It’s Over…Again! Kenya Moore Files for Divorce from Marc Daly

Published: Tuesday 10th Aug 2021 by Sam

It looks like it’s once again curtains for Kenya Moore‘s marriage to Marc Daly.

Full story below…

Viewers of the ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ have seen Moore and the restaurateur’s relationship rollercoaster play out on the hit Bravo show.

For, what began as a whirlwind romance has transformed into a firestorm. One defined by countless break-ups and cross-State legal wrangling.

Daly notably filed for divorce – during what appeared to be a reconciliation window – last year. And despite said action took place just a day before Moore’s 50th birthday, she went on to claim they were “working” on their relationship at the show’s reunion, and the divorce action was “withdrawn.”

Now, according to Radar, Moore has filed for divorce and did so in May of this year.

Per the petition, the former Miss USA cites the date of marriage as June 10 2017. The date of separation is listed as September 19 2019 and she adds that they’ve lived in a “bonafide state of separation since that date.” Their marriage is described as “irretrievably broken.” 

Moore is angling for sole physical and legal custody of their daughter Brooklyn Daly.

Daly replied to her petition in June and it appears he’s coming full force.

Because, while his main custody contention is his desire for joint physical custody, it’s the division of assets that raises eyebrows.

Despite residing in New York, he’s citing Moore’s Atlanta mansion as the couple’s “marital home” and is asking for “equitable division of the parties’ marital residence.” Daly reportedly also wants his ex to pay his legal fees in the proceedings too.

The case is pending.

Suffice to say, season 14 of the RHOA ought to be unmissable if this forms a major part of Moore’s story arc – which surely it has to, right? In any case, what are…

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  1. Truth August 10, 2021

    We all know goodness and well via the show, that house ain’t no marital house

    Ms Marc Daily was never in it nor had parts in building it. She was never a real husband

  2. Dirty Albz August 10, 2021

    As much as I dislike some of her antics, it’s so sad to see this man take advantage of her. Her early life is filled with so much trauma of being unwanted, that it seems she’s holding on to this marriage for dear life. I hope she get’s rid of this man and his toxicity.

    • akathexfactor August 11, 2021


  3. KeyLoLo August 10, 2021

    Lol it’s funny to me 🤷 IDGAF this whole thing is funny…I don’t care what Marcquetta get or don’t get when this is all said and done that’s irrelevant to me but what is relevant is how Kenya treated ALL her previous men the way she tried to dog them out, make them cater to her and then when it was all over she dragged ALL their names through the mud. She met her match w Marcquetta. He dogged her badly and cold and honestly she deserved it bc the way she treats people. I am glad she finally opened her big eyes though…but let this be a lesson Skenya there will always be someone “badder” than you..those “reads” you be giving to people can’t save you bc who really thought they had somebody was you…now you can’t make fun of anyone who has gotten a divorce bc now what you say will apply to you as well. Case closed! Bye Skenya! Bye Marcquetta

    • akathexfactor August 11, 2021

      Shut yo dumbass up!

  4. M.D August 10, 2021

    She should pay spousal and child support in addition to giving Marc half of the proceeds from the sale of the martial home…😅

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