Tamar Braxton Announces Record Deal

Published: Friday 14th Sep 2012 by David

After conquering television both on and off camera, Tamar Braxton is finally ready to relaunch what is set to be a promising career as a solo musician.

Now, in an interview with our sister She Is Diva, she has revealed that she has indeed signed a recording contract.

Find out who with below…

Speaking to Diva, she revealed:

I am signed to Streamline/Interscope. My single was supposed to come out September 20th, but was ear hustling the other day and I heard that they might want to push it back two weeks.

I will definitely be getting to the bottom of that very soon because I can’t wait for everybody to hear this! These are records that if it wasn’t my record, I would want it to be my record. That’s how hot it is.

Lady GaGa  fans may have noticed that Braxton enjoys exactly same label situation as the ‘Born This Way‘ singer, likely to have been orchestrated by Tamar’s husband Vince Herbert– who co-manages the star.


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  1. Mya September 14, 2012

    She better not come out with a dance album!! b**** better not try it!! #GETCHOLIFE.
    should be the 1st single.

    • Biting Truth September 14, 2012

      You obviously don’t watch the show. Dance music is exactly what she pushes for. Vincent would rather she go in a Mary J. direction, but Tamar wants to be Gaga for some stupid ass reason.

      • Mya September 14, 2012

        Shut up! (I) said she better not drop a dance album, I don’t care if I watch the show or not, I just don’t want to hear a dance album from her. ByeGirl!

      • Biting Truth September 14, 2012

        …and if she DOES, what exactly are you going to do about it? Pout and complain at TGJ? You sound silly. What YOU says doesn’t matter, sweetheart. Dance and high energy music is the direction that all of the Braxton sisters (Tamar included) are basically eying. IF you watched the show, or kept up with them at all, you’d know that.

        Have fun spewing your futile “she better not…or else…” statements here, as if it means anything. 😆 Be it dance, country or polka, she’s going to come out with the album she comes out with, whether it meets with your wannabe chicken head approval or not.

    • Shaquannamenesha September 14, 2012


  2. Leo September 14, 2012

    Both y’all sound dumb she stated on thee show several times that she’s going to do ratchet music, she’s said several times she wanna drop it like its hot and pop it. Do y’all watch the show? Smh

    • credits September 14, 2012

      nah, she originally sounded like she wanted to go in a pop direction but i remember when she was in the studio with harvey and he played her that hot ass beat which was urban sounding, i hope she took it. When she was with TC she was acting like she didn’t want to record it. But i hope she knows what is good for her…. HER VOICE IS WAAAY TO HUGE to be dumbed down by generic dance/pop songs. Her range is what mariah carey used to be able to do….tamar’s words herself when she working with the vocal coach in that one episode.

  3. Queen Navy September 14, 2012

    I guess I’m supposed to be impressed that she’s signed to a record label (Streamline) run by her husband. I have a hard time taking a spoiled society wife, who is being handed a recreational career by her powerful husband to fill her idle time and to shut her up, seriously. The fact is that she doesn’t have to “make it”. Her life and livelihood isn’t riding on this one shot. If she flops, Vincent will still be her husband, Toni will still be her sister and she’ll still have a mansion to go home to.

    Have fun with your little “activity” Tamar.

    • Vandrea September 14, 2012

      A Rihanna fan having the audacity to be haughty about the legitimacy of someone’s career is priceless. Who are you to call anyone out like this? No matter how much of a socialite Tamar might be, she can still sing her ass off. No matter how pampered she is, Tamar has talent to back it up. Rihanna doesn’t, so hush.

      • theman September 14, 2012

        But Rihanna has actual success though.

  4. musik_lover September 14, 2012

    She doesn’t need a record deal or an album she just wants one because that’s her dream. Tamar can really sing though its just her personality and attitude can turn people away from her but I’m still waiting to hear her music because i know she has talent.

  5. 90’s ish September 14, 2012

    ear hustlin…..love her

  6. theman September 14, 2012

    She has a reality show on some off brd network. She is trying to use Gaga as a clutch because of Gaga’s success. She has a very good voice, but she is way too over the top. May’be a reality star is just her thing. On top of it all she thinks that she is way bigger than she is. Outside of reality junkies and a few others she isn’t that big a deal.

  7. latifa September 14, 2012

    yass tamar!! love my girl. her album should be called ‘several seats’ followed by the singles getcholife and slap the p*** out of you featuring momma E

    • Joya September 14, 2012

      There’s gotta be a song with “.com” at the end of it.

  8. Junior in Jamaica September 14, 2012

    Ok why in this day/age you are still doing text interviews? Seriously? Why can’t you just do audio/video?

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