Hot Shots: 50 Cent Confronts Steve Stoute Over ‘Irrelevancy’ Remarks

Knicks Warriors

Peep these pics of ‘Street King50 Cent, confronting ‘The Tanning of America‘ author Steve Stoute during Friday night’s ‘Knicks’ game.

His problem? Comments made by the former ‘The Black List’ creator during a recent interview with ‘Hot 97‘, where he gave a detailed assessment of the performer’s career.

Upon learning of his remarks, the rapper caught up with the tastemaker at the aforementioned game, snapped by onlookers as he ‘quizzed’ his former boss on his remarks.

This, 14 years after Tout’s position as head of Columbia Records‘ Urban department gave him the power to drop the performer, reportedly pulling the financial plug on his duet with a 19 year old Beyonce.

More snaps below…

Knicks Warriors


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  1. King B Agent (Blue Ivy Brother) March 3, 2014

    50 Cent check that mothafucka

  2. SummertimeSadness March 3, 2014

    He’s upset because he didn’t think anybody had noticed how badly he’s doing. Don’t blame Steve because Gangster Rap is dated and nobody cares about you.

  3. TheTruth March 3, 2014

    So he’s mad at the truth?

  4. HoneyMoonGrande March 3, 2014

    Poor thing, you let them turn you into a walking talking stereotype and now that stereotype is out of fashion you don’t know what to do with yourself and I don’t feel bad for you at all. At the end of the day, you pulled so many shady moves on so many people and now it’s come back to bite you in the ass.

  5. Mary Slay Blige March 3, 2014

    Truth hurts.

  6. Mrs.Brandy Raymond March 3, 2014

    50 just proves why gimmicks don’t last. He willingly played the ‘violent black man’ role to sell records and loved all the money it brought him, but it’s shame on him now because nobody is here for that anymore.

  7. Xoxo March 3, 2014

    Publicity stunt
    And if it’s not, old Nikkas need to be at home with their kiddies homework
    Not beefing like they were drake&chris
    This si whats wrong with black America, you 40yr+ men and women
    acting like fools

    Lupita has not taught them a damn thing… classy
    Whites don’t hate you, you are an embarrassment

  8. NollywoodNina March 3, 2014

    Call the police on him! How dare he?! If you don’t like the state of your career why don’t you do something about it? If I said it once I’ve said it a thousand times, the hood mentality that people 50 take only works in the hood and that is why a man as OLD AS HE IS think it’s appropriate to yell in the face of someone who made a comment about their career.
    Grow up fool.

  9. KissesForKelly March 3, 2014

    Lupita is not the first black woman and black people don’t need Lupita to teach them how to behave Ok? What a stupid thing to say? How about letting your PARENTS teach you how to behave? How rude of you to suggest that black people didn’t know how to behave until Lupita came along? I love her, but she’s not the be all and end all of black people.

  10. CiciFinnaBeABride March 3, 2014

    Old ass fool.

  11. JumpForJill March 3, 2014

    Is it any coincidence that 50 and Future both dated Ciara and are a both hood rats?

  12. OVODasher March 3, 2014

    Send his punk ass to prison.

  13. iconic cici March 3, 2014

    50 is trash. Glad ciara left this LOSER.

  14. Jdek March 3, 2014

    Was he lying though??? Guess some people cannot handle the truth.

  15. Kelly – Queen Of R&B March 3, 2014

    She left 50 and engaged Future. #Downgrade. At least 50 can say he had his moment in the sun, but Future can’t say that because he’s always been irrelevant and is only good at getting women pregnant and abandoning them and their babies once it’s time to pay child support.

  16. BadGyalRita March 3, 2014

    The fact that Iconic Cici thinks Future is a catch is beyond me 2bh. The man is a dead beat dad babe.

  17. ITAINTYOBABY March 3, 2014

    So he mad at him for telling the truth, karma is a b****.

  18. Mark111 March 3, 2014

    50 used the out of style beef strategy and now Kendricks is doing.

    Dr. Dre did it with Easy E.
    Eminem did it with pop stars.
    50 did with Murder Inc
    and now Kendrick with Drake.

    Boooo! You, just like Gaga and Nellu, was just a fizzle of time in mus7. Collect your money and pass GO.

  19. Jayonce Carter March 3, 2014

    They say the truth always hurt more than the lies.

  20. Lana Del Slay March 3, 2014

    Jay Z was smart enough to denounce drug dealing, 50 still wants to be seen as a hardcore thug even though he is almost 40 years old.

  21. Avi March 3, 2014

    50 is REAL hip hop and the truth is never dated. F*** you 90s born dorks in tight pants and skateboards trying to be hipsters, thinking it’s “swag.” You homeschooled p****** who’re afraid if your own shadow, with no friends outside your iPad, whining about cyber bullies are f****** jokes. You know nothing about hip hop or music in general.

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