Loni Love: Tamar Braxton’s ‘The Real’ Exit “Tarnished” The Show [Watch]

Published: Tuesday 23rd Jun 2020 by Rashad

Hot on the promo trail for her new memoir, ‘I Tried to Change So You Don’t Have To’ (available now), comedienne-actress Loni Love is chronicles her rise to fame by giving fans a detailed peek into her storied life.

Dishing on everything from breaking into the entertainment industry to dating mishaps to the rollercoaster of her EMMY-winning talk show, ‘The Real,’ Love even expounds on the tales that have landed her atop headlines – namely rumored tiff with Tamar Braxton, one of the show’s former hosts.

The latter topic is one that continues to plague Love, a subject the 48-year-old didn’t shy away from when quizzed in a recent interview.

“You look at other talk show hosts. They get canned and contracts end all the time.  This was the first show that was like, all women of color, and it really tarnished the show, I believe. It left this cloud of suspicion on the show…,” Love explained. “The show wasn’t meant for that. The show was really meant to uplift and show diversity amongst women.”

Look inside to see what she else she said:

In the years that have followed Braxton’s unceremonious 2016 ousting from ‘The Real,’ Love believes the drama that ensued as a result “tarnished” the show – an event she waxes honest about in her new book.

Taking to our friends at ET,’ Loni even described her feelings when online trolls accused her of being directly responsible for Braxton’s firing.

“I used to be the person that was like, ‘You know what? It will all blow over.’ But we live in the age now of social media where it doesn’t blow over. It’s there forever, there are things that everyone on the show has said that are still living. So, you still have to continue to fight for your character, and I think there’s nothing wrong with fighting for your character and fighting for your truth,” she explained. “I’ve always been a strong person, and in the book, you will understand why certain things were said, why certain things weren’t said. Hopefully this will give people another view.”

“That was embarrassing, it was hurtful, it was confusing for all of us,” she later confessed. “I have a set of fans that really want to understand it, so I put it in a book.”

In addition to defending her reputation, she also stood up for remaining ‘The Real’ co-hosts Tamera Mowry-Housely, Jeannie Mai, and Adrienne Bailon.

“I think I got a bad rap, and all the girls got a bad rap. But it was really mostly on me because we weren’t allowed to speak about it and when you’re not allowed to speak about it, that means only one side of the story is out there,” Love says. “Then what happens is perception from that one side becomes reality, and that’s what hurts. It’s so unfair, but people in the industry, they probably know, but outside people don’t and that’s what is totally not fair. None of the girls should have been blamed. None of us did anything.”


To conclude, Love maintained she has tried to reach out to Braxton to clear the air but has yet to get a response.

“I just wish her the best. I think she’s a powerhouse… But I think it’s time to really get together, and she knows that we’re not mad at her. We’re not upset, it’s just that we just want to clear the record, seriously clear the record. And the only way you’re gonna clear the record is if she says something or we all meet and we just have it publicly out there,” Love shares. “It doesn’t have to happen with any cameras or anything like that.”

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  1. Danny Bey June 23, 2020

    Loni is obsessed with Tamar at this point and it’s so aggy

    • bluebird June 24, 2020

      This PORK-ROAST is a LIAR. She’s a CERTIFIED HATER. Tamar always has Broken Record. Love and War. KING. Stay and Fight. Simple Things. — She has that VOICE when she decides to sing again. LONI is a Straight CLOWN.

      • PinotNoir June 24, 2020

        …a not-so-funny one.

  2. The+truth+always+comes+to+light June 23, 2020

    The fact that she continues to bring Tamar name up every chance she gets is disgusting!!! All she had to say is my thoughts about the Tamar situation is in my book! As a black woman seeing other blk females tearing one of us down is absolutely disgusting! I see now it’s not Tamar!!! I could understand why she gets annoyed & wants to pop off on folks when ppl always got her name in their mouths! Loni is disgusting!

    • Bravo!! June 24, 2020

      How long do you think it takes to write a book??

  3. Hmmm… June 23, 2020

    It left a “cloud of suspicion” because nobody was HONEST about why she was fired. Most people who leave talk shows, like the View, for example, when people leave its amicable. Most. Y’all let that girl go who you called a “sister” like she was a stranger begging for change. I didn’t like Tamar on the show, but the way they all handled it, including Loni, was messy, and that’s why it was tarnished.

  4. Nicky June 23, 2020

    Lmao. Having Ghetto Tamar on the show already tarnished the show. The fact that she’s gone actually put a new glow to the show.

    Tamar is ratchet , ghetto and inarticulate. And is constantly bickering with other black women ie K MIchelle. She’s horrible for sponsors.

  5. Keeta Thomas June 23, 2020

    I think Tamar did herself a disservice with all the sound effects and dramatic effects with her head an all that foolishness, it was to much after awhile. Someone should have told her the sponsors for that show wasn’t feeling it. That time slot and network cater to a specific audience and black people wasn’t that demographic. If the show was on VH-1 she would probably still be on the show.

  6. Konami June 23, 2020

    Garbage. She’s using Tamar name to sell this book! WORTHLESS

  7. Char June 23, 2020

    Oh shut up unfunny Loni! Tamar has been gone a long time! If the show hasn’t gotten better. It’s NOT TAMAR’S FAULT!!!

  8. MessyBoots June 23, 2020

    Growing up, my mother always said, ‘if a person has to constantly repeat themselves over and over again’ who are they really trying to convince?!’

    Something in the water ain’t right in front and behind the screens. Tamar got canned 4 years ago. It took them until recently to finally replace her w/ Amanda Seales and she just quit a few weeks ago.

    Loni’s former comedy writer slammed her recently claiming Loni was jealous of Tamar, she also claimed Loni is a liar and really helped Tamar get fired!!! 😞

  9. Quanie June 23, 2020

    Loni needs to sit down. I feel like she low key doesn’t like her job or what goes on behind the scenes but she has no balls to leave because she knows it’s the only opportunity she will get with that much visibility. Loni, don’t 💩 where you sleep! Else they’ll chop you next mama

  10. Only Facts June 23, 2020

    All this hoopla for a dry a*s shoe nobody cares about. They all think they’re bigger than they are. This show is beneath Tamera Mowry

  11. Only Facts June 23, 2020

    Why no post about the vote suppression in Kentucky!!!! The state forced all black voters to vote at one location and locked them out before they could vote! Mitch McConnell won a SEVENTH TERM in the senate because of that! It’s vote suppression right in front of our face! WRITE ABOUT THAT!

    • Only Facts June 23, 2020

      Voter suppression ***

      Damn autocorrect

  12. Maxine Smith June 24, 2020

    I just don’t like Loni, she is always the one who has something to say. I know her being the old head thinks she the mother of them all. I don’t like her comments about black men all because she found a white old fool to deal with her behind because there’s no black man that wants her

  13. Chezzla June 25, 2020

    I hope Tamar leaves you to rot in hell. Your conscience is killing you. If you didn’t do it you were an accessory to it. I don’t believe you Loni you are devious and divisive.

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