New Video: Brandy, Eve, Naturi, & Nadine – ‘Nasty Girl’ [from ABC’s ‘Queens’]

Published: Saturday 2nd Oct 2021 by Rashad

If our appetite for ABC’s forthcoming musical drama ‘Queens’ hadn’t already reached a royal pitch, the first music video lifted from the venture has certainly gotten the job done.

Ahead of the show’s October 19 premiere, its stars Eve, Brandy, Naturi Naughton, and Nadine Velazquez have unleashed its first single, ‘Nasty Girl.’

Taking to Miami to film the Tim Story-directed music video, the quartet of leading ladies trade fiery verses about why they’re the baddest – each dropping a set of believable bars that had us on the edge of our seat.

You’ll see exactly what we mean inside:

The ladies spoke glowingly about their forthcoming ABC series.

“As artists who came up in the ’90s, ‘Nasty Girl’ is our love letter to the groundbreaking music and hip-hop culture of the era,” Eve, Brandy, Naughton, and Velazquez said in a joint statement. “Filming the music video on a yacht in Miami, with the champagne flowing and pyrotechnics blasting, stirred up a sense of nostalgia and pride in how far we have come as artists. To still be in the game today and supporting each other along the way is what our show Queens is all about.”

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  1. marilyn monh-O-E (Da Real DIVA 👠) October 2, 2021

    Reminds me of Aliens from toy story 😂🤣😂👑

    • Shayla Queen™ 👑 October 2, 2021

      SCREAMING 🤣 Brandy needs to get those eyes fitted closer.

  2. Shayla Queen™ 👑 October 2, 2021

    Looks as tacky and ghetto trash as Ugghh, Dc, Ashy Luggage and fake Shayla Queen 💋

    • marilyn monh-O-E (Da Real DIVA 👠) October 2, 2021

      Yesss drag those annoying b I t c h esssss💅🏿 And fake Marilyn too. I was like why are they so obsessed with me (Mariah’s voice) 🤳🏻👠👑

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 October 2, 2021

        They can’t sit with us. They better make the Earl Grey for us and get gone 💋

  3. True Tea October 2, 2021

    Nasty Girl? Brandy is definitely not a nasty girl. You made songs like ‘Baby’. I’m not convinced hun.

    • KeyLoLo October 2, 2021

      For real 😂😂…she never even had a proper boyfriend that we know of..I’m all for her being “cute” with her lyrics but Brandy and “nasty” really don’t go together..I don’t picture that for her

      • True Tea October 2, 2021

        Exactly! We love Brandy for not being “Nasty”.

    • Chester October 2, 2021

      It’s called “acting”.

      • True Tea October 2, 2021

        And I get that but I still see Brandy or MO to the…E to the. I don’t recognize gangsta Brandy.

    • Lightskinsking October 2, 2021

      Some. Rapper said brand gay good head

  4. BIGGESTAALIYAHFAN October 2, 2021

    I like it. Very nostalgic of late 90’s and early 2000’s. Can’t wait for the show.

  5. RavenSymone October 2, 2021

    Naturi is so old and fat now. She looks like Harriet Winslow

  6. Navy Gravy October 2, 2021

    It’s the bars for me

  7. Fancy BISH (Back To The Future 🤣) 👊🏽💎💋 October 2, 2021

    The years have not been good to them, yikes!

    • Fancy BISH (Back To The Future 🤣) 👊🏽💎💋 October 3, 2021

      The years haven’t been good to YOU Danny lmaooooooooo 🤣 👀

  8. Anne October 2, 2021

    I still can’t believe this show was green lighted. Don’t see it lasting past season one. I hope Eve didn’t leave “The Talk” for this. I give a lot of shows a try but I just can’t with this one, not even to get a good laugh at how bad it is. On a good note though I’m enjoying “The Wonder Years” reboot and “Our Kind of People.” Hope both make it pass season one…we’ll see. Also glad to know that OWN is picking up “All Rise.”

    • akathexfactor October 3, 2021


  9. Mr RCW October 3, 2021

    I’m excited to see the show. I loved the song…Naturi was super believable

  10. Ijs October 3, 2021

    With the exception of Beandy, their music careers all had short shelf lives, and for good reason. The late 90’s and early to mid 2000’s was a great time. But now it’s time to move on. Each one of these women has grown and flourished outside of music in recent years. No need to ruin it by trying to re-live yesterday. Cancel this mess and let’s try to quickly forget it ever existed.

  11. No chill October 3, 2021

    This would have been a hit with lil kim instead of natauri .

    • Tito October 3, 2021

      Facts 💯it would have made it more believable and the songs would have been more noteworthy especially if she was rapping like old school kim

  12. Are You Kidding Me? October 3, 2021

    Naturi and Brandy DID THAT! How did they overshadow Eve when she’s a rapper by profession? Butter Pecan wasn’t good.

  13. Liam October 3, 2021

    I’m excited for the season now…I love the nostalgic feel of it

  14. Miguel October 4, 2021

    This is fire! They all look so gorgeous!! 😍 This is a great concept for a show. Eve gave me classic EVE 🔥 she’s a multi talented Legend, Naturi gave me Lil’Kim through and through mixed in with a little Yoyo, Nadia did a good job of the group and if Destiny’s Child were rappers she’d definitely be Michelle, and Brandy was phenomenal and beyond talented, we already knew she couple rap, but she gave us a bit extra flavor! 🔥 Brandy is the Queen of the 90s so this makes perfect sense! Brandy knows she stay working and making money!

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