Movie Trailer: BET Her’s ‘The Hotline’ [Starring Keri Hilson, Raheem DeVaughn]

Published: Monday 18th Oct 2021 by Rashad

After rocking ratings all throughout 2021 with made-for-TV movies ‘Don’t Waste Your Pretty’ and ‘Lust’ (as we reported here), ‘Pretty Girl Rock’ singer-actress Keri Hilson is looking to continue her hot streak with ‘The Hotline.’

With an October 23 premiere date locked just in time before the close of Domestic Violence Awareness Month 2021, the BET Her film sees the GRAMMY nominee portray a popular singer whose success comes at the price of being trapped “in a high profile, abusive relationship with her producer-boyfriend.”

Starring fellow GRAMMY nominee Raheem DeVaughn, the Caralene R.-directed movie’s cast is filled out with familiar faces like Brian Mikhale, Perri’Camper, Victoria Njideka, and more.

See its trailer inside:


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  1. eric October 18, 2021

    My guess is Keri’s doing these movies to rebuild her likability factor before turning back to music.

  2. Clarks0o00ñ October 19, 2021

    Keri is doing these straight to TV B-movies cause she needs the money.
    These are the only gigs that are coming her way.
    Shes never gonna have success in music ever again. her time has passed sadly

    This is a smart business move tho.
    Being the queen of B-rated TV movies is a good paying gig. It’s a steady income and its stress free. Shooting lasts few days and u get ur pay check.

    If normani had a functioning brain, this is what she should do cause her music career is NEVER gonna happen. but normani is a dumbàss, she wants what Camila has but she will never get it.

    • Credits October 19, 2021

      I bet she still collects major royalties for her songwriting credits. I wouldn’t doubt that ‘the way I are’ still pays all her bills. Hence why I think she’s doing these movies because she has a passion for it.

      Keri if you are reading this, I miss your presence in music, come back!!

      • King Judas October 19, 2021

        wow i feel the same way!

      • Clarks0o00ñ October 19, 2021

        How many number 1 songs did she write? Zero

        So what songwriting royalty are u talking about?
        All Those yearly royalties all added up wouldn’t reach up to 50k.

        She is doing these movies cause she needs the money, acting can also be a passion of hers tho, but the main reason is the money.

        She doesn’t have a rich husband like ciara to fall back on.

    • J October 19, 2021

      Normani has writing and Producer credits on Wild Side

      The constant bashing is f****** sick and ridiculous, every single post

      • Clarks0o00ñ October 19, 2021

        Ok and?
        As if wild side was a

        Charted in only 5 countries overseas
        Still stuck at 44 million streams

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