Watch: Misha B Covers Alicia Keys’ ‘Girl On Fire’

Published: Wednesday 12th Sep 2012 by David

With her debut album currently under construction, Pop beauty Misha B lent her skills to Alicia Keys’ cause this week- when she covered the singer’s scorching new single ‘Girl On Fire‘.

Putting her own spin on the well loved number, Misha’s cover is now available to enjoy below…

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  1. Are You Serious? September 12, 2012

    Can these girls try to at least be a little more sly with the illuminati symbols? The one eye thing is so played out and it isn’t even discreet.

    • Blue the Real Hive September 12, 2012

      1 eye and pyramid she s really begging for it she won’t make it xfactor a s*** one direction r the only big thing to go out of it

  2. trizzy trainwreck September 12, 2012

    Misha is amazing.

  3. Tupac September 12, 2012

    Illuminati B*******!!!!!

    Michael Jackson we need you

  4. misha B ullshit September 12, 2012

    This girl needs to stop shouting out every note she just messed up a good song. Shame Misha will never be on fire lol.

    • LOURDES September 12, 2012

      Ummm didn’t Alicia scream throughout most of the song herself?

    • Blue the Real Hive September 12, 2012

      She sing better than ur FAV

  5. WTF September 12, 2012

    What a load of s***, She needs to stop singing I have never gotten the hype with her, Oh yeah there never was one HAHAHAHAHA

    • opd2 September 12, 2012

      At least you,er hating @ss is hating on her from the get go,so if she gets famous and you,er still hating you won’t look like bandwagonist hater.

      • WTF September 12, 2012

        Misha B is a f****** twat. I don’t think many people like her because we all know that she is a bully and a big headed f*****.
        She didn’t even reach #1 when shitie swagger jagger hit #1 LOL
        She looks like she is lazy, frumpy, fat, and just annoying. Would it kill her to get a wig cos no one wants to see that hot mess on her head. She won’t make it big, no way no how.
        How can people not make fun of the song Home Run, but her too?
        So u can kiss my black a*** u dumb C***!

  6. opd2 September 12, 2012

    Can’t wait to see her on tour with Ms Minaj.

  7. kelly September 12, 2012

    She is not gonna make it. Amelia Lilly was on xfactor with her and she is going straight to number 1. Little mix where also on that show with Misha and they had a number 1. Misha could not even get a top 10.

    THE UK ain’t f****** with dark skin black women anymore. They never really did.

    • Britbutnotproud September 12, 2012

      Kelly you really do have a Jackal and Hyde personality. I am starting to question whether you are really mixed race as I find your behaviour/mind set strange coming form a black/white background. You say the UK are done with dark skin singers…I will correct you and say the UK are done with women of colour. It doesnt matter what shade of black you are as long as you are not white you are not right so get real and get your head out of the clouds. Not even the black foofballers want us mix race girls. I am a realist not a dreamer. I embrace my blackness unlike yourself maybe its because I was raised by a black mother/white father.

      • Britbutnotproud September 12, 2012

        In addition to my post…Why do the British public detest Alesha Dixon…She is one ofthe most beautiful women on British TV, she is bubbly, hilarious (in a nice way) and has a lovely personality and “mixed race” yet she is one of the most detested person on tv. Remember when she got the job on Strictly and the hate she received by the British Public?. Like TGJ you are very economical with the truth.

      • kelly September 12, 2012

        You are refusing tot accept the reality. THE UK has officially axed black women from Brit society, and Mixed race and Asian women have filled the woman of color void.

        Footballers may not date many mixed race girls, but they do over black women. Vincent Komapany from Manchester City is married to a mixed race girl from the midlands; there is a spurs player dating the mixed race girl from Hollywoaks.

        Acting – the whole black actress doing hollywood movies and fashion covers is mixed race thandie newton

        Music – mixed race girls are the women of color here in the UK: There is a mixed race girl in Little mix; Rebecca Ferguson is doing well; stooshe are a band consisting of only mixed race girls ( ten years ago, there would been a black girl ) There is a mixed race girl in the Saturday’s ‘ Liana La havas is a critically acclaimed singer songwriter; As is the number selling act in the uk: Emeli Sande

        TV – there is a hit show dedicated to an Asian family, practically all the girls who read the news are asian / indian. Then you have Konnie Huq and Jameela Jill doing well and fronting top shows.

        On the current Britains top model, the mixed race girls ( rissikat and the red head afro ) were liked and the only black girl, Madeline was the most hated in the shows history. Then you have black women being labeled as bullies, rude, arrogant, aggressive, men in wigs, unattractive etc.

        And at least Alesha Dixon has a top TV job on BGT, plus she is the only black UK female ever to grace the cover of UK FHM. Will a dark skin black woman ever have that? No.

      • kelly September 12, 2012

        Rebecca ferguson
        Emelie Sande
        Liana La havas
        1/5 of the saturday’s
        1/4 of little mix
        Leona Lewis

        There many dark skin men singers, but where are the dark skin women in the UK?

        I mean of 2012………… is getting worse.

      • kelly September 12, 2012

        Add to the fact, that dark black women are not seen as beautiful in anyway, shape or form. All the black women I see London – even teen girls all have heavy wigs on.

        Then, if the only famous black women in the UK are fair skin America like Rih, beyonce, Zioe Saldana and Nicki M, what does that tell dark black women living in the UK?

        You do not have a Michelle Obama / Condi Rice or Oprah out there. You have no role models in the UK.

      • Blue the Real Hive September 12, 2012

        This why black people kept on shooting white people keep talking when I found where u live ur dead h**

  8. Jay September 12, 2012

    Isn’t it funny that people Kelly Rowland support never really support, acknowledge or even show respect to her.I mean they are there only when Kelly is hyped or is there for them.trey songs,Nelly David Guerra all did this.Have you ever heard David talk about Kelly since WLTO.nelly tried to make himself relevant again by hooking up with her on gone.trey used her because she had a no 1 song on urban which was a mainstream success.Now misha compliments Alicia keys by singing a barely two weeks old song, she never paid homage to Kelly by singing even one of her songs.The one relevant person who always supported her.I swear some people will use and never even mention your name after they are done with you

  9. NICK September 12, 2012

    sounds good, I love Alicia 4 this song.,her & Brandy trying to bring R&B back…

  10. Britbutnotproud September 12, 2012

    LOL @ Kelly’s post….rantings of a mad woman/man/beast whatever you are as I am not sure as no normal person would spend 24/7 on a blog trying to destroy the beautiful talented Rita Ora..

    • kelly September 12, 2012

      You are a hateful dark skin man beast – the type the whole world hates. This post has nothing to do with Rita Ora. You are just jealous of mixed race girls like me, because we have overtaken you in the UK and we are always the standard of beauty in America.

      You could not answer a single question about mixed race women. WHY? You are a dark weave wig wearing beast woman who is hated by the whole UK. Even us mixed girls do not want anything to do with u.

    • kelly September 12, 2012

      In terms of Rita Ora, she destroyed her own career. That is what happens when u try and jack Rih life.

      Stop blaming Rih and me for Rita lack of success. Rita Ora getting signed over the beast dark black women in the UK , proves, you dark skin wig wearing beast in the UK are inferior

    • kelly September 12, 2012

      You are jealous of mixed race . LOL that UK hate people like U and see people like me ( black / swedish ) as exotic, western looking and beautiful. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

      • Britbutnotproud September 12, 2012

        Ha Ha if only you knew stop trying to guess my ethnicity because its something you will never know. Guess what you little nutter if you were as pretty and desirable as you are making out you wouldn’t be here on this site trying to convince the world how beautiful you are. I know your kind. Nothing in the world can convince me you are mixed race as I find it strange how you have to keep reminding us you are… Do you think the majority on here cares what you look like “miss green eyes mixed race Kellyl with soft hair like Leona Lewis” . That sounds like a rantings of a mad woman. Is that all in your head dear? Ooops forget to say Yeh right. I bet people on her are sniggering at you but in your tiny little brain you think everyone is jealous of you and want to look like “green eyes mixed race” Kelly with soft hair like Leona”…..more like green eyed Kelly…LOL!!! Anyway Miss Patel I am done with you as I have given you too much of my precious time. Reasoning with you is like trying to flog a dead horse. Run along now pea brain and continue with your slaughter of Rita Ora because that’s what you are good at. Ooops don’t forget to take your meds….otherwise the men in white robes will be knocking on your door.

        Good day.

    • kelly September 12, 2012

      You were having a civil western white blood infused normal conversation with me. The moment, I came back to defend mixed race women, u curl like kinky coils on a dark skin women neck and became abusive , and briging Rita Ora into this, when she has nothing to do with why mixed race girls snatch dark women women’s wigs, track by track.

      LOL LOL at your ashy ass using Rita Ora – Rita Ora is showing the world, that the UK don’t think black women are good enough to do RNB. See how Jay would rather sign a blonde rita from teh UK over you .

      You not talking to a mixed girl from the UK, i am from LA, we keep it 100 and stay snatching remi weave from your afro.

      Back to the original Post on misha – she will never make it cos she is seen as what black women in the UK are: Dark skin, ugly and bullies.

    • kelly September 12, 2012

      Your name is brit but not proud. Of course, everyone in the UK hates black women . Even black men are more liked. Even black men in the UK hate black women too. lol lol

      You are public enemy number 1 in the UK.

      • Britbutnotproud September 12, 2012

        Britbutnotproud is in the message. If you were as smart as you make out to be you would have worked out what the message is saying in my name. You are such a twit. Anyway I enjoy your poosts as they are madly hilarious..You are pretty scary I am comnvinced you are crazy.. If you think your rantings are upseting think again in fact its really really hilarious hence me responding. Anyway I am off to play the beautiful, white complected, blonde desirable everyman’s dream girl Rita Ora’s album. America here she comes…Go Rita, Go Rita, Go Rita.

      • Britbutnotproud September 12, 2012


      • kelly September 12, 2012

        Better u play the white blonde dream cos the lord knows, your kinky harriet tubman slave on a plantation self will never measure up to it. My fave singers are Rih and Lady Gaga. The biggest singers on the planet…..and ever white man dream LOL LOL LOL


  11. kelly September 12, 2012

    Mixed race girls in the UK are beautiful and stolen the spotlight ( not that they had any ) from dark skin afro weave wearing black women LOL LOL LOL

    • Blue the Real Hive September 12, 2012

      All white boys in the UK loves black girls that’s how bad we r uh

    • Blue the Real Hive September 12, 2012

      In 10 years time white people won’t exist in the Uk there will plenty of N***** and mix race

  12. Britbutnotproud September 12, 2012

    Kelly says “You are jealous of mixed race . LOL that UK hate people like U and see people like me ( black / swedish ) as exotic, western looking and beautiful. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL” – Britbutnotproud says: Nah I am jealous of Rita Ora and want to look like her because that is the kind of woman men desirel.

    • kelly September 12, 2012

      You are jealous of rita Ora, cos men like blondes? LOL LOL Well, if u want to look like Rita Ora, what are u going to do about ur dark prune colored kin, kinky afro and black gums / flat nose?

      • Britbutnotproud September 12, 2012

        Nig nog mongrel get real and go and get your med. BNP (Brit “n” not Proud).

      • Blue the Real Hive September 12, 2012

        Now u standing for Rita ora when u said ur R**** nber1 fan get alive how

      • Blue the Real Hive September 12, 2012

        Black people slayssss music look at the biggest selling musician in the world!!! Is MJ 1 billion record a guess a white man will break that record 1 day loool music s simply black

    • kelly September 12, 2012

      You are not gonna look like Rita Ora. Why? Cos u are black, dark afro flat nosed, rubber lipped and ugly and no man wants that!

      • Blue the Real Hive September 12, 2012

        Im black and proud I feed u from my African countries u stupid people came to steal from us coz u got s***!!!! I can b 44 I still look 23 coz black to get old u white trash ererrrrrkjkj u need surgeries at 40 u look old as f***!!! Ur number ugly people in the world Rita ora looks 45 when she is only 21 look at beyonce uh black don’t get old

  13. kelly September 12, 2012


    Poor black dark woman with short tough afro hair. She just admitted to wanting to look like Blonde white Rita ora cos she is every white man dream and is jealous of fair half white mixed race.

    DAMM! These black women and their self hatred. They always want to be white, mixed, latina, Asian and look like Kim Kardashian.

    LOL LOL LOL Can u blame em… Terelle Owens in wigs.

    • Blue the Real Hive September 12, 2012

      F*** u ur stupid c*** insult black People when u STAN for talentless black h** rihanna STFU and get off here white trash

      • Britbutnotproud September 13, 2012

        Blue the Real Hive – Don’t let that Kelly get you wound up…can’t you see she has many screws loose. I find her ertaining. She is an ugly jumped up individual who needs attention 24/7. Skip her post it will make you feel better and make her feel worse. Treat her with the contempt she deserves – IGNORE HER. I am done with Kelly got to dash.

  14. My hip, my back September 12, 2012

    kelly get your trolling ass outta here LMAO
    you’re not gonna get me riled up , no not today

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