Hot Shots: More From Lil Kim’s ‘New York Fashion Week’

Published: Monday 17th Sep 2012 by David

Before announcing the release of new material during an interview with Fashion News Live, Lil Kim took to Betsey Johnson‘s outing, where she enjoyed the company the Fashion Police’s Kelly Osbourne and the designer herself.

While you’ve seen some snaps from her night here, last night saw the former MAC girl share more pics from the event with fans on Twitter.

Enjoy below…

It’s great to see so many Female Rappers on the rise again.

For, with Missy Elliott‘s return this week and Nicki Minaj’s $12 million a season ‘American Idol’ set up, it’s safe to say 2012 has most certainly been the year of the Femcee.

Here’s hoping Kim is just as successful.

Your thoughts?

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  1. millhouse September 17, 2012

    Atleast her lace front is on point…. Please throw away all ur lacefront with that tacky baby hair…. this wig is much much better… and the first pic is cute

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    • I’m not throwing shade, but… September 17, 2012

      I dont think its a lacefront, I think the front is her hair and the rest is weave. Anyway, she looks decent. Its funny how someones face can change so much from day to day, its like it changes with outfits.

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  2. Rihanna Navy September 17, 2012


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  3. NavyCream September 17, 2012

    What a bloody mess!
    Her face looks like it was pinched by Big Foot himself. She can’t even crack a smile without rupturing a vein and its all because of vanity.
    My gosh, there’s nothing wrong with a little surgery but trying to reconstruct your entire body? No bueno.

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    • truth(the one and only u b****) September 17, 2012


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    • FAF September 17, 2012


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  4. shaun Riley September 17, 2012

    A TAcky beyonce

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    • truth(the one and only u b****) September 17, 2012


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  5. truth(the one and only u b****) September 17, 2012

    Sam i’m really staring to respect and like you!!! you being fairer to Kim than i’ve ever seen…THKANK YOU FOR THIS KIND ARTICLE!!!

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  6. truth(the one and only u funky hor) September 17, 2012

    And she looks STUNNING! WAY TO REP KIMMIE U B****! GET IT HON!

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  7. msteefromdc September 17, 2012

    luv seein my bytch still out in the public eye…whether its good or bad..she still got da haters stalkin and talkin about her every move!

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  8. MC September 17, 2012

    WTF they all look horrible together. Nicki Minaj received $8 Mil Sam, not $12 Mil, but nice try.

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  9. kid2king September 17, 2012

    she is hot!!!

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  10. Mark September 17, 2012

    That top photo looks like a Katy, Nicki and Rihanna rejects.

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  11. Dlux September 17, 2012

    Everytime I see Kim it just upsets me. She looks great but she has always looked great. I just wonder what inside of her made her change her whole self? I understand people who get a nose job, their teeth fixed, breast implants, but a person who changes their WHOLE face? I wonder what she thinks when she sees old pictures of herself circa 1996-2000 the years when she had the most love from her fans, seems like everyone loved her but herself. I really hope Kim gets to a place where she is at inner peace with herself.

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  12. Oh? September 17, 2012

    What baffles me is that people are still making fun of Kim because of her plastic surgery. I’m pretty sure she knows she doesn’t look as good as she did back then, but it’s HER money and it’s HER life, not yours. This is one of the main reasons why Kim changed herself, she didn’t feel good about herself because it’s haters like some of you & others that always brought her down for her appearance. I’m a huge fan of Kim but I’m not about to sit here and act like she never had any self-hate issues going on.

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  13. Fraser September 18, 2012

    Finally, I think tgj is over nicki like everyone, I LOVED Nicki back in the day, now this pop nicki is no good.

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