Must See: VH1 Publish ‘Good Singer, Bad Dancer’ List

Published: Monday 1st Oct 2012 by David

Unfortunately for them, not everyone can move like the Janet‘s and Beyonce‘s of the world.

So, just to ensure these performers are made aware of their ‘choreographed’ shortcomings, our friends over VH1 have forged a tally of acts who they believe are ‘Good Singers‘ but ‘Bad Dancers’.

To be honest, once you see some of the performers who made the list, you’ll understand why we’d say a few of them are bad at both.

Morale crusher below…

Via VH1:

For every Michael, Beyoncé and Usher, there’s a Christina, Mariah or Rihanna. Try as they might, the latter group of hot pop acts just can’t coordinate that whole singing-while-dancing thing. Their beats and belting may be tight on the radio, but when it comes to rocking dance moves in a music video, even some of the best sirens fall flat. For your amusement, check out these hilarious GIFs (you’re welcome) of crooners we adore who demonstrate some of the worst rump shaking we’ve ever seen. Debate our list in the comments below and, more importantly, let us know whose lack of rhythm we failed to catch.

Mariah Carey – “Shake It Off


Moroccan and Monroe weren’t even zygotes yet, but Mariah looks like she was practicing serious mom moves in this video. Luckily, Mimi’s vocal acrobatics helped us shake off the memory of her awful wannabe thug life bleacher rocking, so all is forgiven.

Rihanna – “Where Have You Been


There’s no doubt RiRi knows how to trill to the top of the charts. Too bad her knack for hot tracks doesn’t translate on the dance floor. Rihanna tried to keep up with the Calvin Harris-produced EDM track, but you can practically see her counting in her head as she works through detailed choreography. Thank goodness that those topless shots are in there to distract us!

Jessica Simpson – “Irresistable


Her powerful pipes might be hard to resist, but Jessica’s tense hip swaying in “Irresistible” had us running away from her awful attempt at basic one-two stepping. Looks like former ballerina Ashlee got all the rhythm in this family.

Katy Perry – “California Gurls


I’d love to say Katy’s moves were hot in this video, but they weren’t. That sprinkler move was pretty sweet, though. And, really, who cares what you’re doing when you have whipped cream spraying from your chesticles?

Kelly Clarkson – “What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger)


If you’re going to dance, but you know you’re no Bob Fosse, take a cue from Kelly and surround yourself with regular fans. Stars dance badly just like us!

Mandy Moore – “Candy


Gangling-limbs flailing, 15-year-old Mandy looked like a cheerleader who stepped straight from the pages of a Sweet Valley High novel for an impromptu performance. Who knows where she might have ended up if Mandy continued her bad dancing career.

Miley Cyrus – “Party In The U.S.


Sixteen-year-old Miley exchanged her typical hair flinging rocker moves for booty wiggling in Daisy Dukes to party in this video. Guess a little underage pelvis popping is to be expected. It’s Miley! Anyone else feel like a shady frat guy scoping a party for underage girls while watching?

Nelly Furtado – “Promiscuous


Nelly did a straight up Elaine Benes impression in the music video for her sensual song. Not exactly the smooth moves I would expect from a promiscuous girl, but she gets bonus points for being mom to a three-year-old at the time and looking like that.

DiddyAny music video he’s in.


Diddy loves to dance. Diddy thinks he’s a great dancer. Diddy is wrong, but as long as he serves up a hit, do you really care? No. That’s why you can watch him doing what looks like a cross between praise dancing and having a seizure in “Mo Money, Mo Problems” and looking like a drunk uncle trying to salsa with J. Lo in “Been Around The World.”

Whitney Houston – “I Wanna Dance With Somebody


It’s an undisputed fact (science) that people considered Whitney Houston one of the greatest vocalists of all time. From ballads to upbeat dance tracks, she belted like the best in the business, but boy was she an awful dancer. No matter, this song still gets everyone on their feet whether they dance like Whitney or Britney circa 2000.

Christina Aguilera – “Genie In A Bottle


X-Tina hadn’t quite emerged as the dirrty little dance freak we know and love when she put out her debut music video, so forgive The Voice star if her moves are a little stiff. It’s cramped in that bottle.

Avril Lavigne – “Girlfriend


What the hell, Avril? The dance break in this video should have ended at the finger wag, but I’m no director. Lucky thing her punk pop vocals and “Mickey” beat are so damn catchy.

Jesse McCartney – “Shake


Oh, Jesse. He went from “Beautiful Soul” singing to – is that a grapevine he’s doing? Maybe he should have spent less time shaking and more time promoting his last album, because he’s actually pretty decent…on the radio.

[GIF Credit to Lauren Olson]

Your thoughts?

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  1. Realest October 1, 2012

    UMMMMM WHERE THE F*** IS NICKI? You stay riding that chiles nuts and she is the stiffest of them all.

    • FAF October 1, 2012

      She not a singer F***
      and Nicki >>> RIHOENA stiff moves

      • truthtruth(i DRAAAAGGS a FUNKY b****) October 1, 2012

        she’s pop tho, h**!!

      • truth(i DRAAAAGGS a FUNKY b****) October 1, 2012

        F*** NICKI HER DAYZ R NUMBERED!! Lil Kim has a new reality show comn on tv1 chile…U MAD??!! #WINNING

    • EJ October 1, 2012

      OKAY! I am a Nicki STAN, but she is Def. No Dancer. I Was dying laughing when I first read your comment!

    • Trev October 1, 2012

      ummmm Rihanna’s “Where Have You Been” was great! idk what y’all talking about…Rihanna can dance…the others are accurate though

    • truthtruth(i DRAAAAGGS a FUNKY b****) October 1, 2012


    • JENNY JONES!!! October 1, 2012


    • BEYONCE (NATION) October 1, 2012

      Shes not there because shes a bad singer AND a bad dancer

      • msteefromdc October 6, 2012

        LOL AGREED

  2. TEE October 1, 2012

    First of all Rihanna is a bad singer and bad dancer.

    Second of all,
    Christina and Miley both are not bad dancers.

    C’mon VH1..

    • I’m not throwing shade, but… October 1, 2012

      Urrrh, Miley is a bad dancer, christina redeemed herself in the Dirrty video 10 times over. That preformance required her to be wiped off the list completely. There is a lot more they’ve forgotten. Is this the top 10?
      Oh, Avril cannot sing or dance, she can sing if you consider school yard chanting singing

      • Robin September 11, 2016

        Avril Lavigne can sing very good.

    • Lax October 1, 2012

      where’s the older singer/dancers tina, patti,
      especially Tina because she can really step it off.

    • mr.m October 1, 2012

      100% Agree
      Rihanna is A FLOP in both
      Xtina can dance (you better watch Burlesque)
      Even Genie in A Bottle choreography was good!
      Don’t undersand why they put her in the list ..
      Anyway, she is A VOCALIST first and foremost 😀 bow!

      • msteefromdc October 6, 2012


  3. D October 1, 2012

    Where have you been dance routine was s*** as f***

    • FAF October 1, 2012

      She was stiff as cardboard *-*

      • BIG DOGG October 1, 2012


        DiarrHoeA stans are usually turned-on by their fav’s stiffness, stupidity and failure.

      • Lax October 1, 2012

        @Dogg, who u talking bout?, son.

      • BIG DOGG October 1, 2012

        Are you sure about that “son” thing, though?

  4. Darianna Jones October 1, 2012

    In Nelly Furtado’s defense, that was a terrible song to begin with. But she had no chance in that video with her Johnny Bravo moves.

    • SdotB October 1, 2012

      what? that was one of her biggest hits? it was actually that song that put her back on the map…what r u talkin about?

      • truthtruth(i DRAAAAGGS a FUNKY b****) October 1, 2012

        yea h**!! that song wad hot you b****

  5. Romeo October 1, 2012

    Queen Mariah? Really?! …. She is the queen of the dance…Ok let me stop, I love her but she’s no dancer lol

  6. TheQueenBey October 1, 2012


  7. Bricky October 1, 2012

    ONLY THING BEYONCE does is shake her twat in peoples faces like a true stripper.

    • FAF October 1, 2012

      I hate that b****, but she can move,, F***

      • truthtruth(i DRAAAAGGS a FUNKY b****) October 1, 2012


    • WJ October 1, 2012

      So why don’t you try to do the same thing, reaching the same notes and show us the result?

    • Lax October 1, 2012

      Beyonce shaking her twat,,,lmao but so
      true i suppose Bey got that twat packed up good and tight so it want fall down, u know what i mean.

  8. JazThatBoi October 1, 2012

    Have ya’ll not see “its not right but its okay”…whitney was dancing her b*** off in that vid!! lololol Whit’s my girl..that voice makes up for any other talents she may fail in…lol

    • FAF October 1, 2012


    • JOHNVIDAL October 1, 2012

      The best Whitney has danced was around “I´m your baby tonight” era while on tour. Go search for Spain performance of that song on youtube (in Coruña I think) and maybe you´ll be surprised. I was

  9. BubblePopElectric October 1, 2012

    Where’s Justin Beiber?

  10. Auntie_Jackie October 1, 2012

    Ha! This entire list is true. Rihanna, especially is a horrid dancer.

    • Lax October 1, 2012

      Rihanna don’t dance hard but Rih have got aMean Whine

  11. Monstarebel October 1, 2012

    F*** this!! now I’m bout to do Bad Singer Good dancer
    Janet Jackson
    Chris brown
    Britney spears
    Jason derulo

    • FAF October 1, 2012

      Jason Derulo & Chris Brown can sing

      the drugs are f****** CB voice up … lol

      • CBE October 1, 2012

        sadly I have to agree, I dont know which drugs though…he smokes weed for sure but he hangs with the wrong crowd I hope gets his s*** together.

    • Hmm October 1, 2012

      HOLD UP!!!

      Not Janet! Janet CAN sing! She has some of the best harmonies in the game. Have you not heard her belted notes in Control and Rhythm Nation?! Her whistle note in Love Will Never Do Without You?

      Listen to This Can’t B Good (acapella).


    • truthtruth(i DRAAAAGGS a FUNKY b****) October 1, 2012

      B**** GET THE F*** UP OFFA JANET!!!!!!!

    • mr.m October 1, 2012

      Janet and Chris can sing!
      + S****** can’t sing or dance now

    • NOPE October 2, 2012

      Janet can sing idiot.

    • quetta October 2, 2012

      Actually ciara can sing.

  12. The-Truth October 1, 2012

    XTINA Can Dance. There was NOTHING Forced about The Dirrty Video, Come On Over, or What a Girl Wants

    • WJ October 1, 2012

      Yes, but they talked specifically about Genie video. And, let’s agree, those are not her best moves.

      • Ayo October 1, 2012

        I thought the dance routine was hot back then, It’s not like Beyonce was considered the best dancer when she stepped on the scene with DC in the NO NO NO pt 2 video

    • Lax October 1, 2012

      Xtina is a Triple threat on Lock, just saying.

    • Dave October 1, 2012

      Let’s not forget Burlesque. But I’ll give Samantha “What A Girl Wants”, but he needs to throw Nicki up there. But Rih is neither a good singer or good dancer.

  13. LC October 1, 2012

    hahah lol. this so true
    where is nicki?>

    • truthtruth(i DRAAAAGGS a FUNKY b****) October 1, 2012

      IN HELL IMPERSONATING SATAN!! #lyrics from Lil Kim’s Ether chile

      • msteefromdc October 6, 2012


  14. BIG DOGG October 1, 2012

    The f*** I’m talking about…

  15. CBE October 1, 2012

    You should see Rihanna now performing live…its like something is up in her p****, she cant move for s***! especially at the Iheart radio festival damn! whatever shes taking she needs to keep it up I enjoy watching a crackhead move.

    • Lax October 1, 2012

      @CBE,,,,ROTF,,,LMAO.. MY dang goodness Rihanna isn’t
      used to DROPPING it like it’s hot up on the stage or off the stage, but Rih is a great Entertainer, i will give Her that, And Besides that i can spend my $$$$ on Her Shows all i want to.

    • truthtruth(i DRAAAAGGS a FUNKY b****) October 1, 2012

      MUTHA FUCKN DEAD chile!!!

      • Rick October 1, 2012

        At CBE…. I can’t. Breathe…….
        lmaoooooo ………. lmaoooooo …… lmaoooooo ….

  16. Lets Be Real October 1, 2012

    haha.can’t be too mad at this list.very few entertainers master DANCE and a VOCALS especially today.Michael Tina Beyoncé and Prince are literally the only 4 I think of that have both great vocals and dance steps!I. may be missing someone …but those four NEVER DISAPPOINTED ME in a live show …ever!

  17. Sleazy October 1, 2012

    I’m still confused as to why people think Britney can dance she dances good for a White chick but further than that she is ok……….. Christina Has Better movement and is much lose look at “NMYT and HIAM” a REAL dancer can never lose their ability to dance unless they handicapped #TrueTea

  18. Monstarebel October 1, 2012

    if Christina’s on here then lady gagas stiff ass should be on here & also nicki minaj TF?

    • XtinaKissKiss October 1, 2012

      F*** off you dirty b****. Leave the Queen out of this.

      • truthtruth(i DRAAAAGGS a FUNKY b****) October 1, 2012

        you BETTA be talking bout GaGa as queen cause if you talkin bout nicki is queen then imma DRAAAAAAAAAG the f*** outta you!!

  19. Monstarebel October 1, 2012

    And I honestly think Christina can dance why judge her on one of her first videos smh,

    • Ayo October 1, 2012

      I agree once again I’ll repeat I thought the dance routine for GIB was hot back then, It’s not like Beyonce was considered a dancer when she stepped on the scene with DC in the NO NO NO pt 2 video

  20. Lightning October 1, 2012

    Why is christina aguilera there? Like then britney them all should be there? Christina aguilera slayed her “Express” performance on the AMAs that’s proof enough damn

    • Ayo October 1, 2012

      I have no idea why Christina is on this list to me she has always been a dancer/singer I perfer as a dancer to Britney

  21. JJFan1814 October 1, 2012

    Too bad all these songs were a HIT!!!

    I repeat a HIT and the dancing had nothing to do with the songs being a HIT!

    • BIG DOGG October 1, 2012

      Dear JJFAN1814,

      They released the list of ARTISTS who seem to sing well and dance badly. These GIF’s were all EXAMPLES.

      And then, all of these artists suck on a South African Sergeant’s balls when it comes to dancing, which is a FACT. It’s as true as the fact all of these songs listed were hits and s***, and you’re gonna have to deal with it wether you want it or not.

    • BIG DOGG October 1, 2012

      Dear JJFAN1814,

      They released the list of ARTISTS who seem to sing well and dance badly. These GIF’s were all EXAMPLES.

      And then, all of these artists suck on a South African Sergeant’s balls when it comes to dancing, which is a FACT.

      It’s as true as the fact all of these songs listed were hits and s***, and you’re gonna have to deal with it wether you like it or not.

  22. Lightning October 1, 2012

    Then you get artist like Katy. Rihanna etc They Can’t sing or dance O_o rihanna talent is her body so she should never get fat or else she will have nothing to sell

    • JOHNVIDAL October 1, 2012


    • Lax October 1, 2012

      Lighting they do enough to get that $$$$$ though, you
      just can’t be mad at them for that, Son.

  23. Beyonce’s Weave October 1, 2012

    It’s not like Rihanna and Katy Perry need to dance anyway, these chicks have got STAR POWER and mad STAGE PRESENCE. Besides, Rihanna’s dance routine in the Where have you been video was awesome, she brought it.

    • BIG DOGG October 1, 2012

      So what they gotta do with their bodies instead of dancing?

      Do P*** or something?????

      Even that ordinary P*** B**** can have more energy in her body than DiarrHoeA and Cunty combined.

      At least, they MOAN when they pick up a d*** in their c****, does Rihanna even feel the need to take a gasp?

      • Beyonce’s Weave October 1, 2012

        ohhhhh YOU MAD??? LMAO. I love it when Riri gets pressed b****** mad, good job Riri.

      • BIG DOGG October 1, 2012

        Yes, I’m mad


    • Lax October 1, 2012

      @BIG DOGG And anybody else who’s confused RIHANNA
      have people who will Pay big Bucks to
      watch Rihanna strut Her long leggggged ass accross a stage and “Just Breath” on a Mic.

      • N October 1, 2012

        Which doesn’t mean she doesn’t have to improve her dance skills, @lax

  24. KD October 1, 2012

    Brandy’s Afrodisiac and Mary J’s Mr Wrong should definitely have earned them a mention. I literally LOL’ed when I was those video’s. Rihanna’s Where Have You Been was not bad IMO

  25. Suicide Blonde October 1, 2012

    I don’t know why Beyonce is not in da list because i don’t see her as a dancer, she can make a choreography but i don’t see her as a dancer, if you know what i mean, the same goes to Gaga, she’s not a dancer…..Janet, J.Lo, MJ, Breezy, Usher, Ciara, Britney (back in the day, when she was alive), Justin Timberlake, Paula Abdul, ect, ect, i considered those people good dancers, Whitney and Mariah, there is no problem since they don’t need to shake their assess to sell records. Madonna is a theatrical performance, not a dancer ala Janet, anyway is not that important, i rather go to see Eminem in concert than Beyonce and he’s not a dancer, it’s all cool.

    • Richnblack11(just like Bey) October 1, 2012

      Their you go blondie, Keep it cute lol

      • Suicide Blonde October 1, 2012

        I’m always cute, so pretty.

    • BIG DOGG October 1, 2012

      This thread is about –>BAD<– dancers, as you can see in the page's title.

      BEYONCE was nominated for/won a many BEST CHOREOGRAPHY AWARDS, how you want them to include her on a list full of blond teenagers like Avril Lavign and Miley Cyrus.

      BEYONCE is not as good as these artists you mentioned above as a dancer, but she's considered a VERY good dancer if you ask me, if you ask your neighbor's 6 y.o. son.

      • Suicide Blonde October 1, 2012

        Do you really think she can dance? don’t you.

    • Lax October 1, 2012

      @RichnBlack But i love Blondie though, Hey there suicide blonde,,,

      • Suicide Blonde October 1, 2012

        Thank you Lax.

    • pat October 1, 2012

      i agree with you…beyonce dancES, but i dont consider her a danCER ……her moves have never really been that intricate…everybody may try to use the one video (RTW) to say they were, but again that’s one video…..however the level of female dancers has gone down so since Janet that bey really has no competition

      • N October 1, 2012


      • Ayo October 1, 2012


  26. theman October 1, 2012

    This list is stupid. Some of these artist just groove to the song. Christina and Nelly are not bad dancers. Rihanna can atleast move. Mariah looked nice, all she did was keep it simple.

  27. JOHNVIDAL October 1, 2012

    I noticed Queen Mariah and Queen Whitney on this post (they can´t dance, they don´t need it, well they tried at times and it wasn´t that bad, the goat dances worse than both of them for sure)….
    and who the hell were the rest??? Unknown teenage people to me. Wait I think I noticed Xtina and Nelly Furtado too. Who are the rest? Seriously. Are they singers at all to be on that list of singers who can´t dance???

  28. Monstarebel October 1, 2012

    Rihanna is always the center of attention I love it >>>>>> stay pressed..

    • Lax October 1, 2012

      @MONSTATBEL I heard that, Ofc.

  29. Monstarebel October 1, 2012

    and atleast these artist took a risk they know there not the best dancers but they still had the balls to try especially avril I woulda never thought she would even try to dance so good for her I appreciate the effort!

  30. Vegas Girl October 1, 2012

    I agree with the list. Most of these folks on here can attempt a dance but are awkward and massively uncomfortable dancing. They aren’t dancers and that ‘s ok but…..why attempt to dance in a video? If its not a strong point, don’t feature it. Why feature a weakness unnecessarily? I often shake my head at that.

  31. me October 1, 2012

    JESSICA SIMPSON is the WORST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It is painful watching her “irresistable era” dance moves. i cringe all the time. Christina aguilera is a great dancer dont lie. Rihanna is good in pon de replay, she is not too bad. just that she cant master singing or dancing, so dont know where she falls. AALIYAH mastered both. mariah does not try to dance, she just moves a little.

    Number 2 from jessica is JUSTIN BEIBER, that vid faturing usher was painful to watch. Alicia keys also tries to dance when she perfoms and her body is stiff as hell.

  32. Lax October 1, 2012

    To me with the years most of these artist has been in the industry we all just about know what to expect from each if them. Of course many or doing more then they did when they first came out, but to me that is the way you show growth. Like Cher, and Celine, Areths Gladys and many others do not dance at all. Look at Monica, Dancing is a good thing and a Plus for the artists to me so the more they incorporate dance moves into it the better it is for their crafts.

    • DIOB October 1, 2012

      IF you watch Celines Concert she does a 2 step every now and again. I have 2 of her concerts she does a lot of running and a little choro. She doesnt just stand there Celine puts on a show.

  33. Ambria October 1, 2012

    Rihanna can dance! Mary J Blige should be on here instead

  34. Ambria October 1, 2012

    Rihanna can dance! Mary J Blige should be here instead

  35. CiMinaj October 1, 2012

    Where is Ashanti

  36. speechless October 1, 2012

    I’m not surprised you left out nicki minaj. B**** cant sing, dance, rap, or anything else for that matter.

  37. HoneyB October 1, 2012

    Where’s Gaga?

  38. commanderofthedancefloor October 1, 2012

    ok, none of them are great dancers, with rihanna she only does it because haters constantly say she never dances so she does, personally i prefer her not to because she looks like she has more fun when she doesnt. chrisitna can move, but most of the list i can say those people do not really try to dance.

  39. iamdiego October 1, 2012

    where the f*** is justin beiber

  40. Sdf October 1, 2012

    B****,please.Whitney knew how to dance.

  41. truthtruth(i DRAAAAGGS a FUNKY b****) October 1, 2012

    ummm, ms samatha girl…where the F*** is Janet!!!??? hell!!!

  42. Johnny Blaze 82 October 1, 2012

    So when did Rihanna, Katy Perry, and Miley had the vocal chops to be considered singers? BTW I still like Rihanna though

  43. Gilberto October 1, 2012

    DEAD @ the shade. VH1 isn’t playing around. But Rihanna, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Nelly Furtado aren’t vocalists.

    • Benron (King Of The Navy) October 1, 2012

      Omg, Miley Cyrus is horrible. She is actually that bad.

  44. michael October 1, 2012

    Where ashanti at, where Mary j at. They want dance to save their life. Where beyonce at, where madonna at. They cant dance either. They just know how to move their body well. Rihanna can dance go look at her Ron de replay video. And where have you been video. My list of singers who can dance but can’t sing Is ciara Janet Chris brown

    • Gilberto October 1, 2012

      Are you retarded? Beyoncé can’t dance and R****** can? Are you eating your own s***? Keep delusional! King Bee appeared on several list of the Best Dancers of All Time. Are you f****** insane? How do dare to say that, b****! R****** doesn’t have any talent on singing, dancing and acting. Honestly I thought R******’s only ability was to spread her f****** legs, but her p**** is so dry that she can’t keep a f****** man for her. They f*** her and run away because that b****’s p**** is so weak.

      • BEYFLOP GIVE KING RIH THE MUTHA-F****** CROWN U THIRSTY B****!!!!! October 1, 2012


  45. Slayty Perry October 1, 2012

    Where is Gaga’s fat ass? All that b**** does is whip her weave and flap her arms. Her dancing looks like moves from the Wii

  46. Ayo October 1, 2012

    When was christina considered a bada dancer, I’m I the only one who like, genie in bottle, what a girl wants, all I want is you, dirrty. She danced well in all of them

  47. MC October 1, 2012

    Look at my Mimi, she couldn’t dance to save her life. lol BTW, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Jessica Simpson, etc are not vocalists. The only people on that mentions that don’t need to move a strand of hair are Mariah and Whitney. The rest, excluding Xtina, better get on it.

  48. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) October 1, 2012

    and then comes the moment i ask simply again : what’s the purpose of this post ?!!

    not everyone can dance , not everyone can sing , and as far as i’m concerned , that’s not important at all in today’s music , we have acts who can’t do both and still be recognized as artists , and i won’t mentioned their names , but c’mon …..

    if your voice is like whitney , sorry , but you are doing your job 100% for me as a singer , you don’t have to dance !!!

    if your dance moves as complex as janet or ciara , for sure the last thing i will be paying attention is your voice , cuz it is hard to breathe while doing those kind of moves , so …….

    ppl like beyonce have balanced singing while moving perfectly cuz they were trained since 4 Y.O to do so , running while singing and all , so putting her against ppl like miley cyrus is BS , straight BS !!!

  49. MACHIAVEL October 1, 2012

    Lol They Forgot Roman Minaj And Lady G, My Girl, Gaga, Can’t Dance For S***, But She’s A Great Performer!!

  50. Teflon Boy October 1, 2012

    Yeah, for real Christina Aguilera should not be on this list. Are those guys crazy lol she is a surprisingly good dancer considering that her main selling point is her voice.., comparable to Whitney and Mariah AND able to sell the ‘Dirrty’ routine shows that she can more than hold her own.

    I have to lol at Mariah being on this list though cos she is possibly one of the worst dancers in music (and I love her by the way). She makes a basic 1-2 step look like hard work, there is no rhythm in that woman’s body AT ALL.

    • MC October 1, 2012

      Co-sign. Mariah can’t dance to save lives. lol

  51. Benron (King Of The Navy) October 1, 2012

    Rihanna did well in WHYB, but tbh where is Gaga.

    She tries but…

  52. Dave October 1, 2012

    Yeah Christina should’ve be on the list. “Dirrty” in itself should’ve took her off. She dancing like a raunchy white girl. lol. Like on her MTV Movie Awards, Bionic Medley. You can even look @ her in her movie “Burlesque”, she can move.

    Rihanna – can’t dance or sing
    Katy Perry – can’t dance or sing

    Mariah is a singer, so it’s not really that relevant. But she should never do nothing, but prance around. Even thou that gets kind of boring.

    I say these because being a good singer, means you can sing good live.

    A lot of the people on this list aren’t even relevant as artist anymore, so I don’t even know why they are on here. Like Jessica Simpson, Mandy Moore (love her, but yeah).

    • Dave October 1, 2012

      Shouldn’t* Multi-tasking, so I made a typo.

  53. danny b October 1, 2012

    Mariah’s “Heartbreaker” should have been the featured video. Lord Jesus knows I love me some Mimi and the Heartbreaker vid, but gawd awlmighty her dancing… i remember i was 9 when that video came out and even then I felt awkward watching her dance…lol… she was s*** af tho 😛

  54. small_angel October 1, 2012

    I think VH1 is losing some money and they need to retrench their employees including all their reseacher.
    Christina Aguilera on the List? Seriously? She dance very well. have they seen her concerts, music videos, live performances? She is a GOOD Dancer. Dirrty video can prove it.
    Everyone on this post are on disagree mode on this.
    Somebody needs to sent Written Explanation to their boss…

    VH1 try again.. How about next time, BAD SINGERS but GOOD DANCER.

    • SuxMyCockieness October 1, 2012

      Top spot: C-error

    • Dave October 2, 2012

      Oh yeah, I forgot tour. Back to Basics Tour, “Slow Down Baby” & “Ain’t No Other Man” she be gettin it in. True Diva

  55. mr.m October 1, 2012

    Half of the list CAN’T DANCE AND SING TOO!!
    guwwweErrl bye

  56. modj October 2, 2012

    hahah they should hire JLO for that . she is the queen of DANCE

  57. mobwife: TeamBreezy Dreamin’ October 2, 2012


    The rest of the comments were spot on but you ppl know DAMN WELL Justin Biber should be on this list with is non-dancing forced rhythmic ass!

  58. Robin September 11, 2016

    Katy Perry and Rihanna are not good singers.

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