‘Dance Again’ diva Jennifer Lopez is going to do just that as reports have it she – alongside fellow judges Ne-Yo, Derek Hough, and hostess Jenna Dewan – will be coming back to NBC for yet another season of the hit reality dance competition, ‘World of Dance.’

The critical and commercial response to the show’s first season (which captured audiences by the millions) was so favorable the network has granted it a season 3 return…ahead of its season 2 premiere!

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This week’s From The Vault comes courtesy of Christina Aguilera and her infectious comeback bid ‘Not Myself Tonight.’

Issued as the lead single from 2010 ill-fated ‘Bionic’ album, ‘Tonight’ was produced by Polow Da Don and penned by Ester Dean alongside Greg Curtis and Jason Perry.

Lyrically, the track saw Xtina ditch the PC for PVC as she veers out of character… for one night

Despite its mixed reviews, the song still managed to peak at #23 in the US, and #12 in the UK.


It’s difficult to divorce the release from the climate it arrived during; one which saw Christina’s popularity polarized while a certain Lady Gaga was becoming a Pop fixture. It  was no surprise then when comparisons started to arise, as both ladies were presenting futuristic themed projects.

And the song’s video only pour fuel on the then-raging flames of debate.

Hype Williams helmed the clip, which immediately drew comparisons to Gaga thanks to its variety of outlandish looks and themes (see: bondage, religion, exhibitionism).

The visual was also critiqued in some corners for “borrowing” from Madonna’s work – specifically the iconic ‘Express Yourself.’ All of which was met with a lukewarm response with the masses judging the clip contrived and try-hard.


For many, it is “this” song that marked the start of Christina’s commercial decline. We say it’s unfortunate as, though not as cutting-edge as ‘Dirrty’ was years prior, it showcased yet another reinvention for Aguilera after the throwback ‘Back To Basics.’ It’s just that the climate not necessarily in her favor; it quite literally overshadowed the rest of the project which houses many a musical gem (hello ‘Woohoo’ and ‘Sex For Breakfast’).

Now, with her ‘Liberation’ near, we sincerely hope Team Xtina will right the wrongs that were made during the ‘Bionic’ and ‘Lotus’ eras respectively.

Clearly this time around the focus seems to be on quality music without necessarily insisting on complicated artistic concepts. Thus far the promo has been on-point; fingers crossed it continues.

For now, though, welcome back, Legend X!

Your thoughts?

Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj are readying two of the year’s most anticipated albums and have joined forces once again for Grande’s.

The songbird’s ‘Sweetener’ is said to set for a July arrival and one song fans have been eager to hear is ‘The Light Is Coming.’

Moments ago, Grande obliged and shared a snippet of of the jam, which she confirmed features her ‘Side To Side’ and ‘Bang Bang’ collaborator.

So, what are you waiting for? Check it out below…


Azealia Banks may have squandered most of her opportunities by talking too much, but that hasn’t stopped her.

And, given her past antics, why would it? Especially given that she’s just dropped a new music video.

Nonetheless, we digress.

With social media weighing in on Kanye West’s recent dramas, Banks joined in. And quickly took a left to share an “interesting” story about her time working on a Rihanna album. A process she says literally saw her starved by the Bajan belle.

Her words below…


Unfortunately, Kenya Moore is said to have been removed from ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s cast despite reports claiming that she was asked to return by the show’s producers.

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‘Charmed’ original fanbase is in two minds about its reboot!

Some love the idea…others hate it.

Today, the ladies who make up its new members have shared their thoughts on the matter…


Kendrick Lamar has been criticised for threatening to pull his music from Spotify after it pulled its playlist support from the likes of R. Kelly and XXXTentacion…both accused of assaulting women and girls.

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Kelly Clarkson sure knows how to keep busy.

For, fresh from hosting and performing at the Billboard Music Awards last week (and wrapping up the current season of The Voice), the songbird took vocal flight today at the Indy 500. 

There, the original American Idol performed the US National Anthem – the ‘Star Spangled Banner.’

Blessed with the uncanny ability to sing any and every thing with poise, precision, and power, Clarkson knocked it out of the park.

Watch her rousing performance after the jump…


Kanye West has almost wilfully drummed up his own dramas over the last few months. However, the latest has to be the furthest from what he’d want with a new album around the corner.

For, his Chicago based youth charity – Donda’s House – has not only disassociated with him publicly, they’ve done so due to him allegedly abandoning the venture. This despite it being named after his late mother Donda West.

A fast developing story, the ca


Tiffany Haddish is learning the hard way about the hoopla that can arise due to the divulgence of secrets.

After causing a commotion with her reports of an unnamed actress biting the face of music superstar Beyonce, now – less than a month ahead of her historic gig as the first Black female hostess of the MTV Movie & TV Awards (click here to read more) – the rising star was greeted with news her ex-husband has filed a defamation lawsuit against her for claims he was abusive.

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As we reported here, Michael B. Jordan is the personification of “dashing” aboard the cover of June 2018’s ‘Essence’ magazine (on newsstands now).

Continuing to ride the wave of buzz drummed up from the historic blockbuster, ‘Black Panther,’ the 31-year-old – who just turned heads via the HBO drama ‘Fahrenheit 451’ –  is undoubtedly hoping those good critical and commercial waves will bring over some residual appreciation for the sequel to his hit boxing film, ‘Creed’ (due in theaters later this year).

With Twitter collectively fanning itself over the heat generated from the star’s uncovered snaps inside the mag’s pages, we’re sure some will be reaching for ice once they cop a gander at the behind-the-scenes footage of the shoot’s creation.

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The net may still be singing his praises after that jaw-dropping Pusha T & Kanye West diss (click here if you missed that), but Drake is moving on to other things. Back to his emo-inspired jams, specifically, the 6 God has dropped ‘I’m Upset.’

“Thankful for the women that I know / Can’t go 50/50 with no ho,” he raps in the chorus of the stinging track.  Ready to hear the latest drop ahead of his new album, ‘Scorpion’?

Look for it inside:


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