It’s been over three years since ‘American Idol’ alum Jordin Sparks blessed fans with official new music, but that all changed over the weekend thanks to the announcement of ‘Real Love’ – her sizzling duet with singer/songwriter Elijah Blake.

Fans of both singers know they are far from strangers.  Beyond contributing his penmanship to the likes of ‘Unhappy’ and ’11:11′ on her last LP, she lent her vocals to the official remix to “Rendezvous” from his latest album, ‘Audiology.’

Now, the two are joining forces again.  Look inside to see what they cooked up:


From The Vault returns this week with yet Pop bop from the beginning of the century. Today’s pick is 2001’s ‘Gone’ by *N’SYNC.

Issued as the second single from the group’s ultimate effort ‘Celebrity’ – which sold 1.8 million copies in its first charting week – ‘Gone’ was written by the band’s breakout star Justin Timberlake.

The guitar-led tune was a sizeable success for the boys, peaking at #11 in the US, topping previous single ‘Pop.’ It was also nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals.

The late Herb Ritts lensed the track’s visual. Monochrome, the clip follows the band as its lead man reminisces on better days of a failed relationship. Beginning and ending like a silent movie, the group – especially JT – are seen giving their best Charlie Chaplin impersonations.

As with most *N’SYNC releases, ‘Gone’ proved an instant smash on MTV TRL. It even garnered a few spins on BET’s 106 & Park, rendering the ensemble the only Caucasian clique to be played on the show.


Regardless of whose name appeared on the cover, we’ve long seen this as Justin Timberlake’s debut solo single. Albeit covertly.

For his media profile was at an all-time high due to his relationship with Pop princess Britney Spears, hence it seemed fairly deliberate to further intensify the spotlight on him within the context of the group. Thus showing the world all the talent that he possessed, all the while serving something completely different to what rival band the Backstreet Boys were delivering (see: cookie cutter Pop). A smart move, both for *N’SYNC as group and JT solo.

On a sidenote: we’re still not over the fact that JC Chasez never properly “happened” after the end of *N’SYNC. It continues to grate that back then bands almost weren’t allowed to have multiple break-out stars. Ironic given that groups such as this clearly contained top-tier talent whose individual success would have easily been a testimony to the potency of the…the group. Thankfully newer ensembles a la Fifth Harmony and One Direction are doing away with this archaic model and launching multiple stars into the stratosphere.

Your thoughts?

Lupita Nyong’o made her way to the ‘Ellen‘ show to discuss her brand new movie ‘US.’

The actress stars in the Jordan Peele picture which follows the tale of a family haunted by “familiar” forces during what they’d hoped would be a relaxing getaway and discussed its story with the talkshow host after treating her audience to an exclusive screening.

There, she also revealed that she had secretly used time off to escape to a retreat where speaking and eye contact is forbidden.

Watch below…


The 2020 Presidential candidate Marianne Williamson has received praise following a stellar interview on ‘The Breakfast Club’.

There, she mapped out plans to rebuild America by encouraging it to examine its past and find exciting ways to build its future by investing in its entrepreneurial spirit.



Watch her fascinating conversation (which addresses her feelings on the two-party system, why she believes America owes African-Americans and why she feels the political establishment is detached from the general public)below….



Jada Pinkett-Smith is a woman with many gifts. Indeed, over the course of her career she’s flexed her acting, musical, and philanthropical muscles.

Her latest venture, ‘Red Table Talk,’ has seen her embrace the chat format in a unique way that has been resonating with audiences worldwide.

So much so that it’s been renewed for a brand new season.

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Beyonce hasn’t released a solo album in three years. However, a new report suggests that’s all about to change later this year.

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This week brought with it the UK release of hit comedy ‘What Men Want.’

Anchored by Taraji P. Henson, the hilarious flick flips gender roles on its head and sees the Golden Globes winner gifted with the ability to hear men’s thoughts.

It’s already found ample success in the US and looks set to extend that trajectory on British shores.

Ahead of the film’s arrival, That Grape Juice hosted an exclusive screening in partnership with Paramount Pictures.

A number of notable names were on hand, including Fleur East, Sugababes star Keisha Buchanan, Remel London, and YouTube sensation Grace Ajilore. Collectively, they were amongst the first in the UK to see the movie everyone’s talking about.

Sky 1’s Jacqueline Shepherd was the host of evening; one which saw guests treated to nibbles courtesy of Crumb Coat UK and Love Nosh.

Attendees were also gifted packed goodie bags, featuring must-haves from the likes of Hotel Chocolat, Palmers UK, Vivid Drinks, Luxemore London, Bloom Perfumery, Emily Crisps, and Great British Biscotti. Invitees were presented with limited edition That Grape Juice headphones too.

All in all, an amazing night was had. Check out a recap below…

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Sam Smith may have recently two-stepped his way to his latest top 20 single, ‘Dancing With a Stranger,’ thanks to help from burgeoning Urban Pop star Normani, but now the Brit-born singer/songwriter says he’s done dancing around the topic of his gender identity.

Taking to the new Instagram interview series, ‘I Weigh’ (led by ‘The Good Place’ actress Jameela Jamil), the Grammy winner revealed that he does not identify with any one gender – a trait common among people who consider themselves “genderqueer and non-binary.”

 “When I saw the nonbinary, genderqueer, and I read into it and I heard these people speaking, I was like, ‘F—, that is me,’” he said. “I’ve always had a bit of a wall between my mind and my body.” – Sam Smith

And, despite wishing to continue being referred to by the pronouns “he” and “him,” the 26-year-old has considered a sex change:

 “I do think like a woman sometimes in my head. I even sit there and question, ‘Do I want a sex change?’ And it’s something I still think about.”

Nearly five years after coming out of the closet, Smith is heating up new discussion around his sexuality and identity with his latest revelation.  Hear it from his lips inside:


Gliding into the Fall with a romantic new tune is Lyrica Garett with…’December Love.’

Perhaps best known for her role in the ‘Love & Hip-Hop’ family, the seasoned singing sensation has been crafting a new album named ‘Ready’ and launched ‘December’ to support it.

A tale of love, friendship and chance encounters below…


Paris Jackson has been hospitalised following an alleged suicide attempt.

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Is Iggy Azalea on the cusp of a comeback?

Early indications suggest so. Because new single ‘Sally Walker’ is off to a fire-fuelled start thanks to its highly viral video.

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Demi Lovato is on the mend after a very close brush with death caused by a drug overdose last July.

Shortly before the incident, the singer opened up about relapsing on the haunting song ‘Sober.’

After battling the demon of addition in rehab, Lovato is not shying away from her struggle. She’s speaking up and out about her experience.

Her words below…