Snoop Dogg Slams #EMMYs for Lack of Racial Diversity: ‘F*ck These Bullsh*t Award Shows’

Published: Wednesday 22nd Sep 2021 by Rashad

Snoop Dogg joins the chorus of detractors slamming the Television Academy for the lack of racial diversity among the winners of EMMYs this week.

See how inside:


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Boasting its most diverse roster of nominees ever (including nearly 50 BIPOC in the acting categories alone), the award show’s 73rd annual edition aired Sunday (September 19) with many viewers tuning in with hopes of seeing history made for people of color, people of trans experience, and more. Despite 44 percent of overall nominees being people of color, what viewers got was a peek at only White actors taking home trophies in all of the 12 major acting categories (lead or supporting).

Prompting the explosive Twitter hashtag #EMMYsSoWhite in response, the conversation continues days after the award show upset – as evidenced by Dogg’s latest Instagram rant.  Sharing a photo of the list of this year’s EMMY nominees of color, Snoop (born Calvin Broadus Jr.) captioned the pic with:

“Then U wonder why I say f*ck all these bullsh*t ass award shows they not for us Emmy these nuts in ya mouth.”


As of time reported, no reps from the Television Academy have addressed the commentary from Broadus or other critics.

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  1. marilyn monh-O-E (Da Real DIVA 👠) September 22, 2021

    Respect! I know my king Lion has a 14 inch donkey d I ck and jumbo nuts 💅🏿

  2. What would Whitney do September 22, 2021

    they need to stop laying a guilt trip on white people. When blacks don’t support each other

  3. Dc September 22, 2021

    Remember Oscar so white years ago now ff to this black people will be back next year happy they nominated and will go to the award shows and sit there hoping they win if these awards don’t matter then why they all go this year ????

    • J September 22, 2021

      Do you know what punctuation is?

  4. J September 22, 2021

    This happens almost every year. You will not be awarded as a minority for your work unless you die or humiliate yourself on film.

    Some get lucky, but most have to take a role that is humiliating or casts us in a negative light.

    Anyway, it shouldn’t take Snoop Dogg to have to say this.

    • Wwwd September 22, 2021

      Just like Jay-Z said man you was who you was before you got here…

  5. Deirdre September 22, 2021

    Who cares!!! Black celebs wanna be a part of the “Hollywood” crowd so bad. It ain’t happening! Not now, not ever. Don’t be fooled by their performative antics. They don’t care about you, and they don’t want you in their circles. Maybe if Black celebrities supported their OWN instead of pandering to whites they wouldn’t be so bothered. Academy Award winning Regina King recently said something negative about Black award shows. I’ll never look at her the same.

  6. BillionareRiRi September 22, 2021

    Why does anyone care what a drug-addled convicted felon has to say?

    • Fancy BISH (Back To The Future 🤣) 👊🏽💎💋 September 22, 2021

      They care because 88% of black Americans are drug-addled convicted felons.

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