The NFL’s use and abuse of black bodies hasn’t gone unnoticed by football fans.

One of them being the rapper J.Cole.

His call to action below…


Today’s From The Vault pays homage to an artist currently on the comeback trail. This week’s pick comes courtesy of Fergie – it’s ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry.’

Penned by Fergie and Toby Gad, its production was handled by Black Eyed Peas bandmate It was issued as the fourth single from the singer-rapper’s debut album ‘The Dutchess’ and became her third #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. The track was also a Top 10 hit in most countries in.

‘Big Girls’ is a song about finding the strength to go it alone after a breakup; it was met with universal acclaim for its heartfelt lyrics, the simplicity of its production as well as Fergie’s vocal performance.

Anthony Mandler helmed its video, which featured actor Milo Ventimiglia – who was riding from the success of TV series ‘Heroes’ – as her love interest.

The visual chronicles the story of a couple on the verge of a breakup, because of dubious behaviour from Ventimiglia’s character.

A whole decade after this song, Ms. Ferguson is back with her sophomore solo effort, ‘Double Dutchess.’ Will the project live up to the masses’ expectations? Only time will tell.

If she and her team want a chance at making this comeback a “moment” they better hurry up with the plan. Everything seems a bit confused and muted at the moment. To be fair, they have plenty of material – both audio and video – on the album to bag themselves a chart hit or two. All it takes now is making the right choices.

Anyhow, it’s great to have the Dutchess back.

Your thoughts?

A race-related joke made by Atlantic’s Cardi B has rubbed Azealia Banks the wrong way!

Details below…



Sometimes surprise albums can cause for surprise sales. Just ask Jhene Aiko. 

Full story below…


Toni Braxton has her mojo back!

The legendary R&B diva was at one time mulling retirement, but much to her fans delight she’s decided to soldier on.

Currently on the promotional trail for ‘Deadwood,’ the lead single from ‘Sex & Cigarettes’ (her first solo album in seven years), Braxton is baring all on her comeback.

In a candid sit down with E! News, the 49-year-old revealed why she decided to keep on keeping.

Check it out below…


Ciara and Missy Elliott have a storied history together, having collaborated on smashes such as ‘1,2 Step’ and ‘Lose Control.’

Beyond the recording booth, the ladies  are close friends and have always shown love and respect for one another. Case in point the pic above, when Ci presented Missy with Innovator Award at Billboard Women in Music in 2015.

Now, a new Missy social media post has the C-Squad in a state of excitement.

Find out why below…


Beyonce‘s success as both a singer and an envelope pusher has seen her inspire millions – including her peers.

This week brought with it the release of a project many feel she’s influenced – Fergie‘s ‘Double Dutchess.’

Billed as a “visual experience,” the long-awaited album pairs every song with an accompanying video. A practice Bey has popularised in the modern era.

During a sit-down with Entertainment Tonight, Fergie-Ferg was quizzed about the connection, as well as her rumored stint on American Idol, her split from husband Josh Duhamel, and more.

See what she had to say about all below…


Stevie Wonder is renown for his legendary music as well his unwavering quest to make the world a better place.

The 67-year-old re-affirmed the latter in a major way at the 2017 Global Citizens Festival Saturday night when he took to both knees before performing.

His reasoning? To pray for America, the state of the planet, and the leaders steering it.

The action is significant on many fronts, most especially the fact it comes on the heels of the drama surrounding Colin Kaepernick‘s race protest in the NFL.

Watch Stevie make the boldest of statements below…


Welcome to another edition of Retro Rewind, the TGJ original feature designed to celebrate TV and Film’s glorious past.

Today, we make our way to 2003, the year in which Beyonce propelled her then infant solo career into higher ground with the movie ‘The Fighting Temptations.’

In it, the singer plays a young woman ostracised by her local Christian community when she embraces a sinful, seductive and secular lifestyle but soon finds herself back in the fold following the death of a loved one.

An all star cast supported the performer as she delivered a performance supported by Cuba Gooding Jnr.

Watch below…


Tamar Braxton seems serious about her retirement declaration.

As reported, the R&B singer has christened new album ‘Bluebird Of Happiness’ her “best and last album.”

Many wondered whether she was being truthful or (smartly) drumming up buzz around the set (which arrives via Tamartian Land Records on September 29th).

But during a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, the 40-year-old revealed that she is indeed not playing.

Find out her reasons below…


Rihanna‘s decision to follow in Iman‘s footsteps and combat racism within the beauty industry has seen her cast a colourful shadow over Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian‘s beauty empires.

Brilliant news for the Caribbean icon below…


Developments this week made it clear that Usher‘s herpes scandal isn’t going away anytime soon.

Legal documents uncovered this week fleshed out the shocking allegations made against the singer by two women and one man. All of which claim transfer of the infection or exposure to it.

And yet the star and his team are remaining mum.

His mom, however, has broken her silence.

Jonetta Patton (who also served as Usher’s longtime manager) took to Instagram to air her thoughts on the situation.

Her words await below…


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