Kelly Rowland Shoots Movie ‘Merry Liddle Christmas Wedding’

Published: Sunday 23rd Aug 2020 by Sam

Kelly Rowland has a new movie on the way!

The ‘Coffee’ singer was seen alongside her co-stars brewing the sequel to hit Lifetime film ‘Merry Liddle Christmas.’

Last Fall saw the original deliver major ratings for the cable network, so much so that it’s birthed a follow-up named ‘Merry Liddle Christmas Wedding.’

Ms. Kelly was snapped alongside the likes of Debbi Morgan, Bresha Webb, and Thomas Cadrot.

Peep pics and clips below…


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Production day #4! #merryliddlechristmaswedding

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  1. #WAP August 23, 2020

    🙄🙄🙄 all that melanin potential and this is what she’s turned her career into. Shameful

    • Ugghh August 23, 2020

      I only see success.

      Singer, actress, voice coach, brand ambassador

      Y’all kill me how y’all always dawg Kelly but when she was making and releasing music y’all weren’t buying it or supporting her and constantly comparing her to her light skin, white passing counterpart

      Kelly ain’t wasting her talent! She is putting it where she is getting and can elevate longevity and success

      What are you doing?

      • Tori August 23, 2020


      • Urg August 23, 2020

        Drag it to hell and back😂

    • A…. August 24, 2020

      @WAP, Aka Only facts, you are forever talking sh*t. Why don’t you speak on your Vehicle manslaughter fav’s album dropping 179 spots on Billboard after one week LMAOOO

    • MsMay August 24, 2020

      Hater and broke a**es judgment

      Kelly keep pressing Queen-

  2. Erica August 23, 2020

    C**** done set the album back again 😩 I’m not mad at her this time tho, but damn I was excited & coffee had me wanting more

  3. Diabetes UNBOTHERED August 23, 2020

    Kelly starting to Age and FAST! Doesn’t look quite as Youthful and fresh faced as Bey always does. Bey literally does not age. At 39 Bey still looks 24 like she did in the Spirit and apesh!t video. Maybe it’s the stress from always being in beys shadow

    • NEXT CALLER August 23, 2020

      B**** Beyonce looks like spoiled milk…dont ever try Kelly

      • The+truth+always+comes+to+light August 23, 2020

        @Next Caller
        It’s a troll! Just overlook that person hun! Don’t respond!

    • What if Rihanna made a come back and FLOP August 23, 2020

      Girl you tried it comparing Kelly beauty to Beyonce that look very old.

  4. DC3 FOREVER August 23, 2020


    • Moti25 August 23, 2020

      Kelly looks preggers! Let’s go baby #2!

      • Jay August 24, 2020

        I said the same thing. The pic at the ice cream truck…look at her nose. When she was pregnant with Titan, it showed on her face.

  5. The+truth+always+comes+to+light August 23, 2020

    Sis definitely looks like she is hiding a pregnancy bump! The first film was really good! Can’t wait to see part 2! Also she has another movie coming in October on Hulu & Hopefully she starts filming her music videos for her singles/album after filming is wrapped! Hopefully atleast 3 for this project!

  6. What if Rihanna made a come back and FLOP August 23, 2020

    She love all these cheap projects that does nothing for her career.

    I love Kelly so I try so hard not to call her a major flop but I think she is.

    • Tori August 23, 2020

      Make sure to call her a MILLION DOLLAR FLOP. All her flop music still makes money, her cheap flop movie made so much she was given the green light for a sequel in the midst of a damn pandemic. I want to do some of this flopping.

      • Moti25 August 24, 2020

        Correction, MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR FLOP!

  7. Tori August 23, 2020

    Do your thing Mrs. Kelly‼️ As long as you’re happy and still making millions. Kelly’s album is fone and hasn’t been pushed back. Kelly purposely didn’t release her album because she started filming video right when the US got shut down. She said she didn’t want to release her album without visuals. The only reason “COFFEE” had a video is because it was shot in 2019. Stop worrying about the new music if you think its going to flop, especially if you didn’t buy nor stream the old music. Please direct all Kelly Rowland hate towards President Trump.

  8. Reese September 27, 2020

    She looks great and I loved the first movie so I’m sure I’ll love the second one the same. Surprised at so many of our own ppl talking s*** when you never been in the spotlight except the overhead light from y’all pathetic 9-5. Skin folk ain’t kinfolk disgusting

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