Sandra Bernhard Under Continued Fire For Calling Mariah Carey the ‘N-Word’ in Resurfaced Clips

Published: Wednesday 12th Aug 2020 by Rashad

Thanks to her brazen brand of ‘shock comedy,’ quotes from comedienne-actress Sandra Bernhard were no stranger to controversy at the height of her career in the late 80’s and early 90’s.

Decades later, that same material is landing the 65-year-old in hot water as clips from a 1998 stand-up gig saw the award-winning comic refer to Pop icon Mariah Carey as the ‘N-word.’

Details inside:

Much like fellow comedians Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon (as we reported here), Bernhard – in the wake of the brightened spotlight placed on racial and social injustice in the entertainment industry –  is being burned on Twitter for resurfaced comedy clips that are being deemed racist.

Uncovered by a fan of Carey, the video (seen above) originated from the comic’s 1998 comedy special ‘I’m Still Here…Damn It!’  In it, she not only refers to the Pop diva as the ‘N-word,’ but she also suggested the GRAMMY winner was manipulating African American culture.

“…acting real n*****ish up there at the Royalton Hotel suite with Puff Daddy and all the greasy, chain-wearing Black men,” she said. “…’I got a little bit of Black in me, too. I didn’t tell you that,'” she continued (speaking as Carey in her joke).

Bernhard, now a star of FX hit series ‘Pose,’ has not addressed the recent hoop-la (as of time of this report).  However, she did take to ‘Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen’ in 2019 to claim she was on good terms with Mariah despite such not being the case the last time Carey addressed the topic in an interview.

Referring to Sandra (who is a Jewish lesbian), she reportedly said:


At the time of incident, Bernhard defended her joke to multiple outlets while promoting the TV special.  She’s quoted saying:

 “I have carte blanche to use that word from my friend Paul Mooney,” she said to New York Magazine. “I’m a card-carrying white-black girl. Plus, I have a huge Black following, so you know, it’s like a black person saying [n*****ish].”

Years later, she revisited it by stating:

“I think anybody Black who comes to my shows gives me carte blanche to say that because I’m really coming from their place,” she said to Seattle Weekly. “I’m not some cracker up there…It’s so obvious that I’m a part of that culture.”


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  1. Shayla Queen 👑 August 12, 2020

    Who is this old b****?! Why would she say that?! Jealous old hoee!!!!

  2. Shayla Queen 👑 August 12, 2020

    You WISH you were Mariah!!

  3. If you’re American, please VOTE August 12, 2020

    Wow! So much hatred!

    All of that and all people remember about her is her big nose. (Fun fact I was playing Family Feud and one of the questions was about celebrities with big noses, she was #3)

    Mariah is LEGEND!

  4. #WAP August 12, 2020

    Another racist person from Roseanne. Are we surprised fam?

  5. IG: mixedboy August 12, 2020


  6. Happy+n+Rich August 12, 2020

    Meh . . . it’s no biggie. In case y’all haven’t noticed, cancel culture is coming for e’erbody.

  7. tyty August 12, 2020

    Smh!!! Y’all gone learn about Jewish people… Imagine someone said something about them…oh wait several people have and their currently suffering for it now…..

    • tyty August 12, 2020

      Might I add they didn’t say anything particularly anti-semitic yet they’ve lost shows and jobs. This in calling someone a n***** and it’s happy days still booking jobs.

      • D August 12, 2020

        💯 Truth be told, the majority of s**** traders and owners in the new world (British / French / Spanish colonies) were of the same ilk, but are categorised as ‘white’ in the ‘official’ historical narrative 🤭 Takes the spotlight off of them.

      • ERIC August 12, 2020

        I have to disagree. It shows prejudice and hatred to call people animals and lesser beings based on their skin color and religion. It’s the same propaganda that spread throughout Europe in the age of the holocaust to categorize Jews as dispensable property. Sound familiar? That’s why it’s problematic to say what Nick did. You can’t speak that way and think you’re going to maintain good personal and working relationships with everyone. He cut the ties himself.

      • Shayla Queen 👑 August 12, 2020

        Um… Remember Hitler? No? EDUCATE YOURSELF.

    • tyty August 12, 2020

      Stop with the Hitler shtick newsflash they are not the only people that have died by the millions at the hands of a lunatic? 15 million Africans died at the hands of King Leopold so spare me. Jews have been on more than occasion shown to be racist and are not allies of black people…which is ironic considering they want everyone to remember the Holocaust. I would think people who suffered would understand the suffering of others. They are not a minority exempt from criticism hiding behind Hitler isn’t going to work if African Americans have to get over slavery then well….

      • Shayla Queen 👑 August 12, 2020

        Just because it happened to one, doesn’t make it right for it to happen to the other. Where is your logic?

      • eric August 12, 2020

        @tyty. “I would think people who suffered would understand the suffering of others.” Why then are you lumping all Jewish people together and labeling them racist, as much as we have to contend with people thinking all blacks are the same? You should understand how damaging that is.

      • Coupe August 13, 2020

        I mean she said it herself. Paul gave her the card. See black people need to stop letting this slide. If Paul was a real one he would have sat her down and educated her let her know she cool and all and can come to the cookout but they’re things you do not say. period. Now she gets backlash while he sits back and coons.

    • tyty August 12, 2020

      So why did you bring up Hitler? I wasn’t talking about the Holocaust, I was comparing a the reality that is despite jews having gone through something terrible they are still racist and till this day you can’t say anything about them without someone screaming anti-Semitism. This bih can call someone a n**** repeatedly but utter one thing about her being a jew. This a sentiment that happens across the board nick cannon and Wiley being current examples. You tried to use Hitler to shut me up literally proving my point.

      • Jayy August 12, 2020

        @tyty You have pretty much hit the nail on the head with this one. I advise the others to either get more knowledgeable to have a more sufficient argument or just fall back now lol

      • #TheTruth August 12, 2020

        I agree with you, people are quick to call you out certain names if you ever dare say anything based off past events.

        But guess what ? There’s been other genocides, and you barely hear about these ones : Armenia (which genocide hasn’t been recognized yet by many nations), Rwanda, Tibet etc.

        I’ve known people breaking off with female friends of mine because they aren’t jews, hence couldn’t introduce them to their mommas.
        Imagine for one second switching position, my friend telling him : you’re a Jew, I can’t introduce you to my family… he would have called her out anti semitic on every fu<kin’ roof possible.
        And that’s just one exemple among others, but they never talk about that do they ?

        It shouldn’t be difficult to appreciate someone for who they are. Who gives a F about a skin color, race or religion ? Human kind is beyond stupid.

  8. JA_LA August 12, 2020

    22 years ago…someone went back 22 years to find something to “expose” on an entertainer, who is anything but A-List today, that has a small feature role on a television show. I need for people to find new hobbies.

    • PinotNoir August 12, 2020

      Mimi’s memoir is coming soon. Any free publicity is welcome (even if devoted lambs need no incentive to buy).

  9. PinotNoir August 12, 2020

    Done outta loyalty to Madonna – conductor of the Mimi hate train back then. We’ll see if she’ll lose her job. 🤔

  10. #TheTruth August 12, 2020

    Carte blanche for what ? Because you have one black friend suddenly you can use racist terms ?

    I don’t even understand why black people keep that word going anyway.
    The whole Jay-Z we took the power out of it… child please 🙄

    • PinotNoir August 12, 2020

      Carte as Blanche as her privilege.

  11. Ropeburn August 12, 2020

    This lady’s career is like a cockroach that just won’t die. I feel like the only reason she hasn’t been permanently cancelled is because she’s so irrelevant that folks keep forgetting who the hell she is. And that’s the real tea!

  12. I Hate Whyt n blllaa August 12, 2020

    ewwwwwwwww b**** always have bugs on her hands and videos, whitney wld never play with bugs

  13. fk that b!thc TRUMP & the h03 that didn’t ABORT HIM When She had the Chance! August 13, 2020

    uuuuuuffff this is not a good look for Sandra. and millenials on here who think they know all about pop culture without understanding who Sandra is need to do research. not that her a-list level fame exempts her from this backlash… but it definitely is not a good look for her. google also shows her support for Roseanne Barr’s controversies.. Pose FX Producers need to address this situation and hopefully Sandra falls in line to do whats right cuz we LGTBQ will cut a bish off if she doesnt….

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