In order to justify the atrocities they meted out to black men, women and children, the human rights violators who powered the slave trade convinced themselves that black people were durable…willing and physically capable of handling the abuse they faced.

Unfortunately, this idea did not die with the trade’s demise and made its way into present day where people of African descent are deemed to be “stronger” or more durable than the white counterparts. The sum of this idea has deadly consequences.

Now find out why Taraji P. Henson hopes to make a change.



Lizzo took her battle with a Los Angeles landlord to social media and delivered a message he’s not likely to forget anytime soon.

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‘Noah’s Arc’ is back!

The cast of the groundbreaking Logo series reunited for a new scripted episode named ‘Noah’s Arc: The ‘Rona Chronicles.’

Broadcast tonight on the YouTube channel of creator Patrik-Ian Polk, the fresh fan-demanded chapter of the series follows the much-loved circle in the here and now as they navigate life, love, and drama amidst the global health crisis.

Featuring cameos from a few familiar faces as well as key cast Darryl Stephens, Jensen Atwood, Rodney Chester, Doug Spearman and Christian Vincent, the 15th anniversary episode of ‘Noah’s Arc’ awaits in full after the jump…


Months after releasing his latest album, ‘Funeral,’ Lil Wayne is eyeing his next project.

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As music’s reigning Queen, Beyonce is no stranger to opinions. Even those of the wacky persuasion.

But the latest – from a congressional candidate named KW Miller – may be the most bizarre yet.

And it has the BeyHive stinging in earnest.

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Sam Smith may have postponed his third album in the wake of the global health crisis, but he’s not vacating the spotlight altogether.

The GRAMMY and Oscar winner has unwrapped the video for his stirring cover of Coldplay’s ‘Fix You.’ 

Stripped back and vocally driven, Smith’s take on the classic is already receiving rave reviews from fans.

Check it out below…


From The Vault takes it all the way to the East Coast today. New York’s very own Mary J. Blige, Method Man and Diddy’s 90s flavored ‘Love @ 1st Sight’ is this week’s pick.

Released in 2003, ‘Sight’ was the very first offering from Mary’s sixth effort ‘Love & Life.’

The project saw the singer reunite with the man responsible for her highly acclaimed two first albums, Diddy – or was it P. Diddy in 2003?

Written by the duo and produced by Mario Winans and Stevie J, the track featured a verse from Rap legend Method Man and was built around a sample of A Tribe Called Quest’s ‘Hot Sex’ released in 1992.

Unfortunately, nostalgia wasn’t enough to turn this gem into the surefire hit was on paper. Still it peaked at #22 on the US Hot 100, #10 on the Hot Hip-Hop/R&B tally, and reached the 18th position of the UK Singles Chart.

Chris Robinson was tapped to craft the music video for the track, which shows Mary taking over the streets of a studio-stationed Brooklyn with her dynamite dancers. Both Diddy and Meth appear… as well as a then-premium iPod as the result of paid-for product placement by Apple.

17 years later, it’s still puzzling as to why this song wasn’t as big as ‘Family Affair’ – released 2 years prior – after all it packed the same punch, played host to great melodies and a fire-filled video to match. Sometimes, it’s just not in the cards, it seems…

Still, the song and album’s trajectory only made Ms. Blige’s subsequent project, ‘The Breakthrough’, even more victorious.

Chart topper or not, ‘Love @ 1st Sight’ was yet another home-run by the Queen of Hip-Hop/Soul, and alongside some of her biggest hits, we still have it on replay in 2020.

Your thoughts?

6ix9ine‘s return from prison has brought with it Billboard hits and an endless array of headlines to match.

And it’s all taken place from the living room of his halfway house.

See, the rapper – who was convicted on charges of racketeering and more – has been on house arrest after being released early due to the global health crisis.

In a reflective post, he opened up about his stack of achievements.

His words below…


Kanye West isn’t the only name in the mix for the US presidency.

For, it appears comedienne Tiffany Haddish is making a bold bid for The White House too.

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Pharrell Williams has been at the helm of many a Billboard bop, but now he’s gearing up to lend his midas touch to the Gospel sphere.

And he’ll be doing so in partnership with Netflix. 

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Kanye West‘s hopes to win the 2020 Presidential election may be stifled by the fact that he missed a number of important deadlines.

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More gains for the Pop prince Jason Derulo.

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