Report: LaToya Ali & Drew Sidora Join ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’

Published: Tuesday 21st Jul 2020 by David

‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ is to be infused with younger, fresher and cooler energy according to reports published today.

Full story below…

The hit series became one of the highest-rated shows on television thanks to story lines fronted by a cast led by Nene Leakes and is now, according to Love B Scott, ushering in a new wave of ‘Housewives’ set to take the screen by storm this November.

Leading that wave is the influencer LaToya Ali and her family as well as the actress Drew Sidora.

Ali’s aunt is the Canadian Reality TV star Auntie Jillian.


B Scott reports that the ladies were welcomed by producers who are keen to “trend younger” as the series enters its thirteenth season.

The publication also reports that Leakes will not be returning to the show, but did not offer an update on claims that Phaedra Parks would be returning to the fray now that production has kicked off in Atlanta, Georgia.

The show’s newcomers, along with its staples, will be required to test negative for COVID-19 before they are permitted to film scenes for the series.




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  1. MessyBoots July 21, 2020

    Why not just trend based on viewer feedback?!

    I just dont understand even why Shamari didnt get a 2nd season to find out more layers behind her life. She kind of stepped it up at the reunion that season. Now Eva has also been let go when I didnt find her boring at all.. I thought she did a terrible job of owning her shade (her downfall) but she deserved one more season not being PREGNANT to show us more.

    She was pregnant her entire duration as a housewife across 2 seasons!

    Marlo deserves a peach at this point. Add a heavyweight that is on par w/ the ladies’ fame.

    Vivica, Tisha Campbell, Lil Mo, Keke Wyatt etc.

    There are so many ATL divas (mature and young) who can replace the older cast and possibly re ignite this snoozefest.

    Young and random doesnt always equal = evolution.

    • F July 21, 2020

      Adding famous people never works because it messes with the dynamic and people can tell. The best formula is to find people who are well known and affluent in their community or D list actresses (that’s not a diss). The d list girls are the best because they’re familiar with how tv works and know how to bring it soap opera style. Every time they try to bring on a big name it flops because they’re not really Housewives. The only franchise where it works is RHobh because Beverly Hills is filled with actresses who are now housewives.

      • MessyBoots July 21, 2020

        You make a great point.

        There is no proven formula to adding a successful new cast member on any RH show. Although season 5 introduced both Porsha and Kenya and earlier in season 3 they introduced Phaedra and Cynthia… all four of them became long running cast members so perhaps Bravo knows what they’re doing in terms of casting duos.

        We’ll see.

    • Meme July 21, 2020

      Everything you said. Eva, Marlo, Shamari and Claudia are all deserving to be peach holders. In fact, they are more interesting than some of the women who are still there. I just don’t understand it. It’s not worth bringing someone new in the mix and having to force the ladies getting to know them.

      • T July 22, 2020

        Yeah why dont they ever ask the viewers opinions on it. I never understood that. They def.shouldve kept Eva shes beautiful to look at and instead of bringing 2 new ladies that we dont know of I agree that Marlo should get a peach why not? Please dont bring Phaedra back maybe get Monica or Maybe bring Mariah or Toya from Married to Medicine over

  2. Susan July 21, 2020

    If they’re skewing younger, why are Kenya and Cynthia still on the show? Aren’t they just as old as nene? Idk how to feel about this. I want Phaedra back. The only one with a secured storyline is porsha – attested and amazing upcoming book lol

    • MessyBoots July 21, 2020

      I just re watched Phaedra last season on Hulu fro. 2017, season 9… HILARIOUS!

      First of all, Phaedra is never coming back as long as Kandi is a main peach holder. I’m not asking you like Kandi but just realize Kandi is a main placeholder at this point. She is the center of this circle. Every reality show has one. Nene used to have that role until she lost her mind and that ego grew out of control around season 7.

      So no Phaedra a clear fan favorite will not be ON RHO unless Kandi is not… which isnt happening anytime soon chile.

      Shady Phae Phae took it wayyyy to far accusing or repeating to Porsha that Kandi told her she would like to drug Porsha.and have s** w/ her in Kandi’s alleged s** dungeon.

      The 4 part reunion where it is revealed is worth a re watch for how tragically Phae phae llooked after it was finally revealed. 😭😭🤪

      • Happy+n+Rich July 22, 2020

        I actually think Phaedra will return. Tasha K. said her return would be “a big surprise for everybody.” Bravo has already indulged Kandi long enough. The season 9 Phaedra situation was the most explosive ever seen on the show, and it all went up in smoke at that season’s reunion, leading to a horribly boring season 10 and so-so seasons 11-12. The viewers are summoning Phaedra back. I think Bravo may call Kandi’s bluff.

  3. OOPS July 21, 2020

    Thank God.
    no PHAEDRA

  4. Sonya July 23, 2020

    Somethings you should leave alone and Atlanta Housewives is one of them. Here y’all go trying a new direction and all you producers are going to do is mess up the 13 season run y’all had.Leave the cast alone and keep NeNe please. I watched this show and been a loyal fan since the first season.

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