Osundairo Brothers WILL Testify Against Jussie Smollett, Despite Previously Announcing Otherwise

Published: Friday 26th Jun 2020 by Rashad

Despite previous reports Abel and Ola Osundairo, the two brothers at the center of the Jussie Smollett hoax-hate crime drama, were unwilling to testify against him in the forthcoming case stemming from charges related to the incident, they’ve since walked back the announcement.

Details inside:

Late Wednesday (June 24), the Osundairo brothers announced they were no longer to assist investigators after the Chicago Police Department claimed they couldn’t locate the evidential belongings seized during a 2019 raid.

However, under the advisement of their lawyer (Gloria Schmidt Rodriguez), they changed their mind since those belongings have been located.

Releasing a statement on their behalf, Rodriguez said:

“Due to the intervention of Special Prosecutor Dan Webb and his team, earlier today we were informed that a properly registered 9mm handgun that was missing from a locked safe seized by the Chicago Police Department on February 14, 2019, has been located,” Schmidt Rodriguez’s statement reads. “The missing gun was a reason for Abel and Ola’s decision to cease voluntary cooperation, in addition to the unnecessary complication brought to this situation by CPD’s Corporate Counsel in treating them like suspects. Abel and Ola will recommence their cooperation in the Smollett case now that the handgun has been produced by the Special Prosecutor’s office.” [source]


The change of heart comes as the latest blow to Smollett’s case.  In addition to seeing his malicious prosecution countersuit dismissed (click here to read more), he later learned he was not protected under ‘double jeopardy’ laws since his first set of dismissed charges were never tried in court.

[main photo source: Getty Images/Shutterstock]

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  1. Only Facts June 26, 2020

    You in danger, girl. Lying gets you nowhere in life

  2. Perfection is so mhph… 💅🏾 June 26, 2020

    Okay this is ridiculous. All the stuff going on in this world and they still trying to prosecute him. They only sued him because of the wasted money. But that’s all y’all doing, wasting more and more of tax payer money. Politicians do it, the president, and other races who claim a black man did it. Why are they trying to crucify him so hard!? #letItGo

    • PinotNoir June 26, 2020

      Looks like some fraction of white men want a racially-charged civil war in the US. What for? TBD. 👀

  3. CUPCAKKE PUSS POWER June 26, 2020

    Man I can’t stand this drama queen… a lie after a lie… “ Nononono baby, nononono don’t lie….”

    • PinotNoir June 26, 2020

      I thought you’d jump on the opportunity and attend trials. Wouldn’t you want a tastw of that Osundairo snack? 😂

      • marilyn monh-O-E June 26, 2020

        Mmmmmm gurl u read my mind. I’ve been desperately get me some d

  4. King+Khia June 26, 2020

    Jussie could have told the truth and not go through all this. He did this to himself. We were all rooting for this dumb b****.

  5. Check Ur Lipsticks B4 U Come 4 Me! June 26, 2020

    I would like to have both of them inside of ke at the same time please

    • PinotNoir June 26, 2020

      Impressive feat aside, that’d be incëst for them.

  6. Nippian June 26, 2020

    They are making an example out of Jussie. He was paying them brothers for d*** and drugs and thought they would take the fall for his b*******.

  7. Fancy BISH June 26, 2020

    More black people drama.

  8. BYISI June 27, 2020

    I honestly think this whole incident was thought up by Lee Daniels and the PR team to drum up interest and it backfired! They probably paid him nicely but have left him to fend for himself! Jussie has to know these escorts, and prostitutes have no loyalty. Same for these ppl who do only fans etc their only loyalty is to money! Now this coked out liar has to take the stand and look at the two brothers he paid for s** put the final nails in his professional career! I hope the busted booty was worth it! He’s never working in entertainment again after this! I really need gay men to stop letting their lust ruin their lives! This is just one of MANY examples of them doing so!

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