Nelly Furtado Pushes Back ‘The Spirit Indestructible’

Published: Monday 14th May 2012 by Sam

Nelly Furtado may be content to let her new single ‘Big Hoops’ bounce its way into the public arena, yet it seems its housing album ‘The Spirit Indestructible’ requires more crafting, for it has been pushed back globally.

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Originally set for a June 17th release, the LP (Furtado’s first mainstream effort in six years) will now arrive on September 11th.

While most delays spell problems for a project, this looks to be exactly what the comeback dr ordered. For, with ‘Big Hoops’ not  necessarily setting the charts ablaze (despite the favour it’s found critically), it’s clear more time is needed to re-introduce Furtado to the music-buying mass; most of whom were single digit ages when ‘Promiscuous’ and ‘Maneater’ were slaying oh so viciously on the charts. A “mass”, furthermore, who’d view the likes of ‘I’m Like A Bird’ and ‘Turn Off The Lights’ as ancient.

Fans eager to see Furtado in action sooner needn’t fret, though. She’s set to perform at this Sunday’s Billboard Music Awards 2012.

Your thoughts?

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  1. JoArmy&CarrieUnderwoodArmy May 14, 2012

    my god why do artist push back albums?!!!!!!!! Jojo, ashanti, nelly and many more!!!!

  2. JER May 14, 2012

    Nelly Furtado is lucky she was out when Timbaland’s production was hott again in 2006, otherwise g0rl bye no one cares

  3. yeyay May 14, 2012

    She should go ahead and release it in June…Pop radio in the US sucks and Big Hoops is actually banging…Nelly should try to get the Urban/Dance crowd on board first and then try with the Fickle pop audience…it’s 6 years later and why compromise the artistic vision because US Pop radio is in the trashcan…I think Nelly will have a harder time getting the attention 4months from now….just release the CD and if the music is strong enough, an audience will find it…lower the expectations and just put out good music…So Sick of US Pop Radio and how it’s destroying folk’s album and all their hard work….

  4. commanderofthedancefloor May 14, 2012

    the only thing i dont like about big hoops is that it doesnt sound like her original voice on it its kind of squeeky but other than that its banging!! and the song she has with nas is hot also!

    i absolutely hate it when an artist pushes an album back but nothing i can do i just have to be more patient but another three more months feels like too much time to me!!

  5. Failure 03 May 14, 2012

    Smart idea, June is friggin’ crowded and so is July.

  6. David May 15, 2012

    I don’t see y the wait either. Do release dates have significance?

  7. I’m Ready 4Ya May 15, 2012

    Yess Big hoops her voice is annoyin on it but its a banger I listened to it once

  8. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) May 15, 2012

    Good decision. I just hope this is a promotional strategy rather than a label intervention for her to re-record the album and scrap the original tracks like so many artists have to do. If that’s not the case, then I’m glad she pushed it back. She can release the 2nd single in August and promote it at the VMA’s. Besides, ‘Big Hoops’ is a solid urban pop track but not an album launching single. I’m a fan and I wasn’t going to buy the album in the first week if the only indication of its quality was ‘Big Hoops’.

  9. UnderRated Artist Lover May 15, 2012

    Im just so glad some artist like Tank, have faithful supporters in there record labels because Im sure many of you dont even know him but he is on his 5th LP, no major pop singles or anything…but he has quality music and isnt really worried about LP sales as much as he is about reaching out to his fans…I love Ashanti, Jojo, & Nelly Furtado and since they have all broken records & created history, they have to plan their releases very carefully like Monica did w/ New Life it was slated for a Nov/Dec 2011 release and came in Apr 2012..

  10. ENOUGH ONIKA May 15, 2012

    Where’s the single at?? We talking about an album and she ain’t even done the first step and thats get people o care again. I like Nelly and I’m glad she pushed it back cause it would’ve flopped hard. She need to get back in the studio with Timbo and Timberlake and make it drop in the clubs lol

  11. ENOUGH ONIKA May 15, 2012

    @JOARMY&CARRIEUNDERWOODARMY You really want them all to just drop an alum when none of their singles chart and people don’t even know they’re making music again other than certain blog followers? It’d be a waste of an album.

  12. CDs refuse to get released May 15, 2012

    LMAO….. I was happy I had Nelly’s album to look forward to very soon….. while I wait for Christina Aguilera’s new album….. but now…… I have to wait until the autumn for everything…………. and Christina’s such a perfectionist, we might not get her new album in 2012 at all………

    LOL……. oh well

    And Dr. Dre……… I’ve been waiting for a new official studio album from him for more than 1 decade now.

    What a mess. I need so much patience.

  13. Theman May 15, 2012

    Sam you need to stop acting like everyone caters to the itunes crowd. Alot of them mainly purchase singles. Nell yreaches many different deographics. She’s an amazing artist. Perhaps she’s just trying to get everything set up properly.

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