Netflix Launches $5 Million Investment Fund For Black Creatives

Published: Tuesday 16th Jun 2020 by David

Netflix has found a unique way to thank the black community for supporting its service…and join the fight against anti-blackness.

Learn more below…

The service is home to a treasure chest of black content released to educate and entertain its subscribers and has been lauded by customers and critics alike for its presentation and celebration of black experiences.


Today, it has announced plans to invest $5 million into the careers of black artists with ideas it believes will soar on its platform.

It announced….

Tackling racism and injustice in meaningful ways means creating long-term opportunities for the Black community. The main role we play is through our funding of and member viewing of important content like ‘When They See Us.’ As an additional step, today we’re committing $5 million to nonprofits dedicated to creating direct opportunities for Black creators, Black youth and Black-owned businesses.

‘Variety’ adds…

It will donate $5 million to organizations dedicated to creating opportunities for Black creators, Black youth and Black-owned businesses, including Ghetto Film School, Black Public Media and Colin Kaepernick’s Know Your Rights Camp.


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  1. Ihate whyyte and blllacccc bitchezz June 16, 2020

    Well Entertainment Tonight did 25 year anniversary segment of waiting to exhale with babyface. Who wrote the entire album for Whitney but…. Y’all never said nothing but black this black that.

  2. Ihate whyyte and blllacccc bitchezz June 16, 2020

    I wanna dance with somebody the movie directed by Anthony Mcarten supposed to be released next year but again nooo mention of that she is black.

  3. Dear Black People June 16, 2020

    Black privilege at its finest begging for handouts.

    • hmmm June 16, 2020

      STFU troll. If you haven’t noticed, this is not an incel website. F*** off and get a life.

      • Dear Black People June 16, 2020

        hmmm make me STFU, im waiting… You have no power over me you ugly puppet someone will always manipulate people like you.

      • Hmmm June 16, 2020

        Imagine being so f****** pathetic and obsessed with black people that you’d create a troll account on A black-owned website just to voice half-baked, ignorant, b******* ideas. Get a job or go back to school, Loser.

      • Dear Black People June 16, 2020

        Hammm you ugly pig I have a good job, a great job im not on welfare unlike some. What do you do with your life apart from being obsessed with me, following my comments. This is my one and only account i’m not like your stinky @r$e.
        So you know I am biracial and proud, I will always call bs when I see it. Whats your insta i’ll happily have a face to face convo with you to shut your mouth.

    • Hmmm June 16, 2020

      Blah blah blah… You have a “great” job but yet you’re on an black entertainment blog continuously praising white people and belittling black people…GTFO. You’re a loser! You’re a troll. You’re a troll loser with no life and no education. Do yourself a favor since you’re allegedly bi-racial, bleach your black side and logon to an incel website. You’ll be happier.

      • Dear Black People June 16, 2020

        Where does it say its a black entertainment blog? Prove it i’ll wait. I bet your one of the ashy ones with dry elbows and knees.

      • Dear Black People June 16, 2020

        Your one of them ugly dark skined girls are always jealous of beautiful light skined people, oh well.

      • Hmmm June 16, 2020

        Keep waiting, troll…I’m not proving anything. Do the research yourself with that “great” job you claim to have. I can see now that you’re probably a spoiled little girl (or boy) that was likely dumped by a black guy, so now you’re taking it out on black people. Get over it, asshole. Black guys aren’t interested in a nasty disease infested troll. Yuck 🤢

      • Dear Black People June 16, 2020

        Because you can’t lol you are full of it. Glad to know I hit a nerve HAHAHA you ugly ashy clown.

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