New Video: Big Boi & Kelly Rowland – ‘Mama Told Me’

Published: Wednesday 21st Nov 2012 by Sam

Big Boi embraces his quirky OutKast foundation in the video for new single ‘Mama Told Me’. The clip, which features ‘Ice’ singer Kelly Rowland, is the latest to be lifted from the rapper’s new album Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors’ (due December 11th).

A visual homage to 80’s Electro-Funk, watch the Syndrome directed video below…

While visually delicious, the clip’s performances left a lot to be desired. Like, what was the actual treatment beyond the nostalgia? Proper choreography wouldn’t have gone amiss either.

Still, kudos to Kelly for staying on her grind.

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  1. kaka November 21, 2012

    like it !

    • Truth November 21, 2012


  2. TM November 21, 2012


    • Monstarebel (DIAMONDS IS NUMBER 1) November 21, 2012

      you mean TeamFLOP

      • nightbitch November 21, 2012

        wht do u do? do you ve a job? hell No so your life is a Flop bigtime

  3. Alex November 21, 2012


  4. Slutbucket November 21, 2012

    It’s sooo funky! love it!

  5. Monstarebel (DIAMONDS IS NUMBER 1) November 21, 2012

    Kelly is beautiful but this song & video is horrible get it together

  6. Matthew Charlery-Smith November 21, 2012

    Hmmm, ok. I think when we look back over Kelly’s career we’ll see how much she actually put her face out there and tried many different things that were honestly quite good. As of now, Kelly still hasn’t found her voice except maybe in Dance music. Is she an RnB singer, hook singer, belter, balladier? We just don’t know. She isn’t really KNOWN for anything except for doing some of everything rather than a few things (Janet – great songs/entertainer, Ciara – dancing, Beyonce – great staging/performing, Whitney – stage presence/voice) really well. Hopefully with the advent of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis appearing on her new album we’ll have an iconic period of classiness (sans “Ice”) in a few months time.

    This was alright. The effects and retro filters were nice but yes some dancing would have been a treat.

  7. hood_star_06 November 21, 2012

    kelly is really hustlin – loving the grind and how she always steals the show in all of her features – WORK!!!

  8. Arkhes November 21, 2012

    Anything she touches is destined to fail.

    • Girl007Bond November 21, 2012

      bwsides then when love takes over

    • Truth November 21, 2012

      You dumb f***

      Meanwhilie Ice and never end are sailing up the charts

      Motivation beat out everybody for BILLBOARD rnb song of the year

      STUPID F***

      Kelly is on her grind in an industry where LEGENDS are failing. Kelly stays afloat. Outsold even Brandy with a so called “flop”

      STUPID F*** 🙂

  9. mobwife: operation kill that b*tch November 21, 2012

    Very cute! Kelly looks amazing as ususal! 🙂 The song is cute and fun. I’m sure some will complain but I see nothing wrong with a nice fun song.

  10. amina November 21, 2012

    very cute video

    I love the different look. Big boi doing his thing.

    I think its good for kelly its help her to do something different without sexual context. and its feel good to ser her like that.

    she need to keep pushing harder.


  11. Simply me November 21, 2012

    Do ya thing ms Kelly 🙂

  12. CHUDDS November 21, 2012

    I really want Kelly to win this time around.


    kelly is gettng them remy martin cheques

  14. My P**** tastes like Coca cola!!! November 21, 2012

    Stop now you haters in the name of Jesus! This b**** orgasm hits like G Spot! . Support her don’t judge her. Just imagine youa re trying hard in your life to make a loving and a wreck d*** keep pissing on ya! Huh ?! How you gon feel! TeamKelly rocks!

    Please girls keep climaxing on them! Hmmmmmmm haaa

  15. Alex November 21, 2012

    #TeamKelly #HurricaneKelendria #YOTW

  16. Yea Buddy November 21, 2012

    I LOVE HER… Say want you want but Deep Down she is a good Person & always does every thing in good spirits and with a good heart so she WILL WIN favor… I WILL ALWAYS BE TEAMKELLY

  17. williNalli November 21, 2012

    Wow, two videos in one day. TEAMKELLY is spoiled. 😀


  18. lostone November 21, 2012

    the video is cool..i like the colors and the fun feel to it..the song is cool as well dont see it being a huge hit!!

  19. Steph November 22, 2012

    Go Kelly!!!! Awesome! 🙂

  20. Myrl22 November 29, 2012


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