Brandy & Whoopi Goldberg-Led ‘Cinderella’ 25th Anniversary Reunion Special A Ratings Winner for ABC

Published: Wednesday 24th Aug 2022 by Rashad

25 years after Brandy and Whitney Houston led a groundbreaking reimagining of ‘Cinderella’ as America’s first Black princess and Fairy Godmother duo, the surviving cast members reunited for ABC’s ‘Cinderella: the Reunion, A Special Edition of 20/20.’

Broadcast Tuesday (August 23), the one-hour special – which aired as part of Disney’s World Princess Week – collected commentary from the 1997 film’s stars Whoopi Goldberg, Bernadette Peters, Jason Alexander, Veanne Cox, Paolo Montalban, Victor Garber, and more while exploring the EMMY-nominated movie’s cultural impact.

What’s more, the network aired ‘Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella’ for the first time in over two decades directly after the special.

The back-to-back television events served as quite the 1-2 punch for ABC, helping it secure some handsome viewership figures during Tuesday night’s primetime ratings race.

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Viewership:  2 Million

For its viewership hour, ABC’s ‘Cinderella’ reunion ranked #2 in viewership and ratings among broadcast networks (CBS, CW, NBC, FOX). Raking in 2.01 million pairs of eyes, the Brandy-led TV event was the night’s most-viewed special program.  Its potency was only underscored by the additional 1.53 million who tuned in to watch the re-airing of the original 1997 ‘Cinderella.’

Among all nonscripted broadcast showings Tuesday night, the TV special’s ratings result was only bested by NBC’s ‘America’s Got Talent’ and ‘Password,’ which scored 6.33 million and 3.97 million viewers respectively.

If you missed the ‘Cinderella: The Reunion’ on August 23 it is now streaming on-demand via Hulu, ABC, and


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  1. Shayla Queen™ 👑 August 25, 2022

    Brandy gonna drop another album before Trenches. Lmaoooooooooo at Monica Stan always bringing up The Boy Is Mine as an achievement for Monica 🤣 What else does she have besides piggy-backing off of Brandy?

    • Jynx August 25, 2022

      Ur obsessed with Monica….

    • Monica Stan August 25, 2022

      Why you so obsessed with me and Monica hoooeeeee💀

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 August 25, 2022

        Because no one else is lmaoooooooooo 🤣

  2. Julz August 25, 2022

    Brandy has so many iconic moments in her career and I think Cinderella is the biggest! I smiled from ear to ear while watching this special. RIP Nippy we miss you SO much! And does Brandy ever age???

    • kevo August 25, 2022

      I couldn’t agree more!!! Legends!!

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