Breaking: Will Smith PUNCHES Chris Rock Live On Stage at Oscars 2022 After Jada Pinkett Jab

Published: Sunday 27th Mar 2022 by Sam

In shocking scenes at the Oscars 2022, Will Smith just punched Chris Rock live onstage.

Full story below…

The comedian was on hand to present the award for Best Documentary Feature (which eventually went to ‘Summer of Soul’).

However, things took a turn for the worse when Rock made a joke about Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett. He referenced the actress as being able to star in ‘G.I. Jane’ because of her bald ‘do. It’s of note that she recently opened up about having alopecia that caused her hair to fall out.

Upon the funnyman trying to proceed with presenting, Smith the stage and then hit Rock square on his face.

Returning to his seat, Smith, was shown saying: “keep my wife’s name out of your f*cking mouth!”

Watch the shocking scenes:

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  1. jeans March 27, 2022


  2. Camila Cabello March 27, 2022

    Publicity stunt

    • zet back March 27, 2022

      nah, chris wouldnt have been pulling his hands as if to block himself nah

      • True Tea March 27, 2022

        Hun they are professional actors.

    • Xanadu Xavier March 27, 2022

      Naw, that s*** was so real. Did you see Jada’s face she did not like it at all, will was laughing at first, will is p**** whipped, Jada’s got something on him or over his head, that s*** was real real if you know anything about them as a couple their marriage is weird as f***😲😧

  3. Clarks0o00ñ March 27, 2022

    Omg, I thought this was a classy party?
    Its giving 2002 source awards

  4. Hello March 27, 2022

    Trash. From Prince to trash.

  5. Julie March 27, 2022

    Will smith control your temper!! It was a joke!!! How class less can you get!! I hope you don’t get your Oscar !!!!

  6. boston March 27, 2022

    Chris made a comment about the girl will was sitting by, talking about her hair that she recently had to cut do to a disease or something and will didn’t like that much it seems

    • Lindseyjill March 27, 2022

      That is his wife!

      • Gaga’s Meat Dress March 27, 2022

        F his wife. She embarrass her self all the time telling all her wacko business.

      • Xanadu Xavier March 27, 2022

        Yes Jada Smith, they been married for a minute? She is a B, C list actress. I’m not a huge fan she kind of gets on my nerves their marriage is weird as f***!

    • Xanadu Xavier March 27, 2022

      No what were you looking at he specifically said Jada I’ll be looking for a GI Jane 2 said nothing about the girl sitting next to will? LOL

  7. Gaga’s Meat Dress March 27, 2022

    I was already tired of Will and Jada’s bull$hit, now I’m done with both of them. Hope he’s arrested for assaulting Chris.

  8. Sharon March 27, 2022

    Will Smith should have been escorted OUT of the Oscars!!! He does NOT deserve to win anything AND he should feel like crap after his outrageous behavior.

    • T March 28, 2022

      that was a scach people realy think it was real

  9. eric March 27, 2022

    All the jokes and insults made about his wife and kids through the years, including the entanglement, and he chooses this one moment to react? Will didn’t need to do that. Jada has probably struggled with losing her hair and it’s something they take seriously, but that wasn’t the way to handle it.

  10. Your Name March 27, 2022

    Thst was totally classless. You’d think Will Smith, a 30 year veteran would conduct himself better than this.

    • Helen March 27, 2022

      He is a d*****

  11. Chas March 27, 2022

    Ummmm that was fake aF

  12. True Tea March 27, 2022

    1st Oscars so white, now this. It’s clear Will is on their payroll for clicks & views. Still NOT watching the show. The Oscars need the drama or baiting to stay relevant.

    • True Tea March 27, 2022

      Race baiting*

  13. Kim March 27, 2022

    Completely uncalled for, classless act. Take a seat Will

  14. Xanadu Xavier March 27, 2022

    People are so freaking sensitive nowadays damn it was just a joke! Will Smith should be ashamed of himself he made a complete total fool of himself on national live television. He, if he is not regretting it this minute he’s going to be regretting that s*** in the morning. It’s just so sad when you have men grown men and black men on top of that we should be standing together not fighting each other or being violent like that that was just so ridiculous. It’s so embarrassing especially in this day and age, that was the most ridiculous thing to do, Will is going to get his karma for that and so will Jada.

  15. Suel March 27, 2022

    Like we didnt have enough violence already

  16. True Tea March 27, 2022

    This was staged! You don’t randomly punch or attack a famous celebrity & NOT get a reaction from security. That says these events are NOT safe or these celebrities have awful securities.

  17. Mike March 27, 2022

    Chris rock took that cheap shot like a champ .If thats all that crappy actor will Smith has he is a first class p****. Right on Chris, handled the aftermath of that classless act like a real man should . Bravo

  18. Krissy March 27, 2022

    Will Smith is my new hero!

    • Willy March 27, 2022

      I guess you don’t have much expectation in life lol 😂

  19. Slick March 27, 2022

    F*** that. Will just made a statement to everyone. Stop f****** with him. He’s had enough. He’s human. That’s IT.

  20. krys March 27, 2022

    All that fake coment !!! When they always disrespect you when they disrespect your wife/or husband. You will keep control & be dtupid idiot troll like you were . So good Will they will shut up & talk to other sheet .

  21. eddie93 March 27, 2022

    So it’s perfectly ok for Chris Rock took joke about Will Smith’s wife’s appearance on national TV but when Will takes a stand and defends his family he’s the bad guy, he’s the classless act and he needs to take a seat? Maybe Chris Rock is the classless hasbeen who needed to be checked. yall f*** are so used to twitter fights, drama and messiness you seem to not know the actual side to take. Just like NICKI 2018 its a full on hate train with the smiths and i’m not buying it cause I use my brain. yall are dummbb goodnight.

    • Jane March 27, 2022

      You actually don’t. Oscar! A black man punching another black man for the world to see! That’s was a stupid move. Will Smith was wrong end of story.

      • True Tea March 28, 2022

        Yet after all of this…Will still won an award & gave a speech. So clearly these so called classy ppl don’t GAF & neither do I.

        Only social media is bothered. I doubt Chris Rock will press charges or Will be fined since he wasn’t escorted for punching another man.

      • Buchireddy March 28, 2022

        Smith u r wrong friend

    • eric March 28, 2022

      He handled August without getting violent, even after the man rubbed Jada’s infidelity in his face with the “Entanglements” song. So why get violent with Chris and tell him to keep Jada’s name out of his mouth? August had more than Jada’s name in his mouth and he wasn’t hit. Will was wrong. When Regina joked about their marriage earlier in the night, that was the time to defend his family, not when Chris joked about Jada’s head.

  22. Trey March 27, 2022

    Will Smith is the biggest idiot

  23. Agent Orange March 28, 2022

    The Cuck Slap heard round the world! 😂😂😂

    • True Tea March 28, 2022


      And the Oscars allowed Will to remain in the audience. The Oscars is worse than “The Source Awards” cuz they actually banned MFs after they fought.

      And the Ppl who wanna make it about Black on Black… NEWSFLASH Hollywood is Ghetto AF & encourages the f*ckery hence all the awards for WAP & Britney Spears on IG showing ALL her kitty. That’s what Hollywood creates.

  24. Jada March 28, 2022

    It was a slap not a punch

  25. KeyLoLo March 28, 2022

    Will, where was this slapping energy for Tupac and August Alsina?🤔

  26. Yappy March 28, 2022

    Hhhmmm, are you all happy? Now it should be called “Oscars So Classless” right Jada? How pathetic this show was. Herein shines a light on where our society in this country is headed, when Will Smith would get a standing O after resorting to ghetto behavior at what was “Once” a prestigious awards ceremony. Are the Libs happy….? If this is our social consciousness then I feel very sorry for the children.

    • Gworl Bye March 28, 2022

      Blaming the libs. How predictable when it was a group of repubs that attacked the white house and assaulted police on national TV-then were allowed to go home. But oh yeah thats right, only the libs have to deal with accountability.

      • Yappy March 28, 2022

        Well, that would work if I was a Repub…but I’m not….actually an Independent that tells it like it is. The Jan 6th attack was an outrage. Will Smiths thug behavior doesn’t really bode well for all the bitching about wanting a seat at the table. Ok, you got one….and look what you did with it. Typical.

  27. Kenneth Pratt March 28, 2022

    Will Smith and have his Oscar taken away from him. For his bad behavior. I don’t believe Chris Rock meant any harm with what he said. Will Smith being the punk b**** that he is I see now took it that way. He wouldn’t have came up on Shaq like like that

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