‘Power Book IV: Force’ to End with Season 3 at STARZ

Published: Friday 14th Jun 2024 by Rashad

Another one bites the dust.

Just a week after the kickoff of the final season of ‘Power Book II: Ghost,’ the first spinoff of STARZ’s wildly popular ‘Power‘ franchise, it’s been confirmed ‘Power Book IV: Force‘ is set to spin its last block on the network’s roster.

Details inside.

According to Joseph Sikora, who stars as the series’ leading and beloved character “Tommy Egan,” the forthcoming third season of ‘Power Book IV’ will conclude the spinoff.

“When [showrunner] Gary Lennon and the other writers and I were mapping out our third season, we saw that we were telling a complete story, and that this was the perfect opportunity to stay true to our artistic vision and make this the final chapter in Tommy’s journey in Chicago,” Joseph shared in a video posted on Instagram. “But don’t worry. Tommy’s journey is far from over with. We’re just getting warmed up, and I can’t wait to show you what we have planned next.”

While he didn’t specify what the next project is, many speculate he is referring to a new prequel show coming to STARZ called ‘Origins‘ that is set to tell the beginning of Ghost and Tommy’s journey into becoming drug lords.

At writing, no tentative premiere date is attached to ‘Origins.’

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