Married To Medicine’s Mariah Huq Reveals “I Haven’t Received My Season 8 Contract”

Published: Friday 26th Jun 2020 by Sam

When ‘Married To Medicine’ returns for its eighth season later this year, it looks like it may be back sans Mariah Huq. 

Full story below…

Back in April, the polarizing figure dramatically videoed herself at her empty mailbox bemoaning the absence of a pick-up letter for the Bravo show’s upcoming season.

And almost three months on, Huq has confirmed that she still has no contract.

Speaking in an interview with Atlanta Black Star, she said:

“Yes, I did say that in April and no I haven’t received my contract. I’m typically the last person to know things about “Married to Medicine” unfortunately, and I’m hoping that that changes real soon. It’s not the way; it’s not the way that it’s supposed to be.” 

In an interesting move, Huq – who co-created the ‘Medicine’ franchise – brings race into the fray, saying:

“I’m the first African-American woman to create a franchise at Bravo. I’m one of three people. It’s me, it’s Lisa Vanderpump, that created “Vanderpump Rules,” and Whitney Sudler that did “Southern Charm.” They’re still with their franchises. They’re still a part of [them]. Why would I not be?”


While her broader points are open to debate, we’re not especially surprised about her possible omission from season 8.

For, Mariah’s lack of accord with most of her cast-mates has long made for tense viewing. And not in the dramatic sense, more the awkward.

Enough from us, though. Do you want to see Mariah back in the mix? Let us know…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Only Facts June 26, 2020

    The show needs to go away. M2M:LA is awful and boring AF

  2. Karter June 26, 2020

    Why would she not receive a contract tho? Other than being a co-creator of the show, she makes for good TV. If anyone should go, Contessa and/or Quad would have been my first choices. Also, if we’re being honest, Dr. Heavenly’s main story line is her beef with Mariah… but she too, makes for good TV. Bring Kari back!

    • Ice June 30, 2020

      Bring them both back…. the irony…. Mariah Kari lol

  3. Ihatemakingnamesforhere June 26, 2020

    They need her the show is kinda boring when they don’t have her to play off of

  4. Jeremy Ellis June 27, 2020

    absolutely or I will watch the show anymore because this will prove to me that Mariah is being discriminated against and I will not support that at all.

  5. Jeanie Cooper June 27, 2020

    She gets into her feelings too much for me and she doesn’t care much for any of the other cast members.

  6. Lyndia Carter June 27, 2020

    If Mirah does not return, I will not watch no more. I like Mirah on the show! The one that needs to leave is quad. Quad is evil, spiteful, awful, and jealous of Mirah. There would be no live liss if quad left. Quad is not attractive at all, and her nasty behavior makes her look even worse. How can you let Mirah go and she started the show. Bad bad business!!

  7. Sandra Kay Wagoner-Stramler June 27, 2020

    I totally would like to see Mariah on Season 8. I do feel that the others seem to dump on her when other members do more dirty. Also bring back Buffie and eliminate Quad and even Toya( she seems 2 face and Jackie can go too). I will not view without Mariah and as will others.

    • Thandi Sithole June 28, 2020

      Cleary mariah should stay ,quad and contessa on the other they can leave indefinitely their characters are boring, quad is nt even a doctor’s wife anyway, she got her five minutes of fame, she’s a user and a pretender,if mariah doesn’t come back u may as well cancel the show.

  8. Wanda June 28, 2020

    Yes i love her and if she doesnt I’ll stop watching like I did RHOA.

  9. Ms.Barra June 28, 2020

    I love Mariah get Quad out of the equation! The show will not be the same without Mariah! Keep Dr. Heavenly she is full of drama!! Keep Toya she is made for good TV. Dr. Simone, Dr. Jackie and Dr. Contessa they okay. But that Dr. Heavenly is the best she keep me laughing! I see a little of me and Dr. Heavenly!🤣🤣🤣

  10. Charlie B June 29, 2020

    I love Mariah and they should have never taken her off, I think that’s so disrespectful especially since she is the one who came up with the show, she is right, the white women still holding their roles why cant she. Bring Mariah Back now. And all those other ladies who feel the need to disrespect her after she made the platform for their prideful arrogant behinds, please take 10 seats , I cant call yall ladies because some of you are not ladies. Take Heavenlys loud mouth country bumpkin, no storyline behind off, now she really needs to go. No vote necessary. Just Go!!!!!

  11. Teresa Ann Toliver Johnson June 30, 2020

    Mariah isn’t on I want watch.

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