporary was Queen Latifah…they were the only two females black actors headlining films and getting major checks (white people money). Viola and Angela Bassett’s peak came later in their careers (Angela’s work in the last 10 years has been pretty major compared to the parts in earlier parts of her career) and at a time when Queen and Halle were past their peak so I didn’t add them to the mix.

  7. Nippian May 12, 2020

    You already made a Breakfast Club thread for Nene was this even necessary?

    Now Vivica’s career is far past its peak and she made a lot of disappointing decisions (50 Cent, informercials, str8 to DVD trash films, Psychic Friends, etc) but lets not forget who Vivica Fox is. She was in MAJOR hollywood films and right on Halle’s heels for years. So lets not act like she wasn’t in a place that Nene will never get to and has never been to. Soul Food, Independence Day, Set It Off, Two Can Play This Game, Why Do Fools Fall In Love, Kill Bill… this is just off the top of my head. Vivica is a legend and Nene is trash TV. Vivica will ALWAYS work; Nene on the other hand will be doing club appearances to pay her mortgage in her 60s when RHOA is behind her. Vivica Fox just built a bad ass house in the Hollywood Hills. Those Lifetime checks not too shabby and she just had a nice stint on Empire. Vivica doing just fine HUNTY! Nene on the other hand is one phone call away from being back in Athens chile! The way Kenya ethered her ass I wouldn’t be surprised if she is a friend of the show next season.

  8. Re May 12, 2020

    I like nene. I think she is funny.

  9. Ropeburn May 12, 2020

    That was one hell of a self-read. Nene, you couldn’t make it as an actress so you scammed your way onto Andy Cohen’s little reality show and cooned it up for the cameras to earn a coin. Without him and that show you’re nothing! That’s why you came running back with your tail between your legs once Hollywood was done with your one-dimensional “sassy Black woman” routine. If Vivica is a has-been, Nene is a never-was!

    • PinotNoir May 12, 2020


    • Baddie Bey May 13, 2020

      Tail between her legs but returned to the highest rated Housewives show in the world. Let’s talk about what is happening today dear. The fact that is Vivica messed around with her face and fell off and now has to take odd jobs to make ends while Halle, Monique and Queen Latifah are still working. You may look down on reality tv but it’s saved a lot of former actresses and models from destitution because Nene made the Housewives empire lucrative. Can Vivica really say that the Vh1 work she’s been doing is as respectable or as lucrative? Especially when she literally hosted a Mob Wives reunion?

  10. Gee May 12, 2020

    The point is Vivica made an accusation that she should not have without facts, and she did it so their show can be on the shade room if Vivica is the top of the food chain she should be striving beyond the shaderoom. If anything as accomplished as she is Nene should not be a topic since she is considered the bottom of the food chain. This show is just as low budget as Sister Circle which was just recently cancelled. Also Vivica had a talk show called To tell the truth last year which also got cancelled.

  11. Sis May 12, 2020


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