The Skinny On Success: Weighing In On the “Overweight Debate”

Published: Wednesday 21st Nov 2012 by Rashad

Over the past year, we at That Grape Juice have turned to the readers for their thoughts on the roles age, race, and even sexuality play in one’s success in the music industry.  Now, let’s weigh in on a heavier topic – weight.

Our culture is collectively becoming more stylized, making substance a thing of the past.  As image drives the culture, often filling media with airbrushed or digitally altered representations of “beautiful”, the standard of beauty has never been more sought.  An anomaly indeed given that statistics have proven most of the people subscribing to those very standards oft do not meet them.

So, what’s the big deal?

Despite acts like Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, and other women of color learning to and/or encouraging their impressionable partisans to embrace their curves (even popularizing the “rotunde bun”), their achievements have not been enough to prevent even some of Hollywood’s most beautiful from combatting namecalls about weight (Mariah Carey, Tyra Banks, Lady Gaga, etc.).

And, while acts like Kelly Price, Jill Scott, Raven Symone, Queen Latifah, Mo’Nique, and Jennifer Hudson all at one time professed “love of self” during the height of their heaviness(es), all of them have lost weight (some by questionable means) and succumbed to the pressures of the beauty standard.

Then, as history has shown Janet Jackson to be the posterchild for “yo-yoing”, now there’s Christina Aguilera.  Indeed, after a year of seeing Adele have the biggest year of any solo artist since most can remember, it’s Xtina who has come under fire for trading her once envied thin figure for a fuller physique.  Such has been greeted with ridicule by some and even cries from fans for change given the ‘Dirrty’ diva’s decision to oft-don outfits that some argue are not befitting of a plus sized pop princess.  Some even blame the weight gain as cause of failure of her latest album ‘Lotus’.

Again, what’s the big deal?  For, many cited Adele’s massive success as a sign of change, but she is indeed only one.  So, we want to know:

Does weight play a role in one’s success (or lack thereof)?


Are men held to that same standard?

Your thoughts?


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  1. mr.m November 21, 2012

    Xtina >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    • Monstarebel (F*** ON THATFLOPJUICE FOLLOW MY EVERY MOVE) November 21, 2012


  2. OK November 21, 2012

    No, men are not held to the same standard.

    If the type of music you perform is aimed at teens and early 20s, then image often plays a huge role in your success, since you have only a short time to succeed before they get bored and move on to the next “it” singer.

    Basically, the more shallow and looks-driven your target audience is, the more you’re expected to conform to a certain beauty standard in order to be relevant.

    • OK November 21, 2012

      p.s. The reason that is, is because most often, the younger demo is more interested in the look/style/personality of their fave than in the actual music. They want to live vicariously through somebody who’s thin and conventionally attractive with a catchy beat to go along with their looks as opposed to somebody average-looking or overweight whose music isn’t ringtone and/or Tumblr friendly.

      • MRDIVABITCH November 21, 2012

        That’s pretty much it. All them f****** f*** stanning for b****** ‘coz of their looks and personality instead of their music or vocal ability.

      • Queen Beysus November 21, 2012

        Why you mad tho?

  3. boopboop November 21, 2012

    just accept that your faves flopped and stop tryna make excuses or come up with conspearacy theories why they aint selling!

  4. Whitney4Ever November 21, 2012

    Everytime i forget why I love this site I remember articles like these.

  5. MRDIVABITCH November 21, 2012

    XXLTina be looking like goddamn Ursula from the Little Mermaid
    And now that Bloatus is flopping like a fat b**** on a trampoline, her stans must be doing so much emotional eating that they will balloon up like her, LMAO.

    • JER November 21, 2012

      DEAD your reading gives me LIFE

    • Monstarebel (F*** ON THATFLOPJUICE FOLLOW MY EVERY MOVE) November 21, 2012

      I’m crying lmaaaaaaaaao


    Haha, funny you post this. Was thinking how some delusional Llama Del Taco stans wouldn’t say she sounds great live or keep giving her passes for being “nervous” and having stage fright if she was older and heavier. Only reason they defend how awful she sounds live is because they think she’s pretty.

    Dont’ care about weight. I care about whether I can relate to the music and if that person can perform live. I’m glad I grew up in a time when talented artists outnumbered the nontalented ones. Now it’s the opposite. Mainstream music of today doesn’t do it for me, so I spend a lot of time listening to 70s 80s and some early 90s acts.

    • MRDIVABITCH November 21, 2012

      Lana’s music is actually pretty good, so get off her d***


        Why so defensive about somebody you don’t even know? If you like her music, great. Ignore my comment and move on.

    • Mario November 21, 2012

      Love your name!

  7. Musicmaniac November 21, 2012

    It’s the oldest rule in the book, “s** sells”. Xtina lost her s** appeal when she gained so much weight. Let’s be honest, would we still live for bey if she gained weight?

    Men are not held to the same, look at Rick “big black n****” rosa, he huge as hell and always does six figures first week with every new album.

    Adele is an exception, only because she aint trynna switch it up on us, she came in the game as a big girl and she prob gunna stay a big girl cause that’s how we know her.

    When it comes to female artists and their image, they need to be on point, all because labels live by “s** sells”

    • Pop Royalty (The International Navy’s Representative) November 21, 2012

      this right here.

    • AmbeRussell November 21, 2012

      but christina sold s** with dirrty, did not chart as well as beautiful. christina sold s** with not myself and that came and went real fast. jen hudson got smaller and she had similar success but much more low key that the 1st album.

  8. Lana Del Slay November 21, 2012

    OK is so accurate. Adele’s brand is actually built on her music and the financial push she gets, but even when it comes to her look her weight is packaged well. You don’t look at her and think she’s fat, you think ‘oh its Adele’.

    Nobody is saying you must be Rihanna thin, but a lot of the bigger singers are so big they can barely move and you have to remember how that affects them in all departments. If you go to a record label meeting and the executive you meet thinks you look frumpy and fat that will influence how much push they give you.

    Is it right? No but we all do it. We react to people we’re attracted to. If these girls would lose a little bit of weight, get better stylists, better make up artists and underwent intense media training they could slay too. It should be all about the music but it’s not and it’s high time we all accepted it.

    • MRDIVABITCH November 21, 2012

      I think part of Adele’s gimmick is that she’s a fat b****

      • really November 21, 2012

        I dont really think adele is a gimmick seriously??
        shes not nicki no-tar is she shes actually a talented singer writer musician i think her album sales show that
        i think u meant to say part of her appeal yeah?

      • MRDIVABITCH November 21, 2012

        People make her up to be this amazing singer just because she’s plus size, when in reality – though she has a nice voice – she ain’t no Whitney.

      • Give me it November 21, 2012

        I agree with MRDIVABITCH. If Adele was skinny and sounded the same no one would care.

  9. JER November 21, 2012

    There’s a difference between being a big girl like Adele……. being thick like Jennifer Hudson….. being chunky like Mariah….. and being a fat c*** like Christina Aguilera is.

    • Saetana November 21, 2012

      I’m not hung up on size personally but that comment did make me laugh, fat c***, ROFL ;o)

  10. Sierra Ortiz November 21, 2012

    I’ve noticed that Caucasians tear their overweight artists down more than Blacks & Latinos. We have always lived in a society where beauty ruled everything.

    And why do you say that the aforementioned lost weight to fit into hollywoods standards of beauty? Maybe they simply lost weight for health reasons?

    • MRDIVABITCH November 21, 2012

      That’s because blacks and latinos eat so much unhealthy s***. I’m latino, but I watch what I eat, to stay as svelte as Lana del Rey 😛

  11. RoyalKev November 21, 2012

    Tbh plus size women in the music biz are at a disadvantage. It’s an image-driven industry. If a full figured women that’s slightly over weight pursue a career in music it would benefit that artists to have strong, profound lyrical content in everything she’s bringing to the table. The option of being a s** symbol is completely tossed out the window. This type of artists will have to cover material that’s “meaningful”. If a female artists is already established and gain too much weight, that’s the absolutely worst! She will be bombarded with cruel remarks from the public and even the media. Men don’t have to worry about keeping themselves together this way at all. Women have a whole list of pressures that guys just don’t have to deal with.

    • Queen Beysus November 21, 2012

      this is one of the reason i love being a guy, we get away with more s*** than women which is kinda sad but oh well it’s the world we live in.

  12. GreatTopic November 21, 2012

    To the person who said ‘f*** are to blame because they stan looks not talent’. EVERYBODY stans for looks because EVERY artist has a gimmick. Smart artists manipulate existing ideologies to appeal to their desired markets.

    For example, Lauryn Hill played the ‘deep and afrocentric’ cared with The Miseducation because she knew that that style was popular at the time, when in reality she stood for everything her gimmic was against. Public Lauryn spoke about power and equality for women, private Lauryn slept with people’s husbands and lied to Wycelf about carrying his baby.

    Being attracted to an artist’s physicality shouldn’t be a crime, but it shouldn’t be the bread and butter of why you like them. For example, I know I wouldn’t stan for Taylor as much if she didn’t look like the All American girl but that doesn’t mean i would hate her music if she looked like Ursula, I just wouldn’t listen to it.

  13. MC November 21, 2012

    Weight does have an impact on success today… didn’t for those like Aretha Franklin back in the day though. For people like Xtina, since she used to be a petite, small woman its hard for people to embrace her when she’s fuller. Adele for example has always been big so people didn’t really make a fuss of it that much but the same cannot be said about Xtina as she has always been known for being small and skinny. I don’t think its fair to hold this much standard on weight but America is a very shallow market that swallows the media’s portrayal of things (whether its regarding celebrities, cultures, or religions—Islam). Americans just go with what they are told by the media, they are totally brainwashed to think the media is always right (unless for the few that rebel). Men of course are not held in the same standards!!! What kind of question is that? Women have pressure on them to be skinny, beautiful, talented, etc and they are barraded and beaten down by the media where the guys aren’t (unless they are Chris Brown or any other black men). I mean do you even see what the guys ware at red carpet events? No one cares enough/puts pressure on the guys to look beautiful, elegant, or any specific way that women are pressured to do.

    For me personally, weight doesn’t really matter, like I’ve said before. I am a skinny person and I embrace myself for it, my mother is a petite, thick women and I embrace her for it. I have thick friends, I have an obese friend, I have skinny friends, and I have normal weight friends. Should it really matter how much a person weights? Lets get to the music and forget all this weight stuff. As long as these people are healthy and happy, who are we to question their weight and appearance. I personally think that J.Hid, Jasmine S., etc look beautiful while thicker than not. I am here for my thick sisters as much as I am here for my skinny ones.

    • mobwife: operation kill that b*tch November 21, 2012

      VERY WELL SAID……Applause, Applause! 🙂

      But, I will add that it’s not just the America but most European countries put the same level of importance on a person’s exterior. With an omni-pesent media, images of “BEAUTY” are transmitted near and far. You have WOMEN OF COLOR who bleech their skin and dye their hair. These women are chastized for such actions while White women TAN (beach, booth or spary-on) and are HEAVILY PRAISED by the MEDIA/socities for their rich “olive” or “bronze” complexion!

      • MC November 21, 2012

        Yes, that too. Overall though, Americans are a lot more superficial I would say.

    • Pop Royalty (The International Navy’s Representative) November 21, 2012

      and i agree 🙂

  14. GreatTopic November 21, 2012

    Why do we make the assumption that all fat girls aren’t pretty. Phyliss Hyman was a bigger girl and she looked great. The problem is that a lot of overweight singers don’t know how to wear or carry their weight.

    It’s possible to be overweight and still rock it fiercely, look at Adele. She’s giving bone structure, big hair, fierce make up and classic fashions. The only other big celebrity who knew how to rock their fatness was Monique when she was in The Parkers. But to answer the question, yeah weight does affect an artists success and the only way it wouldnt is if that artist had a crazy push from their label.

    PS. Love you this article Sam. i see all your interviews and I’m so proud of you.

    • MRDIVABITCH November 21, 2012

      That’s true, fat chicks give the best head.

  15. Mimi November 21, 2012

    The American thought process is led by what the media tells them so until the powers that be decide fat is in, the fat girls will remain brushed aside.

    Christina’s problem is that she looks terrible and looks bloated. If her face and neck were a little smaller and her stomach was flat people would respond to her but at the moment she looks like she doesn’t take care of herself.

    • MIKE November 22, 2012

      I agree about Xtina, her face looks more bloated now than it did when she was PREGNANT… which is very weird!?

  16. Monstarebel (F*** ON THATFLOPJUICE FOLLOW MY EVERY MOVE) November 21, 2012

    I guess you can only be fat and British to sell in America kiiiiii

    Xxltina should just lose the weight Britney n Jlo would never let themselves go like that

  17. Monstarebel (F*** ON THATFLOPJUICE FOLLOW MY EVERY MOVE) November 21, 2012



  18. Monstarebel (DIAMONDS IS NUMBER 1) November 21, 2012

    BTW good luck with thanksgiving Xxltina….please save your family some turkey n gravy (-;

  19. PrettigurlrockD Bitchess November 21, 2012

    I believe in people being healthy. That includes not starving yourself and not overeating. Jennifer Hudson, jordin sparks got the right idea. They changed their lives around without looking anorexic. Adele and xtina could stand to drop a few pounds. That’s just the truth. Not being mean. However weight has nothing to do with one’s talent. That’s a shallow way to think and why our society and music culture is f***** up enough.

  20. mobwife: operation kill that b*tch November 21, 2012


    Frist, I do think it’s deplorable how much the MEDIA, and lets be clear IT IS THE MEDIA that influences peoples decision on weight gain, loss and every other topic the MEDIA ELECTS TO HIGHLIGHT!

    Second, when a transformation is considered extreme, the MEDIA & MUSIC FANS weigh in. For example, when R&B “song killer” (the chick can sing) Kelly Price loss damn near a HUNDRED pounds folks noticed. Jennifer Hudson, Jordan Sparks,& Marsha Ambrosia (sp?), have also lost significant amounts of weight/inches/body fat and have been HEAVILY PRAISED IN THE MEDIA for such a feat!

    Conversely, when you have Diva’s gain a considerable amount of weight, the MEDIA & fans respond to that as well. Xtina went from being too thin IMO early in her career to being the MASS OF FLESH we see today! Unfortunately for Xtina she is the type that gains weight all over so her face, hands, legs and body look large. While other Diva’s entered the game large and were accpeted for who they were and what they contributed vocally such as Jill Scott, Jasmine Sullivan, Phyllis Hyman (6’5″), Adele etc.

    • MelyB November 22, 2012

      Very well said.

  21. ur favs r flops lol November 21, 2012

    u only made dis post sam cuz piggytina flopped! no1 but her stans r checkin 4 her rite now. #DEAL

  22. Let’s Be Real November 21, 2012

    In Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé case..those women have EXCELLENT BODIES.even during dreamgirls when Beyoncé had lost weight to resemble how thin the 60’s divas were like Diana Ross,she still had an s-curve body.J.lo as well.Xtina is not thick..she’s out of shape.she doesn’t need to be thin but when ur tummy punches out like that its time to chill.I think in Gagas case and performance artists like her they CANNOT BE FAT.look at Madonna she’s been thin her ENTIRE CAREER.can’t vogue when u a huge mess.

  23. Congrats Rihanna on your #1 album! November 21, 2012

    That’s the price you pay for being a public figure. *shrugs* If you don’t like, don’t gain weight or just get out.

  24. Arkhes November 21, 2012

    Like i said in an earlier post
    jennifer hudson(i think she should put on weight again)

    jordin sparks
    jill scott
    queen latifah

    celine dion
    christina aguilera
    lady gaga
    kelly rowland

    sad reality is weight has and will always be an issue in hollywood…it’s no coincidence that tina turner maintained that toned physique even til her 70s

  25. Simply me November 21, 2012

    If your music is on point, why would weight matter? And the bashing of Christina is disturbing and we wonder why some women have low self esteem and eating disorders to this day.

    One of The women I loved in the 90s was Kelly price she was a big girl but the girl could BLOW and on top of that she was and still is a beautiful woman.

    I agree that the standard are bias when it comes to men vs women but it doesn’t help when you have your own race or gender belittling you. You have these Stans of there favorites disrespecting other artist by either calling them fat bigs to s**** and h***, it’s appalling all around.

  26. mobwife: operation kill that b*tch November 21, 2012

    Also, if a WOMAN is celebrated because of her BODY or openly displays a certain confidence about her body then gains of losses a consideable amount of weight, THE MEDIA and some music fans will react. Jessica Simpson’s weight gain from “Dasiy Dukes” to a damn “MOO MOO” while she was dating NFL QB Tony Romo! Lady Gaga is another great example of this. Gaga like Simpson, has been parading around since he start of her career HALF-NAKED (see Poker Face, Telephone, Bad Romance, Express Your Self…..oops I mean, Born this Way 🙂 ). When Beyonce gained a little weight prior to her pregancy Folks blabbed about that. If Rihanna “MS.ON DISPLAY 24/7” gains a pound, folks are coming for her neck too trust and believe!

    **Unfortunately, we have also seen them go after women who have had trouble shedding pounds after pregnancy (see Whitney Houston tummy pouch “controversy”).

  27. Arkhes November 21, 2012

    Christina Aguilera looks fat and sloppy. She has two chins and cankles! She does not carry her weight well at all!!!!

    • MRDIVABITCH November 21, 2012

      And keeps getting fatter

  28. Corey November 21, 2012

    I think weight becomes an issue when it talking about health reasons and you cannot sing and give your all like you used too. I enjoy X-Tina new body, however, I do not think vocally she has been giving it during the Welcome to The Circus tour. Because X-Tina is so short and small when she gains a pound it really shows, some of the greatest singers are healthy women, i do not like to use the term heavy or big because Kelly Price by far a great singer has meat on her bones and can still blow the stadium out I think it has to deal with how comfortable you are in your own skin and how you carry it, at X-Tina stage of her career she does not need to try so hard to keep her fans happy, she has built a fanbase, wether she’s big or small they love Christina based on her talent and her success

  29. I eats stupid h*** for breakfast November 21, 2012

    Supersize Me-tina is gettin payback for bein a b****!

    GaGa need to be skinny again. I don’t like her fat 🙁 I hope she get it together for Artpop.

    Adele is pretty for a big girl. She’d look wierd thin.

    Bradny is skinny and she still flopped.

    Men can b e fat cuz they run the industry.

    TBH tho I don’t think I want women running the industry cuz it would be too PC and you’d have to look at a bunch of fat ugly people cuz they would be like that and wouldn’t want to see anyone better looking succeed.

    • Saetana November 21, 2012

      That picture of Gaga up at the top of the article was taken only a few weeks ago, if you call that fat then there is something wrong with you. Those pictures that were floating around of her in the meat leotard have been proved to be photoshopped to hell and back, probably by a pressed Madonna stan ;o)

  30. ENOUGH ONIKA November 21, 2012

    I agree with a lot of the comments made about the target market being the indicator of weight and appearance. A lot of artists want to cater to the younger crowd because they know that’s where the money is if their doing pop music. Kids grew up learning an image of beauty that looked like Cinderella, Little Mermaid, Snow White etc. and that’s the “general” perception of beauty in their minds. Some artists like Adele has that cross appeal were people who are older enjoy her music as well, but when Christina’s talking about f*cking the sh*t out of a dudes body at her age and size and expect the younger market to wanna imagine that….lets be real, no ma’am. Bottom line is if you like your body thicker, than you need to understand your going to have to market yourself and music differently and shift your target to a more mature crowd…

  31. mobwife: operation kill that b*tch November 21, 2012

    In addition, RACE has a great deal to deal with it. Black women & some women of color (mainly Latinos) have always been secure in who they were and loved their curves. Research studies will show you years of evidence of this fact. White woman have always been obsessed with their weight due to the pessures placed on them by society/THE MEDIA. Jennifer Lopez & Nicki Minaj have what some men (& women) would consider very nice BACKSIDES. However, those same men ( women) will look at someone like Xtina Agularia and judge her in a different way!

    To answer your question @SAM/TGJ, MEN are also judged. Biggie made large men popular as Michael Jordan made bald men s***! Some women like thin men (see Wiz Kalifa, Justin Bieber or boy bands 1 Direction/The Wanted). Some like them think (see The Rock or Arnold Swarzineger (sp?)). Men have a tad more leeway although they can catch hell too depending on how THE MEDIA sways for or against them!


    • mobwife: operation kill that b*tch November 21, 2012


    • boopboop November 21, 2012

      “Black women & some women of color (mainly Latinos) have always been secure in who they were and loved their curves”

      not always. there are black and latina girls/women who have eating disorders.

      • mobwife: operation kill that b*tch November 21, 2012

        I agree. I’m not saying that some Black/Latino females have not lost their mind and are now practicing bad and dangerous eating habits. I am also not saying that all White females are not happy and secure with their bodies irrespective of medi pressure. I was merely saying by in large, the research will show a difference in body image acceptance based on race/ethnicity!

    • diob November 21, 2012

      @MRDIVABITCH WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM???? Do you feel better now that you troll on ever post about christina and call her every negative name in the book. Does it truly make your life better to bash a person who has done nothing to you? You are truly a sad person. Im not going to preach to but you need to grow up and get a life.

      • MRDIVABITCH November 22, 2012


        B****, sit the f*** down! You X stans have harassed, threatened, stalked, etc anybody that didn’t worship your fave as some kind of god, and now that she has fallen from her pedestal and people are seeing her for what she really is (a talented AMATEUR who never got her voice under control) you will deal!

      • diob November 23, 2012

        @MRDIVABITCH excuse me but xtina fans dont sit on posts and comment 50 million times just to troll. You are acting like a child. If you dont like her thats fine. If you think she has fallen from her pedestal thats fine but to sit up and bash bash and bash her is just sad on your part. like I said is it making you feel better to continue to bash her? If it is you need help.

      • MRDIVABITCH November 23, 2012

        Oh yeah, they do 🙂 they’ve done that in Lady Gaga posts, Britney posts, Beyonce posts, etc.

  32. Who stole my EBT card? November 21, 2012

    If GAGA makes another THE FAME MONSTER or THE FAME I’ll forgive her for not being toned and fit. (But I’ll still wish she would loose weight just because, let’s face it, she’s not pretty enough to get away with being heavy.)

  33. Christina is talented. F*** the haters! November 21, 2012

    It sickens me how Christina is bashed by some people just because she’s not as skinny as she was in the 90s! People complain about music being “crap” but won’t support somebody talented just because they don’t fit a certain beauty standard! Maybe if you stopped focusing so much on looks and actually LISTENED to the music(and BOUGHT it instead of downloading) the industry wouldn’t be in such dire shape as it is!

    • Saetana November 21, 2012

      I don’t care how big she is, its the crappy music that I don’t like. Bionic shits all over Lotus, end of ;o)

  34. Chief Keef November 21, 2012

    Friedchickentina Burritoguilera is a flop!!!


    Hew wants ta look at fat ppl???????????????? Unless you a chubbychaser OF COURSE you want your faves ta be skinny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Obesetina looked betta SKINNY and dat’s a FACT!!!!!!!!!!!! Hew wanna hear her singing FEED I mean F*** YOUR BODY wen she thirtysumthin and fat????

  36. Robinoost November 21, 2012

    It is about the Talent they have..! And why can’t bigger woman be s*** too ? I think they should show who they are and have fun ! Skinny or fat, i dont give a F ! As long as they deliver and THEY are happy ! 🙂

  37. the voice November 21, 2012

    I dont think it hurts their careers ……

    Jill Scott just had a VERY SUCCESSFUL TOUR ( 10,000 – 15,000 seat venues). She has been around since the 90s and still selling out back to back nights in Atlanta arena etc…….

    If Fantasia announced a tour tomorrow she would sell b/c of her talent.

    Xtina chose to use her body to sell records even though she can sang ……………………………..Xtina was the one that SEXUALIZED herself and made her image relevant.

    Jill Scott, Adele, and Tasia didnt do that

  38. FAT PEOPLE ARE GROSS AND SMELL BAD November 21, 2012

    Popstars are supposed to be thin. If you are singing music that older people buy then you can look anyway you want. But young people want skinny singers.

  39. MC November 21, 2012

    There are so very shallow and materialistic people on this site. Don’t you guys know that looks and beauty last for a little while? Get it together and prioritize your lives, please.

    • Crazy Candice November 23, 2012

      Thank You !!!

  40. honeychildplease November 21, 2012

    Wow i know i have my moment when i say nasty stuff, but people have taken it to the extreme on this post…Fat this fat that, ugly this SMH you people are not even shading anymore it’s just plain nasty to be honest..humble yourself, it’s a time when shade no longer is shade it’s just a vicious display of how nasty you are on the inside when you point fingers at people, and pick at their flaws….it really makes you look ugly *walks away*

  41. honeychildplease November 21, 2012

    I for one will not shade Christina, and i honestly feel bad for RIHANNA ( Yeah i said it)…It probably takes a lot for her to stay that thin, and i’m pretty sure that’s why she does so much drugs just to take her mind off of food. Even gaga admitted that it was hard staying thin because she loves to eat. Who are we to point fingers at these people, we for one do not know the daily struggles of these pop stars, or r&b superstars….Beyonce even stated a while back that she loves to eat chicken but has to work out extremely hard to maintain her figure…these people are human beings you some of you people are acting like they are super women. we all have flaws, and all but these celebs are under a microscope and have to deal with it publicly. Have a f****** heart you f****** assholes. Shading is not always the answers you people are pathetic at best..

    • Matthew Charlery-Smith November 21, 2012

      True. I respect your comments/stance, BUT…it’s kinda hard to take you seriously with THAT name and THAT Gravatar; it’s like shade wrapped up in a tasty flour tortilla! I just wanna laugh!

  42. joker November 21, 2012

    it’s about changes and people not getting into it. if you start a thin career you have to be thin all the time or change the audience. if you start a “shaped” career you might have to be that shape all the time too.

    could somebody of you imagine adele changing into a sexbomb and delivering the same feel of her sound and persona as that artist she is now?

    on xtina. one word. gym. she been more attractive to her audience before.

  43. CHUDDS November 21, 2012

    Please Christina wouldn’t sell even if she was skinny. People simply do not use anymore. And maybe her terrible singing & attitude have something to do with her flopping too?

    • Give me a break November 21, 2012


      Xtina’s time in the industry is up. If she was nicer and didn’t act like a stuck-up diva maybe more people would be sympathetic. Her casual fans have moved on and the younger generation isn’t interested in her. Only her hardcore fans still care about her. That’s the music biz. It happens to every artist at some point.

    • Crazy Candice November 23, 2012

      lol… to both of yall

      “Please Christina wouldn’t sell even if she was skinny”

      “Xtina’s time in the industry is up”

      You have to be kidding me. lol

      Now I Agree About Some Of Her Attitude, But What I Dont Agree WIth Is Her “Not Selling Even If She Was Skinny”


      This Dont Have A Damn Thing To Do With Her Off Permance @ The Ama’s.

      POINT BLANK PERIOD… THIS Is About One Thing There Has Been A SERIOUS Lacking Of…

      PROMOTION !!!

      Hands Down !! Meaning… Someone At RCA Or SomeONE


      Dont Know Wtf They Doing. Some People @ RCA Need To Start Getting It Together.

      Or They Thought JUST Being On “The Voice” Was Gonna Be Enough lol, & J.Lo’s Label Clearly Thought The Same Thing & They Was Soo Wrong. lol

      Either Way, Someone Needs To Get It Together (As Far As Promotion).

  44. Suicide Blonde November 21, 2012

    I’m sorry but the first you notice in a person is not their talent or personality, is what your eyes see and to be honest, the only fat people that i want to see in tv are Peter Griffin and Homer Simpson them i don’t want to see fat people trying to be s*** when they’re not, it’s the true, call me superficial, press the button, give me dislikes, i don’t care, if you’re fat, you must know how to dress, not only does not look good but it is not healthy, people like Janet, J.Lo and Beyonce are big girls but they know how to stay in shape, they know that if they eat like Pigs, they would look like Pigs, Janet knows how to take back her figure but even when you are a skinny person, you must know your body, no matter if you are a boy or a girl, Madonna has always been skinny, always, you can see her pics when she prostituted in New York in 1979, Lol. I am very skinny, i have never weighed more than 116 lbs that’s like 54 or 55 kgs and Im 5’8 and i eat a lot but i never had a problem with my body so fat people please!, go to the gym, even though i have to admit that is very hard to say not to fast food, i can’t live without my Mcdonalds and Coca Cola, i can’t.

    • MC November 21, 2012

      Gurl, you’re only 6 pound heavier than me *cries* ewww you must be bonny skinny! Really ‘5″8 and 116 Ibs? LOL you make me look fat and I’m ‘5″6 and 110 Ibs….gurl, bye.

      Its true though, naturally the first thing humans notice is beauty and appearance (its scientifically proven), however its very ignorant to judge people based on weight and not for talent. Some people are naturally thin (like me and probably you too) and others are thick boned.

      • Suicide Blonde November 21, 2012

        B****, i still have a pretty face, Lol, yep, i’m naturally thin, my mother and father are also very skinny but my little sister of 16 years old is very curvy but i stil call her fat and people always tell me that i should weigh more because of my height.

      • Suicide Blonde November 21, 2012

        LMAO!, he is scary skinny, i look naturally thin, thank God.

      • Suicide Blonde November 21, 2012

        No even like that, i’m not that tall.

      • Suicide Blonde November 21, 2012

        He is the worst, lol.

      • Suicide Blonde November 21, 2012

        LMAO!, Diva-ness, lol.

      • Benron (I sold Bey Her Fake Bump) November 21, 2012

        You both make me look huge tbh. I’m 5’6 and 130 pounds. *Cries and goes to fat camp*

      • MC November 21, 2012

        You better hit that camp sista! No fatties in this club.

      • Benron (I sold Bey Her Fake Bump) November 21, 2012

        *Sucks it gut and tries to fit in*

        I love LEGENDS like Mariah + Madonna! Hero made me cry! Like a prayer was played at my graduation! I hope to get my arms as muscular as Queen Madge’s. I lowkey have a crush on Mariah.

      • MC November 21, 2012

        Yes, sista butter suck up to the gerls in order to get in our club.

        Do you know this Mariah song? I dance every time…..don’t try to imagine it though….

        Her 3 #1 single

      • Benron (I sold Bey Her Fake Bump) November 21, 2012


      • MC November 21, 2012

        LOL. Girl, no I do not dance like that. Mariah hates this so so much though….she always refuses to mention it because it reminds her of her nightmare life with her ex-husband. Anyways, good night and have a wonderful thanksgiving day!! I hope you fail your project.

      • Benron (I sold Bey Her Fake Bump) November 21, 2012

        LMFAO who are those h***? I didn’t even watch it b4 i posted it, I thought they would do traditional dancing but thye look like Former prostitues a.k.a. Oprahs! HAVE AN AMAZING THANSGIVING, Im going to my ethiopian relatives house and ill eat extra doruwut faux u!

      • MC November 21, 2012

        lol idk. Have a wonderful thanksgiving experience and eat a lot of doro wut (but not too much because you’re too fat)….My family is going to do a tradition American thanksgiving this year so I hope it doesn’t suck!

      • Benron (I sold Bey Her Fake Bump) November 21, 2012

        N****, goodnight for the doruwut comment.

    • MC November 21, 2012

      Yes for Merier Care and Medoner and competely ingnores Bayonse

      • Suicide Blonde November 21, 2012


    • Benron (I sold Bey Her Fake Bump) November 21, 2012

      No wonder the greatest woman in Music is skinny as f***.

      Mariah Carey nor Whitney are very thin, nor is Rihanna, who could you be talking about?

      • Suicide Blonde November 21, 2012

        Watch the video in the link, starts at the 4 minute mark.

      • Suicide Blonde November 21, 2012

        Mariah has always had trouble keeping her figure even when she was young, Whitney in the other hand, was naturally thin except the last 2 years of her life when she gained a little bit of weight and looked more healthy, she became even more beautiful at 48 IMO.

      • MC November 21, 2012

        I agree, Mariah is thick boned, you can tell. She has the type of body where working out is required to be and stay skinny where as Whitney was naturally skinny. Whitney always looks beautiful to me, especially during the “I’m your baby”-“Bodyguard” eras imo.

      • Suicide Blonde November 21, 2012

        Have you seen Whitney’s oics when she was a model, just flawless, judging by her looks who would have thought that she had that voice.

      • MC November 21, 2012

        I am not surprised, she had the diva, talented look on her face since day.

      • Suicide Blonde November 21, 2012

        Lol, Iman Who?

      • Benron (I sold Bey Her Fake Bump) November 21, 2012

        @Mc I didn’t say she was? I just said she doesn’t look like Lady Gaga in born this way (which was scary).

        I’m too lazy and i kinda expect it to be Madonna and she scares me so Imma skip it. You can tll me who you meant though

      • Suicide Blonde November 21, 2012

        Benron (I sold Bey Her Fake Bump)

        Yep, is Madonna.

      • Benron (I sold Bey Her Fake Bump) November 21, 2012

        Lol, I remember I lowkey did not know who she was when she performed at the superbowl. I didn’t remember MIA either. i was so confused.

        I know her song about prayer though, and apparently she was the first p**** patter #ClassyLikeRih

  45. Benron (I sold Bey Her Fake Bump) November 21, 2012

    Lol @ Sam tryna defend his faves because Mrs. “POPSTARS DON’T EAT” and Mrs. All I wanna do is eat your gravy gained like 5,000 pounds, HAPPY EARLY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!

  46. Ugh November 21, 2012

    1) Weight does play a role in one’s success

    2) Christina wants to be a pop star so she needs to lose weight…..NOW.

    3) Gaga is NOT beautiful…………….

  47. Pop Royalty (The International Navy’s Representative) November 21, 2012

    you dedicated a whole post to this ?

    i know it will sound silly coming from a navy , but i really could care less if gaga or xtina added few pounds to their figures as long as they keep making good music.

    i adore “adele” for her classiness , i adore xtina cuz she went through a lot in her life and still standing tall despite it all , their bodies weren’t my sole focus.

    i understand ppl love to poke fun at their weights for a while ” see jessica simpson , britney spears “, but if your decision to support an artist was based only on their looks , then you are simply a shallow person and no one will marry your ass !

    • Suicide Blonde November 21, 2012

      So you’re not gonna marry my ass, let’s be honest who doesn’t love Rihanna’s ass, i mean, is done to perfection, that is a superficial thing.

      • Pop Royalty (The International Navy’s Representative) November 22, 2012

        i’m here for you buddy 🙂 , but marriage , hell to tha muthafuckin’ no !

    • MC November 21, 2012

      “then you are simply a shallow person and no one will marry your ass !” Do you hear that @suicide blonde? He said no one will marry your shallow ass. 😛

      • Suicide Blonde November 21, 2012

        He will marry me or he’s gonna pay the consequences.

      • MC November 21, 2012

        Hmmmmm….how do I break it to you nicely? Hmmmm, he already left you for someone else……yeah….its been a while now…..

        He moved so you won’t know where he lives anymore. Poor, suicide blonde….

      • Suicide Blonde November 21, 2012

        He will or i take a fly to Alexandria.

      • MC November 21, 2012

        He doesn’t live there anymore, he moved to a low-key area so you won’t find him.

        A hint: he is living in a cave a la Saddam Hussein so you’re going to need a tough team to find him.

      • Pop Royalty (The International Navy’s Representative) November 22, 2012

        @suicide :

        i live in cairo 🙂 , i only go to alex when in summer vacations and s*** 😉 😉 😉

        @MC :

        mind yo bidnezzzz & go back and give @beneron a well-deserved head , i hear him calling your name 😛

  48. IM A FREE B*TCH November 21, 2012

    what the…?! how on earth does your weight affect your CD sales?? whoever said that really needs to go get your mind checked. do you mean that if the singer is fat, their CDs will be heavier than the rest? or their songs will take up more space on your iPod? i mean c’mon, the person’s weight doesn’t mean anything if their music is great. Adele is proof of that.

    • MIKE November 22, 2012


      So you’re honestly saying that if, for example, Janet Jackson put out a CD while looking obese like she did for one period (and then lost all the extra weight), including a photoshoot of her overweight, it WOULDN’T affect CD sales?

      In a perfect, pink, fairtytale world, I’m sure you’re right.

      But people look for the ‘whole package’ in pop singers… the hotness, the sensuality, the voice, the style, the visuals…

      If you’re a soul singer, or an opera singer…. then yeah you can be 400 pounds, and if you have a fantastic voice nobody will care…

  49. MIKE November 22, 2012

    It depends on what your product is

    Adele is a soul singer… not a pop singer… her music gets popular, yes, but she is not a “pop star”… her tours are just her, a microphone and a band

    So yeah nobody will care in the end, she’s just singing, and very well

    Xtina, on the other hand, is a very good singer but also a pop star and her image in the pop Zeitgeist has been one of a very s*** woman, and she has been skinny her whole career except for the last 2 years, so in people’s heads most are gonna be like “Umm… she used to look better” … especially if she comes out in tight outfits, like she insists, or leotards

    So it all comes down to what your product is. If your product involves lots of sexuality, and revealing, tight, provocative outfits… and then you show up several sizes larger wearing those same revealing outfits… it’s not gonna be for everybody

  50. Crazy Candice November 22, 2012

    im over the weight issue.
    when you lose weight, they say “You Too Skinny”
    When You Gain Weight they say “you not skinny enough”
    “your face to fat”
    “your legs to fat”

    blah blah blah blah blah

    ok, if, a majority of the time, your looking at the person’s look.
    if you buy a album or a song based on a person’s look
    your a F*cking idiot !!!

    Yeah, I Said It.

    and if people dont give a damn about adele or rick ross (ESPECIALLY… RICK ROSS.), then you dont need to give a damn about anyone’s look !

    It Should Be About Their Talent. Their Music. Their Lyrics.
    And I Noticed TGJ Brought Up Mo’Nique. I Get Mo’Nique’s Situation.

    It Was EIther Get Bigger & UnHealthy & Die !!!

    All They Heard Was “Losing Weight” And Just Tuned Out The Rest.

    Now One More Thing, lol
    I Know This Is Long.

    But I Also Noticed People Are Already Calling “Lotus” A Flop.

    Well, Im Not Necessarily A Person That Gives A Damn About How Much A Album Sales, But Damn… lol. I Would Think People Would Give It Alittle More Time Before They Begin To Call It A COMPLETE Failure.

    Just Saying

    I Love Her New Album Though. F*ck Yall ! lol


    All The People Who Keep Coming On Blogs & Calling People A Flop 25/8 …
    Well If They Such A Flop, Why You Keep Reading & Putting Your Energy Into Talking & Blogging About The Very People “YOU CANT STAND” & Flop Sooooo Bad?

    Just Saying. lol
    Happy Thanksgiving Anyway B*tches ! 😀

  51. 广百集团FTC June 3, 2013


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