Nene Leakes Breaks Down In Tears As She Blasts Bravo AGAIN Over #RHOA Exit

Published: Friday 2nd Oct 2020 by Sam

Nene Leakes may have departed the ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta,’ but she’s certainly not bowing out quietly.

Despite making a graceful departure announcement, the reality star has spent the days and weeks following slamming Bravo, Andy Cohen, and even former friend Wendy Williams. 

Now, in an interview on the Tamron Hall Show, Leakes continues to unpack her grievance.

Tearful, she claims unfair treatment and intimates that she just wants equal parity with ladies from other ‘Housewives’ franchises. Yet, when asked squarely if she wants to return to RHOA, her response is baffling – in light of what she says she’s lobbying for.

See what we mean below…

In the clip above, Tamron asks Leakes:

“NeNe, you didn’t know I could see you in the commercial break. You’ve been crying this entire break. ..You said you want to meet potentially with the folks over at Bravo behind the scenes if you think that something can be worked out. These allegations, again, very serious. Discrimination, bullying. What is there to be worked out? What do you want from them?”

To which Leakes responds:

“…I can’t tell you everything that I want from them but I can tell you that I want fair treatment. I deserve fair treatment. I haven’t done anything that no one else has done there, or haven’t done even worse….so, I don’t deserve this treatment. I’m as confused as you are.”

On whether or not the Real Housewives star wants to be back on the show:

“No, I do not.”


This is growing more embarrassing by the day.

It goes without saying that Ms. Leakes is a foundational figure when it comes to putting the ‘Housewives’ franchise on the map. That much is indisputable.


That does not come with lifetime privileges.

As an ensemble show, she’s tasked with proving her worth each and every season. From being present, to meshing with her castmates, to making for an entertaining watch.

And yet, Nene has flopped on each front over the last few instalments of ‘Housewives.’

Put simply, she’s been insufferable.

From walking off key scenes, ditching fun shade for gutter-level drags, to scuffling with production, she’s been…off. And that’s not the fault of anyone but…her.

Disparities in the media sphere shouldn’t be minimized, but the messenger matters. So, we can’t see Nene soliciting much sympathy.

From our vantage point, she’d be best served laying low, exploring new ventures, giving Housewives a breather. Because, who knows, a break and building her stock back up, might be the perfect sequence of events to lead to a comeback.

At the moment though, she seems intent on burning bridges to ash.


Your thoughts?

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  1. Nicky October 2, 2020


    This will be Camicky Cabelly when Normani will be the only one talked about in 5 H for years to come

  2. 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭( ay siiiii!!! Papi) October 2, 2020

    Nene is f*******’s role model 💅🏿💅🏿💅🏿 Better Take notes from nene and get all the exposure

  3. Shayla Queen 👑 October 2, 2020

    Oh look it’s tutu – tofu bish 🤣🤣🤣

    • 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭( ay siiiii!!! Papi) October 2, 2020

      Ugh…even ur jokes are horrible. Keep trying ho. 💁🏼‍♀️

      • 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭( ay siiiii!!! Papi) October 2, 2020

        Bye miss jynx I love the joke. Get yo fish brain a check💅🏿💅🏿💅🏿 Damn why does every granny is so hard to please??? U take yo pills 👵🏿👵🏿👵🏿

  4. JUST SAYING October 2, 2020

    TAMARA was like what do you want from them? Especially after calling your boss a coke head lol

    • Shabba Ranks October 2, 2020

      She called Wendy that- not Andy.

  5. Your Name October 2, 2020

    Cry me a River Nene. Stop pointing fingers and be a f****** grown up for once!!! These alligator tears don’t mean s*** to Bravo. You obviously got too big for your britches and thought you weren’t disposable. Well I’ve got news for you honey. YOU ARE. Bye wig.

    • Shayla Queen 👑 October 2, 2020

      Stop pointing fingers and be a f****** grown up for once!!! 💅🏽💋😂

    • 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭( ay siiiii!!! Papi) October 2, 2020

      Your name is only fop, trashy bish…. exposed again 🤡🤡🤡🤡 they all run by one person, it’s jasmine.

  6. Shayla Queen 👑 October 2, 2020

    flavorless soggy tofu bish

  7. MsMay October 2, 2020


    You want to be on that show


  8. PB October 2, 2020

    I’m so confused why Nene is being made the villain. You all talk like the women on this show are angels. Kenya has tried to break up marriages and actively disparaged cast mates businesses, Porsha has assaulted multiple people (Kenya, Cynthia, Her former assistant) along with falsely accusing Kandi of trying to drug and r*** her. Marlo has made fun of Kenya’s broken relationship with her mother among many other things, Kim has racially spoken on the homes of multiple cast mates while being boring as HELL and gotten seasons and seasons of spin offs. Nene has done nothing of the caliber these other ladies have done and when she dragged the production crew they crossed an agreed upon boundary in her home for a reaction and got exactly what they wanted. Why is Nene being held to a different standard? She has gone out of her way to mesh with people who have done her wrongs including Andy punishing her for not licking his boots and demanding more where more is deserved. You don’t keep “boring people around for 13 seasons of being shady for your ratings then create an imaginary line they’ve crossed when you don’t want to give them proper air time and proper pay for the many years she’s helped keep your show alive. Black women of a certain age are always treated poorly by these television networks and it said to see a lot you n!gg3rs trying to justify them ESPECIALLY you all TGJ.

    • Your Name October 2, 2020

      It has nothing to do with the SHOW. She was let go because of her antics behind the scenes. NONE of the other women assaulted production staff or publicly slandered Andy or Bravos names. I can’t think of any housewife on ANY franchise who exhibited the toxic behavior Nene has. It’s a business at the end of the day. They don’t have to deal with her if they don’t choose too. Technically they coulda gotten rid of her seasons ago.

    • Your Name October 2, 2020

      O….And by the way bye Nene, we know it’s you lmao

  9. Erica October 2, 2020

    I agree TGJ

  10. Misty Knight October 2, 2020

    When you call your boss a racist, you ain’t coming back.

    When you play out your negotiation in public, you ain’t coming back.

    When your acting career flops, you better play nice…

  11. Gigi October 2, 2020

    She is a joke. By Moose

  12. HAHA October 2, 2020

    FCK her. Look at her. Her skin is getting lighter by the week. She’s ashamed of being black

  13. Only Facts October 2, 2020

    Girl, go out with dignity. You’re showing the entire world that you had nothing going on except for being on RHOA. Do you think all of this crying is going to make bravo be like “wow, you know, we really need to bring her back on the show so she can just cry about how mean we are.”

    We’re OVER you! YOU DON’T HAVE A STORYLINE! Your storyline was being ON the show, that’s all. Go back to the pole. You’re not a victim and you’re not getting anyone’s sympathy. Especially after your disgusting remark about lymphedema. You BEAST!

  14. Bravo!! October 2, 2020

    Nene is pressed and stressed because no one calling her about another gig. Because if she wasn’t stressed she wouldn’t be reading the kids as much. She would be onto the gig without reading until her next gig premieres. Then read Andy and Wendy after your new venture.

    • Holliewuudd October 2, 2020

      Nene was an employees. Employees go from active to inactive all the time. I know it hurts but she’s got to move on and leave her emotions about this out of the public eye. This screams similarities to the Monique/Netflix situation that dragged on until infinity. MOOOOVE OOOOOON

      • Holliewuudd October 2, 2020

        AND she said she doesn’t even want to go back ( which i don’t believe) but if that is the case the WHAT DO YOU WANT? Why continue to talk about it if you don’t plan on returning? Whats the motive?

  15. Christopher Gomes October 2, 2020

    Girl Bye – She is a grown child..

  16. pick me pick me October 2, 2020

    nene- girl your time is all the way up with reality tv miss thang. Its time to start your next moves. Maybe write another book, take some acting classes, maybe get into live theather or try going after hosting gigs. the kardashians are over now boo, something needs to fill that void. tyler has his new studios too! gurl- plenty of windows are opening left right for you. let go of the reality & ratchetness, grow and move forward. YOU GOT THIS

  17. Happy+n+Rich October 2, 2020

    What if Nene’s release was not punitive?

    Last season, she had no storyline, and no one cared about her apology tour. She’s simply reached the end of the road with many of the ladies on the show.

    They’ve been trying to freshen up the cast for years, but unsuccessfully. For the survival of the show, they can’t keep the same ladies keeping up the same arguments and beefs.

    Nene’s b*** hurt over her interpretation of the facts of her situation, which may not be the facts of her situation at all. Bravo is cleaning house across its franchises, and I think another heavyweight will leave Atlanta next year.

  18. AJ October 2, 2020

    Basically she cried wolf. Compared herself to an innocent black woman being gunned down by law enforcement and then still didn’t get no sympathy. Now she is rolling out the crocodile tears. Chile… no one buying this s***. If she has so much coin coming in, why is she worried about this “little show”. Too much ego and entitlement.

  19. Tommy October 3, 2020

    Nene was treated very unfair and deserved to be honored in an exit and not disgraced

  20. ImportantThings October 4, 2020

    😴Is everyone registered to vote???

  21. Jay October 5, 2020

    I think she needs to bow out gracefully n have a little dignity about yourself. Please just stop fussing over nothing. It’s over so thank God for allowing you the opportunity to get wealth or riches. Nothing last forever, yes she was the star of the show, but stars comes n goes all the time n unfortunately her time is up , so move forward. Besides I got tired of her complaining or bragging on who’s the riches. See the love of fame n money will drive some peoples insane n Nene act as if she’s loosing it. Also if someone told her to fake cry that’s not working their is no tears so stop it !

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