Amanda Seales Departs ‘The Real’ After Just Six Months

Published: Wednesday 3rd Jun 2020 by Sam

Amanda Seales only just joined ‘The Real.’ However, the outspoken star will not be returning to the daytime talker when it resumes.

Full story below…

The actress and comedienne formally boarded the FOX series in January, taking up the seat left vacant for several seasons by Tamar Braxton. 

While some embraced Seales’ addition to the show (giving her leeway to gel in with her co-hosts), other weren’t as endorsing.

Now, she has revealed that her contract is up and she will not be coming back. A reality she appears to be overjoyed by.

In a candid Instagram Live interview, she shared the news and alleged that the platform didn’t provide an arena for her to speak to her people authentically. She also unpacked a narrative about a producer on the show. Peep the footage

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Thoughts Neighbors?

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Suffice to say, some of what she mentioned does raise eyebrows.

In any case, what are…

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  1. Theelusive1 June 3, 2020

    Seems like she has PROBLEMS wherever she goes. But again TAMAR warned you the show was on some bull s hit

  2. Late June 3, 2020

    Ironically, I think she was just “too real” for the show. As great as it would be to have someone with a truly educated, firm and powerful voice on the show, I dint think that’s what the chemistry of the show overall points to. I’ve always thought of the show as being light, jovial, airy, and playful. When the do end up touching on sensitive topics, they tread lightly, which is clearly not Amanda’s mindset. Good for her for knowing her worth and knowing when to leave a situation that just isn’t working. I almost feel like after Tamar left, the show just needed an unproblematic woman of colour to smooth things out. Someone pretty enough to get people watching, with enough personality to keep people’s attention, but not TOO much that it would take away from the other hosts.

    On a side note, I had to look up the guy she’s FaceTiming in the video. His name is Brandon Victor Dixon, if anyone is interested…

    • Erica June 3, 2020

      We know him he played on power sis

    • eric June 3, 2020

      Well said! And Brandon… you didn’t watch Power?

      • Late June 3, 2020

        No, sadly, I never got into “Power”.
        I think I was very anti-50 Cent at the time it came out.

    • Hmmm… June 3, 2020

      I actually think Keke Palmer wouldve been a good fit at first but Michael and Sara snatched her up, and the audience loves her. Other than that someone like Karrueche, Christina Milian, Cassie, etc. might work. They’re not too famous but famous enough to where people will still find their lives and experiences interesting. And I think their personalities will fit in more with the others. Or maybe they do need someone more famous, or someone more educated, or with an actual background in journalism. Because it’s been years and the Real RARELY gets big celebrity guests. You can probably count them in one hand.

      • Soooo+Tru June 3, 2020

        Maybe Michelle Williams can replace her.

  3. Sheena June 3, 2020

    Good for you!!!! Ou have our support and we need more more POC to stand up for us!!!! That was so disrespectful. You need your own show, the world would watch.

  4. Issa Rae’s manager June 3, 2020

    Girl bye! I can’t stand Amanda she is so obnoxious! So happy she isn’t going to be on the real anymore, they shouldn’t have put her on the show to begin with!

  5. King+Khia June 3, 2020

    Her toxic, anti-Black male voice belongs only on Twitter.
    Good Riddance!
    The Real regained some fans.

  6. DC3 FOREVER June 3, 2020

    Michelle Williams it’s your time now!!!! Get back on that panel!

  7. Maggie June 3, 2020

    Bye felicia never did care for you you weren’t as “Real” as you claimed.

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