TV Trailer: ‘Real Housewives Of Potomac’ [Season 6 / Episode 13]

Published: Monday 27th Sep 2021 by Sam

The ‘Real Housewives Of Potomac’ are back!

Gone are the days where the Madams of Maryland squabbled over etiquette. Because in the show’s sixth season, the drama escalates to new levels.

‘Potomac’ staples Gizelle Bryant, Karen Huger, Candiace Dillard, Ashley Darby, Robyn Dixon, and Wendy Osefo are all back in the mix.

Newcomer Mia Thornton joins the ladies as a main-cast member too and she shakes things up literally and figuratively.

With the twists and turns already underway, check out a preview of episode 13 of season 6 below…

The RHOP airs Sunday nights at 9pm on Bravo.

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  1. Farrah’s Luggage (8k Camila) September 27, 2021

    Andy, PLEASE get rid of Candiace (aka CANTdance). We the audience are sick of her provoking people and then playing the victim. Calling a recovering addict “low budget”? Calling a mother who just gave birth to a baby “wide bodied”?? She is just an insecure gutter rat that happens to have a trust fund. We don’t like her or her music. The ratings will continue to drop until she’s gone. #Goodbye

    • Shayla Queen™ 👑 September 27, 2021

      1) Stop talking for EVERYONE
      2) You’re talking about yourself as you say a whole lot worse about people
      3) No one gives a flying fûçk about your waster opinion

      • Farrahs Luggage (8k Camila) September 27, 2021

        Here you are following everything I post again. You’re so obsessed. I love that you thought I was a gay man 😂 You’re so mentally unwell. Any further comments you leave will be ignored. Enjoy love

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 September 27, 2021

        Like everyone ignores your’s. That’s why the above comment stands. You do not speak for everyone, you’re racist and misogynistic.

      • Special K September 27, 2021

        I totally agree w/Farah 100 proc Im glad somebody finally said it CANT dance or sing they will label anybody with the right funds and auto tunes Bravo allows Candice to bully and provoke these women Dorothy can handle herself she seem to like speaking w/Mia wat it is Candice jealous lets vote Wendy fake b/c she talked all tht smack about Monique attitude wen somebody gone correct Candice thy NOT b/c she a bully that knows how to play victim we now see Candice the one tht needs to exit left but We just gone wait on the next fight wen thy drag that tired LOW budget ponytail and stop comparing this video to anything Beyonce would have this troll nowhere bear that!!!!!

  2. Tres Nacho September 27, 2021

    Trash. Omg!!!! Throwing salad leaves! 😱

  3. dRAKEFORD September 27, 2021


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