Kevin Hart Hits Out At Claims That “He’s Not Funny”

Published: Tuesday 15th Jun 2021 by Sam

Kevin Hart has a message for his critics.

Specifically, those who bemoan his comedic skill set.

Full story below…

Taking to Twitter, the star offered up the following when addressing his detractors:

“The “He’s not funny” slander is the best….this is for you. I have 3 stand up comedy specials that fall in the top 10 highest grossing comedy specials of all time….2 of my specials are in the top 3 of all time.”



We’re not quite sure what prompted the defiant/defensive stance. But the reality is that his outburst is unlikely to make those who find him unfunny change their stance. Similarly, their words aren’t likely to impact his clearly thriving career. It is what it is, ay.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Shayla Queen™ 👑 OFTEN IMITATED, NEVER DUPLICATED 🔥🔥🔥🔥 YAAAAAAAS 🤳🏽 June 15, 2021

    You’re not funny and you’re homophobic 💯

    • BoyBye2.0 June 17, 2021

      No lies told!!

  2. K’man June 15, 2021

    IMO he is not funny! He funny to those how are not the brightest.

    • akathexfactor June 16, 2021

      Lol 💯

  3. DioraCouture June 15, 2021

    so what he has the 3 top anything shows… that doesn’t make him “funny” per se

    Britney spears sold millions of albums, and to me her voice is not anything to write home about….

    So it doesn’t make him FUNNY… like, for example: i tried watching his “no f*ks given” special, and didn’t laugh ONCE…not even a smile….but i’m sure that my viewing of the show got him a point up….so it may have rated high….but it doesn’t mean it was funny

    • Munchie June 16, 2021

      Facts. He’s definitely not funny in my opinion

  4. Delonjo June 15, 2021

    Yes, and Taylor Swift is one of the best selling artists of all time with the critical acclaim to prove it but she’d be stupid to ever claim to be the best at anything.

  5. Hmmm… June 15, 2021

    What did that have to with him being funny? If people try to prove they’re talented by doing anything other than showing off that talent, then they’re not talented. If I tell you that you can’t sing, and instead of singing you tell me how rich and popular you are, then I’m right.

  6. Ugh! June 15, 2021

    Every “friend” he has (besides other famous people) is probably on his payroll to act like he’s the best and funniest person in the world. You can tell from his energy and incessant whining that he only surrounds himself with yes men and lackeys because his ego can’t handle anything else.

    • Shayla Queen™ 👑 OFTEN IMITATED, NEVER DUPLICATED 🔥🔥🔥🔥 YAAAAAAAS 🤳🏽 June 15, 2021


  7. 😉 June 15, 2021

    He’s not funny. I think the whytes love him because he’s short, black and loud and willing to do whatever it takes to make them laugh.

  8. eric June 15, 2021

    I think he’s trying to drum up some attention. To me he’s funny sometimes and other times not, but none of these younger guys are more talented than Sinbad. If you go to a Sinbad show, half of it is scripted and the other half he will take absolutely anything you throw at him and make a series of jokes out of it and then go back and tie it into something he said an hour earlier. No show is the same with Sinbad, and to me that’s what really makes a comedian. Kevin doesn’t fit that description in my book.

  9. J June 15, 2021

    I’ve never got the hype lol

  10. Diabetes UNBOTHERED June 15, 2021

    Kevin Hart USED to be funny. I’ll never forget his “BUM HANDS” joke.😂

    But After he became Hollywood and more well known by most demographics he stopped being funny or even interesting

  11. Ace Blanks June 15, 2021

    See for me I’ve always had a unique view on how I felt about him. I was introduced to him as an actor first in “Soul Plane” so I’ve always appreciated most of his movies and thought he was funny when working with other actors. HOWEVER for some reason I could never get into his comedy shows or specials. The last time I remember really enjoying him was when he came to my college in 2009 for homecoming. I definitely remember being WEAKKKK with laughter but I don’t know if the live aspect is what made me enjoy it more. However never could get into any stand up show after that 🤷🏾‍♂️ All the jokes felt a little to try hard. I would only think like 25% was funny and find my mind leaving the rest. He just was never a Katt Williams or Sommore to me. Now those two keep putting out specials and ALWAYS have me hurt from laughing so hard!!! I still f*** with him as an actor but not here for the stand up!

  12. IJS June 15, 2021

    Being funny and being popular are two different things. Good marketing call sell water to a well, so the high grossing specials mean nothing. He is not funny.

  13. Detruth June 16, 2021

    I don’t think he is unfunny but I think he is overrated. He isn’t as raw as alot of black comedians so he is safer for white audiences. He has crossover appeal. He reminds me of Nicki Minaj who also can’t take criticism well and resorts to “well my record sales” or “well my performance on billboard” when most times that has nothing to do with the topic. Stay on subject! Just like other comments used Britney and Taylor as examples those are great comparisons because neither 1 of them are great vocally however they have sold more records than alot of talented singer’s so that doesn’t equate to being the best.

    • Yo June 16, 2021

      So Like Janet then

      • Detruth June 16, 2021

        Yes we can throw Janet in there too. She is a very very successful singer although she doesn’t really have pipes like that.

  14. Jay June 16, 2021

    Kevin Hart was funny when he was
    broke and pre famous.

    As soon as the money came and the fame, he sure became stale.

  15. Slick June 16, 2021

    S*** still doesn’t mean he’s funny. He’s not. He is successful and that is true.

  16. Howard Duck February 7, 2022

    It’s funny he refers to valid criticism as slander since it is true he isn’t funny and slander implies an untruth. Poor little kevin–I’ll bet since he can’t tell a joke he probably can’t take a joke either. Maybe the most overrated pseudo-comedian ever?

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