Ne- Yo Takes ‘Let Me Love You’ To ‘America’s Got Talent’ Finale

Published: Friday 14th Sep 2012 by David

After watching hit #1 in the UK, Ne-Yo rocked up at the America’s Got Talent finale to perform his latest single ‘Let Me Love You‘ last night.

One of his better performances, the ‘Compound’ CEO’s set boasted killer choreography, a wicked light show and those skills.

Peep him in action below…



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  1. Yea Okay September 14, 2012


  2. JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) September 14, 2012

    Being honest Neyo is not interesting to me except for the songs he can write for others (he has written something for Celine´s new album again, and you know without her claiming she did it or contributed to change a word here and thereso she can put her name on the credits) but you can´t deny the boy works hard, can sing and dance

    • mobwife: KILL THE FEMINAZIS NOW September 14, 2012

      I would say the same of Frank Ocean. That VMA performance gave me nothing……ewww! However, he has written some great songs for other artists! Atleast with Ne-Yo unlike a lot of others, you do get a pretty good live performance whenever he takes the stage!

      Oh and the SHADE…..LOL, stop it, LOL 🙂

  3. dee September 14, 2012

    That was dope! Very good perfomance… of his best!

  4. OM September 14, 2012

    It was ok…tho he changed the key of the song:(

  5. MichaelJacksonIsKing September 14, 2012

    Wannabe Michael Jackson

  6. Eric September 14, 2012

    I liked the performance, but I wonder how much reconfiguring he plans to do with the RED tracklist, with a new release date of Nov. 6. Hopefully he swaps out a few pop tracks for more r&b, but at this point, I think it’s too late to recover. He says the album is 50/50 pop and r&b, but that’s not the way he’s promoting it and that’s very problematic. He has to instill confidence in his r&b audience and one song (Lazy Love) doesn’t do it. He’s putting way too much faith in his pop fans, and the numbers are gonna show it.

    • mobwife: KILL THE FEMINAZIS NOW September 14, 2012

      You are thinking to analytically! Ne-Yo’s CD will sell in its 1st week, btw 120 – 138k. It really does not matter if the CD is 100% R&B or 50% R&B/POP. The POWERS THAT BE have already determind the fate of “SOUL MUSIC”/ BLACK R&B MALE artists. We can spend all day and all night blaming the artists for their song selections and blah, blah but the success of RED has already been pre-determind by those who control the music industry.

      I still like Ne-Yo and wish him the best. I just see the “writing on the wall” at this point when it comes to BLACK MALE R&B ARTISTS!

  7. mobwife: KILL THE FEMINAZIS NOW September 14, 2012

    Nic Cannon’s voice annoys the hell out of me.

    I like Ne-Yo’s performance and the song is a good Dance Music track!

    Wait, is that Sharon Osbourne the woman whose husband OZZY OSBOURNE, SMASHED HER FACE AGAINST A BRICK WALL KNOCKING OUT HER FRONT TEETH? I guess the femiNAZI’s in the UK and those in the USA don’t have a problem with that ADULT WHITE MALE BEATING THE S*** OUT OF HIS ADULT WHITE WIFE! didn’t her win a GRAMMY in 2011? Doesn;t he had a new CD out? Where’s the sticker over his CD after all he is an ACTUAL ABUSER! Ozzy ABUSED HIS WIFE for many years!!! ……..ummmm *side-eye*

    • mobwife: KILL THE FEMINAZIS NOW September 14, 2012

      *didn’t he….*doesn’t he have

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