I know some of you have been waiting on this one since the solo version of this track leaked a while back. This song is scheduled to be on Beyonce’s B’Day re-release, due to drop on April 3rd. I’m liking it alot, but I kinda like the solo version better. *Be sure to check back here tomorrow, as the videos for this track and another (rumoured to be Upgrade U) are expected to drop then.*Anyway..check it out:

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What do you think?

VARIETY reports that superstar singer Janet Jackson has been lined up to star in a new Tyler Perry movie (Madea series, Daddy’s Little Girls). The film, titled “Why Did I Get Married”, centres on a couple who go away with friends each winter to examine their marriages in a group setting. One of the wives brings along a sexy young temptress who causes plenty of trouble for the couples. Stars also signed up for the film include Jill Scott and Sharon Leal.
It’s Good to see her doing more films. However, will there still be a tour, if filming starts in March?
What’s up with all these stars repeatedly running in with the law? Busta, Foxy and now Bobby Brown (again). Brown was arrested yesterday for non-payment of child support fines and failing to show up in court. More embarrasingly, he was arrested outside his daughters’ (not Bobbi Kristina) cheerleading competion. Brown, 40, was said to be co-operative and is expected to post bail shortly.
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Main Winners

Best Motion Picture: “The Departed”
Lead Actor: Forest Whitaker, “The Last King of Scotland”
Lead Actress: Helen Mirren, “The Queen”
Supporting Actor: Alan Arkin, “Little Miss Sunshine”
Supporting Actress: Jennifer Hudson, “Dreamgirls”
Directing: Martin Scorsese, “The Departed”
Foreign Language Film: “The Lives of Others,” Germany
Adapted Screenplay: William Monahan, “The Departed”
Original Screenplay: Michael Arndt, “Little Miss Sunshine”
Animated Feature Film: “Happy Feet”
Sound Mixing: “Dreamgirls”

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Dreamgirls Performance= WOAH! These chicks nailed it vocally.

Jennifer Hudson wins Best Supporting Actress

Jennifer (Original Effie) Holliday performs ‘And I Am Telling You’ On E! Pre-Show. You gotta love the facial expressions…priceless. Great performance.


Jennifer Hudson has been named Best Supporting Actress at the Academy Awards. I’m really really happy for this chick as it is well deserved. Hopefully this will be the springboard for greater success in the future.
More Oscar news tomorrow; it’s almost 4.00am over here in London and I gotta get some sleep!
Eddie Murphy and Baby Faces’ Ex Tracy Edmonds

Anika Noni Rose and Jennifer Hudson


Spike Lee
Djimon Hounsou
Forest Whitaker & wife Keisha

The Smiths
Jennifer…No No No…lol…

More as they come….

Hollywood is gearing up for the Academy Awards, taking place later on tonight. Industry critics are tipping Jennifer Hudson to win Best Supporting Actress (she better win!) for her performance in Dreamgirls. Keep it locked on That Grape Juice for Oscar Award updates.

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10 time Grammy winner Beyonce graces the March cover of Pride. The title story has me kinda baffled. I know she’s loaded but $100 Million loaded? I’m not sure about that. Either way she’s making that money so more power to her.
DreamWorks, the makers of the Oscar nominated movie-musical Dreamgirls, has made a public apology to legendary record label Motown; reinterating that the film is ‘work of fiction’. The apology, made this Wednesday, was in response to grumblings by the label that the movie mis-representated their history.
I say Motown, as much as I respect them, need to chill. It’s well-known what goes on in the industry, so trying to convince people otherwise won’t work. Plus the film doesn’t claim to be an exact depiction of how Motown was back then.
Bobby Brown says that he is still “friends” with his soon-to-be ex-wife Whitney Houston.

The ‘I Will Always Love You ‘ singer filed for divorce from Brown in October last year- after 14 years of marriage; however Brown insists that the pair are maintaining a civilised relationship for the sake of their 13-year-old daughter Bobbi Kristina.

He told People Magazine: “We’re trying to work everything out so the divorce goes right – not like a Hollywood divorce. We’re friends, you know. We’re friends.

“We have been close because of who we are together, and what that child (Bobbi Kristina) means to us. She’s the greatest thing in both of our lives. We just appreciate each other now that we know the direction that we both want to go.”

I suppose it’s good that they are being adult about the situation. As bad as it may sound, I think they are better off without each other- so lets hope it stays ‘friends’ and nothing more.
Busta Rhymes must want to go to jail. Having already been to court this week on two other charges, he has been arrested again. The rapper was taken in and charged with driving with a suspended license in the early hours of Thursday morning. Rhymes, real name Trevor Smith, faces up to 15 days in jail if he is convicted.
I just don’t understand the mentality of some people. Does he think he is invincible? Dumb-ass behaviour is what I call it. If he is guilty, then he deserves the jail term and then some more for such foolishness.

Source: Fox News