New Song: Conor Maynard & Rita Ora – ‘Better Than You’

Published: Tuesday 7th Aug 2012 by Sam

Two of the Britain’s biggest breakout stars Rita Ora and Conor Maynard bring their movements together for anthemic number ‘Better Than You’.

Featured Maynard’s chart-topping debut ‘Contrast’, the track serves as a potent reminder as to why these two are poised for major success.

Take a listen below…

Rita’s runs are everything! Solid track.

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  1. YellowBone August 7, 2012

    Me no likey!!! Not a fan of Conor and def not of Rita. It’s funny cause I’m really trying to like her cause of my girl Beyonce but I really can’t get into her.
    Rihanna on the other hand (sorry to bring her up) sold me at when she said; “I’ll make em turn it up” lol. *shrugs* I dunno, Rita is boring BUT I wish her all the best.

    • Realist : Navy-Nazi August 7, 2012

      @LAX do you seriously need to comment multiple times. you’re so f****** annoying and this is coming from a rihanna stan. you’re so f****** bitter. let Rita do her and let rihanna do her. i don’t see why you always have to bat each of them together. like grow the f*** up and get a life.

  2. JOANNE August 7, 2012

    I actually liked this. Its HOT.

  3. LOL August 7, 2012

    and here comes the rihanna stans with the “I dont like it” etc……………….lol like seriously if you guys really like this song dont be afraid to say it. Your not gonna cheat on your girl. Im so tired of reading every post on rita and the navys commenting all over it and saying how much they HATE her. Yall need to chill. Im not even a rita stan but the more hate she gets the more I actually am starting to like her. She can actually sing good live.

    • YellowBone August 7, 2012

      uhhhhhhm I’m actually a Beyonce fan. I just like Rihanna….

  4. LOL August 7, 2012

    Rita girl, just because of all the hate your getting I am gonna actually give your album a listen when it comes out and might even consider buying depending on how it is.

  5. ENOUGH OF NO LOVE August 7, 2012

    Damn I surprising like this. Child I was scared when it said ft rita but she actually sounded really good. I love the beat too. Definitely on repeat!

    • Roc August 7, 2012

      Rita always sounds good. TF?

  6. Lax August 7, 2012

    Ritaaaaaaa Says…
    “I admire Rihanna. She works her ass off,” Ora told Complex magazine. “She hasn’t had a break and she has given people hit after hit after hit.
    “That work ethic and discipline is hardcore. That’s the kind of s**t that I want to do. That I will do.”
    Ora recalled an occasion when she greeted Rihanna at a party with a kiss, much to the disbelief of the attendees around them.
    “People were like, ‘What the f**k!’,” she said. “Everyone thought that we hated each other, but the whole thing was created by the media.
    “That’s what’s so funny. She said, ‘Let’s just tweet this and get people mad’.”
    “We made a joke out of it,” she added. “It’s love. Roc Nation is such an incredible, unique team, especially in the music industry. Everyone genuinely loves and cares about each other.”

    I couldn’t agree with her mor spounds great to Me… “There’s Room At The Top”.

    • warren August 7, 2012

      F*** Rihanna this is about Rita’s strong beautiful voice that Rihanna don’t have. So tired of you Rihanna stans always in the mix of downing somebody

    • warren August 7, 2012


      Thanks for the video of Beyonce she really can sing. And F*** You for your comment

      • Lax August 7, 2012

        @Warren you want me don’t ya……lol

  7. WATCH YO’ MOUFF: I LIKE IT GHETTO August 7, 2012


    Plays “Bug a Boo” BETTER!


    TBH, I don’t see it really cute for a newborn singer to say something like “she works her ->ASS<- off"

    • Lax August 7, 2012

      @WATCH YOUR,,,,While i agree with you , and i notice that each time you try with some positivity theres always some wood head with some
      bull shyt. I though you could talk about what ever in the f*** you want to talk about. WARREN is a ass hole, the biggest one today!

  8. KD August 7, 2012

    How some people get record deals is beyond me…actually it isn’t.

    • KayeV August 7, 2012

      i wonder as well ..

  9. mobbin per usual August 7, 2012

    Wow, he sounds EXACTLY LIKE Justine Timberlake!!

    >I knew the no-good music industry was good for cloning folks but damn!! LOL 🙂

    >I think this song will do very well on the Pop Charts! Do it Rita & baby Timberlake.

  10. Lax August 7, 2012

    @WARREN This i was in no way NEGATIVE , U SCUM BAG…..
    warren Replied:
    August 7th, 2012 at 8:36 am
    F*** Rihanna this is about Rita’s strong beautiful voice that Rihanna don’t have. So tired of you Rihanna stans always in the mix of downing somebody
    @warren and f*** yo self scum bag,,,,

  11. Lax August 7, 2012

    @ WARREN Your name calling rihanna like this….
    So tired of you Rihanna stans always in the mix of downing somebody

    Welllll i want yo broke, bitter, pissy ass to know that you speak of downing her i did not down her YO ASS WISHED I WAS,,,and is that all yo ass have got by trying to slander Rihanna’s name. I am sure that if i wanted to i could carefully “Break It Off In Yo Ass” but hey WARREN, SCUM BAG Its not even worth it. I mean after all Rihanna did make it to that number 3 spot of the highest earner under 30, U Scum Bag. See
    there are some things that will stand up in COURT and some things that will not.
    Things that will not stand up in court are the slanderous lies and name calling of RIHANNA do not count that iust words typed by Bitter, scum bags who tries to “Low Rate RIHANNA’ to make themselves feel good! have at it bytches give RIHANNA’S name yo best shot she can handle all of the Bashing she learned long ago too be on top you also have to know how to “Grow A Tough Skin” and RIHANNA have got that down Pat, WARREN YOU SCUM BAGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!

    • warren August 7, 2012

      Keep eating that woman’s p****. Lowlife

      • Lax August 7, 2012

        @WARREN It’s USDA Inspected & Seasoned
        to Perfection!

  12. Roc August 7, 2012

    Rihanna fans are obsessed with Rita like THEY bring her or Ri name on a post of any of them…. Its not a good look they look sad and pathetic…. And clearly threaten especially @LAX dude you have no life lawd

    • Lax August 7, 2012

      @ROC You are wrong my job besides my real job is to
      make it a point to “Ride Yo Ass Like Roy Rogers”
      rode TRIGGERS Ass!

      • RoyRogersYay August 7, 2012

        Hay Lax do you have a job? Oh school is out for the 8th to 9th graders. I’m on lunch now but I see that you are always on site day & night by looking at the times posted. Rihanna PR team need to give you some of that money.

    • Lax August 7, 2012

      Dammmmmmm how i love the party!

  13. KingBey August 7, 2012

    Lmao Rihanna Stans, You Guys Are Making It Seem Like You’re Intimidated With Rita. Rihanna and Rita Like Each Other. Stop Making It A Competition. Its Like Beyonce Vs Kelly All Over Again.

    • Benron (In Rihanna’s panties) August 7, 2012

      Beyonce is ugh…..
      but Kelly is an 80 year old woman with only one top 10….


    • Lax August 7, 2012

      @KINGBEY The first commenter said what they had to say
      and then STILL wishes Rita well, i posted a comment that was stated by Rita, nothing negative at all and YO ASSES STILL GOT SOMETHING TO PULL OUT OF YO ASSES.
      Rihanna nor her navy is threaten by the likes of rita, beyonce are any other artist with their asses pointing toward the ground many might blatant talk about Ritas ass but to me she have not proven jack shyt and the jury is still out THEREFORE what the bey Hive and that grape and Rihanna ‘s many haters are saying isn’t making it rain on rihanna nor her navy!

      • KingBey August 7, 2012

        Its ONLY The Rihanna Stans Talking About Rita , The Rest Either Doesn’t Care Or Doesn’t Like Her. Get The Hell Over Her. And I’ve Stated Before I Love Rihanna AND Beyonce, So Both Of You Illiterate B****** Can Gtfo, And Stop Being Haters. And I Said Nothing Negative About Rihanna.

  14. monstarebel August 7, 2012

    wack!! everything she puts out is wack! that’s why I can’t f**** with her!

    • Lax August 7, 2012


  15. Benron (In Rihanna’s panties) August 7, 2012

    Not everybody who dislikes Rita Ora thinks is a Rihanna stan…..

    About the song. Rita sounds awful, very out of her element. Her voice sounds good on R.I.P and Roc Da Life not How we do and this song.

    As Mob said, Baby timberlake did well.

    • Lax August 7, 2012

      @BENRON cosign let me find something to do with my self
      because the hive and rihannas haters want a fight and i am not up to it right now.

  16. kelly August 7, 2012

    She sounds good on this. She is copying the way black girls use to sing back in the 90’s – the golden era on RNB.

    Why are they trying make Rita Happen? I mean now got all the Kardashians on Twitter begging / screaming to vote Rita Ora for the rolling stone cover – Karmin, dont even seem bothered , because they have have hits in the UK and USA.

    It is becoming desperate and people HATE DESPERATE PEOPLE. Rihanna was never this desperate to make it happen. It is so annoying.

    This Rita Ora thing has been going on, all year. I mean, she is not poppin’ off, so why can’t she just go away? YES! we know you can sing – sing even better than Robyn Fenty, BUT! RITA ORA IS NOT / WILL NOT EVER BE A STAR.

    • KingBey August 7, 2012

      They Said Rihanna Wouldn’t Blow Up, Look At Her Now.

      • kelly August 7, 2012

        No, they did not expect her to be a big star. With Rita, they are touting her like she is the new Michael Jackson and a year since I have heard of her so called take over, she has nothing offer. She cannot even touch jESSIE J.

        Also, you know damm well Rihann 2005 / 6 was not pushed down out throats like this and Pon de replay and SOS were global smash hits. Rita can only dream of a world wide smash hit.

    • Lax August 7, 2012

      Amen Kelly cosign you 10000000000000%!

  17. ENOUGH ONIKA August 7, 2012

    Doesn’t Rita’s album come out this month?? Damn, she is no where to be found on the charts (US that is)…Hopefully she learned a valuable lesson which is not basing your whole campaign on comparisons and constant mention of people you “admire,” and actually focus on your own music and setting yourself apart from your competition.. Another soon to be failed artist by Jay-Z…

  18. Sarah Says August 7, 2012

    I’ve heard this track before. Personally I don’t think he can sing, and I think he sounds nothing like Justin timberlake (as stated by someone else) as for Rita, she sounded okay, but I don’t like the song and don’t think it’s anything great. Connor has some good beats and songs on his Blum but I think his voice spoils most of them. Stardom for him due to the tween market.

  19. Suicide Blonde August 7, 2012

    LMAO!…featuring an anknown kid haha.

  20. Black kupid August 7, 2012

    Good lord ! @Lax i know you are 1 of riri’s major champions & a lot of the navy luv you 4 that, but truth be told half of the tym you come off as a confused fellow. Always puting up dumbass essay. Leave a comment about the song is not such a mighty thing to do ! Is it must you drag rihannas name at every chance u get all in the name that you r stanning for her ?

    • Lax August 7, 2012

      @BLACK i was positive to start with what Rita stated about Rihanna and you can take it which ever way you want to and you, rita and rihanna haters can kiss rita’s wringle red ass for me.

  21. LOLAX August 7, 2012


  22. Black kupid August 7, 2012

    Hello blondie @suicide i think you wuth, Beyfan, rated Xxx (god knows where they ve been) kelly (when she is not in her black girls are constant put down mood) pop royaly, e.t.9 are some of the guys that i enjoy reading their post ( lax included but that is one does day that he seem to ve taken his medications)

    • Suicide Blonde August 7, 2012

      Aww!..thank you.

  23. Black kupid August 7, 2012

    On the issue @ hand ! Seriously i dont think i ve ever seen in the history of. The music industry for a newbie like rita be pushed shoved and promoted this hard. I mean she it poping up at every turn and seem to be making no impact. Her creators seem to be doing more that most to force on the public and nothing is happening. Girl you might wanna try ur hand @ other things

    • kelly August 7, 2012

      You are so right. I have gone back ten years – even the mid 90’s and I cannot think of ANY SINGER WHO HAVE BEEN SO HEAVILY INVESTED AND FORCED / HYPED AT THE NEXT BIG ICON ALA MICHAEL JACKSON, CHER, MADONNA AND NO POP OFF!

    • kelly August 7, 2012

      She even has the kardashian on Twitter forcing us to vote for her to be on the rolling stone cover. Even the other finalist, Karmin, ain’t really pushing it..

      Why are we being forced to accept RITA ORA?

  24. Lax August 7, 2012

    Rita Ora looks like a “Little Old Hard Time Little Midget”…
    and that red lip stick she look like a Clown. Perhaps she’s a ho
    also since you bum bytches say Rihanna is one. Oh well to be a
    ho WITH THE $$$$$$ Rih have got Rita is going to have to be passed
    around a hell of a lot to get that kind of $$$$$$…
    Thanks ahead of time for reminding me that you can paint a Skunk white
    and put gold rings in his ears but at the end of the day “He’s Still A Skunk”.

  25. Lax August 7, 2012

    @ROC It might seem like i am possessed i don’t give a single
    phuck what yo ass thinks i don”t see yo monkey asses having so much to say that is POSITIVE when theres a post on Rihanna but just know that yo ass and rihanna’s haters and the Bey Hive can kiss my red ass ahead of time, bytch…… Keep thinking I am OBSESSED & RIHANNA’S NAVY. You are one to talk when yo ass is defending a “Red Fire Engine” tooth and barrel when the “Little Red Fire Enging” is parked and not going anyplace, it can “Coast” down that Hill to “That Grape Juice” and that is where the Fire Engine have coadted to and it has STOPPED on the side of the street going no place, unless one of Rihanna’s navy drops through to try and help Jump start its ass, pleassssssse!

  26. Jer August 7, 2012

    Who and who?

  27. commanderofthedancefloor August 7, 2012

    do you people even bother to read the other comments before you try to talk. i see two rihanna stans commenting, then i see a bunch of bey stans and a few rita stans one of which posted about 10 times with a different name not knowing that when you post with the same email you get the same pic, i guess he/she really wanted to make it look like rita has alot of fans lol.

    but just because you dont like the song has nothing to do with rihanna, i dont like the song but have said that i like roc da life and facemelt, and also shine your light. so excatly what does being a rihanna stan have to do with it, and the rihanna stans havent really been on this post yet, its the bey and the two or three rita stans on here.

  28. TheMadMaverick August 10, 2012

    F*** them haters. Conor and Rita do a really good job on this song. Much love. If he gets a NO.1 album in US, Navy will probably die of embarrassment.

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