Niecy Nash on Her Marriage to Jessica Betts: It Was A “Going Into Myself, Not A Coming Out”

Published: Wednesday 9th Sep 2020 by TGJ Team

Newlywed Niecy Nash is celebrating her love for wife Jessica Betts with People Magazine!

Stunning photos and more from the actress and her wife below…

After the pair tied the knot on August 29th, Nash is now sharing beautiful photos from the ceremony and much more.
The ‘Claws’ actress, who first connected Betts online via social in 2015 while married to then husband Jay Tucker, sat down with People to discuss the shock from many fans after finding out the couple were wed.
She says:
“[My marriage] has absolutely nothing to do with gender and it has everything to do with her soul. She is the most beautiful soul I have ever met in my life.”
Adding to her decision of marrying Betts, Nash says:
“I was not suppressing my sexuality my whole life. I love who I love. At one point in my life, I married twice and I love those people. And today I love this person. I’ve done everything I wanted to do on my own terms and my own way. So my choice now in a partner has nothing to do with who I’ve always been. It’s a matter of who I am in this moment.
I don’t feel like my marriage is my coming out of anywhere, but rather a going into myself and being honest about who I love, and I’m not limiting myself on what that love is supposed to look like.”
After her split from Tucker, the Emmy winning actress says the connection her and Betts shared shifted, saying they ‘began to see each other in a way we never had before’.
Beautiful! It’s refreshing to see Nash embrace her authenticity without explanation! We send our congratulations to the beautiful couple!

Your thoughts?

[Photo Credit: PEOPLE / Robert Ector]

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  1. Holliewuudd September 9, 2020

    I like her approach and mine is similar. You don’t have to be this way or that way. You can be whatever you want, when you want. And all the labeling is trash to me. Let people live ans stop trying to put them in a box so that YOU can understand them. Everyone , and their decisions, ain’t meant to be understood by others.

    • Shayla Queen 👑 September 9, 2020

      Exactly! Mind your business people 🤳🏽

  2. Misty Knight September 9, 2020

    They’re both WAPping.

  3. Section8DaGreat September 9, 2020

    Nice play on words but girl you were “Coming out” 🤣🤣🤣

  4. Clarks0o0ñ September 9, 2020

    She was tired of black men dissappionting her.

    Black men ain’t shìt

    • Oh plz September 9, 2020

      Why don’t you say this in a post on your own blog, Troll. Stop worrying about black men and give us the link to your blog. Where is it? 🤡

  5. Interac September 9, 2020

    For those who don’t know or don’t remember, Jessica betts won Missy Elliott’s singing competition back in the day, I believe it was called ‘road to stardom.’ And she previously had a record deal long before that. The girl can saaang!

  6. Fancy BISH September 9, 2020


    • Fancy BISH September 9, 2020

      @Clarkson, you are the damn devil! This is BEAUTIFUL…you’re just mad cause you’re unhappy as ALL hell 😂 💯 Imposter!

    • Fancy BISH September 10, 2020

      IT looks like a dude LOL

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