TV Recap: ‘And Just Like That’ Season 1 Episode 9

Published: Thursday 27th Jan 2022 by Ryan

There’s certainly something to be said about transitions. As human we are naturally afraid of change and resistant for what is to come.

But what happens when we are thrust into these changes? Well, sometimes they work out and sometimes they don’t. Such is the way of life and that is exactly what happened on this week’s episode of ‘And Just Like That.’ The transitions and pains of life can be felt through all of the characters.

Join us below as we recap season 1 episode 2 of ‘And Just Like That’…

For Lily, her transition comes in the form of becoming a grown woman as Charlotte teaches her to use tampons for the first time. As for Carrie, she latches on to Big’s wedding ring – and even loses it at one point it at one point, only to be saved by Steve, the show’s savior – which causes her to cancel the date she had planned with Peter.

Speaking of Steve, he latches onto his now broken marriage with Miranda, which keeps him from moving on. Honestly, we just want to hug this man. Andre and Nya still can’t come to an agreement when it comes to having children and it appears to be causing a certain tear in the marriage that cannot be fixed.

Sometimes we embrace transitions when we really shouldn’t be. Case in point, Miranda – who went from one of the original ‘Sex And The City’s most likable characters to one of the most universally disliked. Her infatuation with Che is boarding on near obsession, as she becomes nearly unhinged when Che comments that a traditional relationship is not what they are looking for. Moreover, Miranda’s character arch continues to prove just how far removed the original characters are from themselves, almost becoming mocking imitations.

Then transitions can be more subtle, like Charlotte embracing motherhood and trying to be there for Lily as she learns to use a tampon before having an accident herself. It’s all about being human, none of us are exempt from what life has in store.

While Carrie’s character has been through many phases in the reboot, this is the one redeeming episode for her. Her interaction with Steve perfectly showcases grief in all its forms – Steve for his marriage and Carrie for Big.

What remains to be seen is if this show will be able to redeem itself in a possible season 2. Until then, I will finish my pint of ice cream and embrace the cold, Michigan winter.

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  1. Luxe January 27, 2022

    Who is this post for? So random. White sponsors? I actually watch the show but the demographic you are reaching here DOES NOT.

    I feel like Nicole Ari Parker’s character is being underused and they are forcing that Seema (Indian) character down our throats. Why hire the good sis and not use her? They are too focused on trying to be INCLUSIVE pushing the LGBTQ storylines and giving us just enough color to say oh yeah we got some black cast members.

    I want to see Carrie dating a black man!

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