Watch: Sherri Shepherd’s Wig “Falls Off” Live on Daytime Talk Show

Published: Tuesday 30th May 2023 by Sam

Sherri Shepherd tapped into her comedic roots on her daytime talk show today (May 30).

For, while covering the story of preacher Sarah Jakes Roberts‘ wig slip during a powerful sermon, the host/comedienne had a “malfunction” of her own.

Join us after the jump…

Mid-way through covering Roberts’ viral “slip-ation,” Shepherd left the ‘Sherri’ show audience gasping when her own unit slid off (and down her back).

Clearly pre-planned, hilarity still ensued. Check out the fun-filled moment below…

Get into the original video that inspired the segment:


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  1. Ms. Ling Ling (Bangkok my Sawasdee ka) May 30, 2023

    This is hilarious. Only Black women can pull this kind of jokes off. Black gurls magic!
    Ms. Ling Ling has natural beautiful hair, I will ever…

  2. DaAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaa May 30, 2023

    I don’t understand why the audience shocked when she is with her natural hair? What’s so shocking about those braids? And what so shocking about the wig cap? I’m not black and I find it normal.

    • eric May 30, 2023

      Men and women have been wearing wigs since the beginning of time, but I think a lot of us are conditioned to feel like someone with a wig has something they don’t want to be exposed, so there’s a sense of shock and awe when the wig comes off.

  3. FENDI May 30, 2023

    I miss Wendy!

    • yup! May 30, 2023


  4. True Tea May 30, 2023

    Gworl you need to deduct pay from ya hairdresser cause this should NEVER happen. What if you was on a date and ya wig came off? lol

    A mess.

  5. Territorial io May 31, 2023

    LOL. It’s so much fun

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